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The Wilson's

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Chapter 2

Cecile's POV......

We entered the dusty house, somewhere I would have never thought of taking Jin to, especially on a birthday. It was a one storey house so it didn't even look like anything you needed to be so scared of compared to the huge ones you see in horror movies. Even though it was the beginning of winter and so cold outside, the inside was surprisingly warm like someone had a heater switched on inside. Judy and Sam lightened the huge lantern in the hall, the whole room came into clear view after that. I didn't feel anything unusual than an old vacant home.

"Outer and inner view of the whole place is just so different." as if read my thoughts, Judy said.

"Ya dude, it looked kinda haunted from outside but completely cozy inside." Jin turned to face me with a wide smile "Not anything bad on birthday bae. We could totally move in here after college." he wrapped his huge hand around my waist, pulling me closer.

Slightly moving away I asked, "So what are we gonna do?"

"We are gonna set the Ouija board. I don't know about you." Sam said looking from me to Jin.

"Why not check out each room here babe?" He asked me and I nodded yes.

We soon went to check out each room, there were 4 rooms with nothing creepy at all in them. This might be some kind of scam, for so long the owners of this property tried selling it to others but due to some reason they all left the property and fled without even taking their money back. There were just a few armchairs, a table, a cot and a mirror in each room. I was going to see the kitchen when strong hands lifted me off the ground, I turned to see Jin looking at my terrified face and laughing. He turned around carrying me and started to walk. I looked away from the kitchen and suddenly something caught my eyes, "WAIT"

"What happened Cecile?"

"That..."I pointed towards the kitchen, he followed my hand, looking to where I pointed. But there was nothing there. He gave me a confused look "You ok? Wanna leave?"

"I saw something Jin, there was someone there I am..."

"Don't let these ghost stories play with your brain, baby girl." He let me stand on the floor. Cupping my face with his huge long fingers, he forced me to look into his eyes. "My hands almost cover your baby face." looking into his eyes, I felt it was just us and nothing else existed around. His lips soon met mine for a long deep breathless kiss. "Let's continue it in somewhere else" taking my hand in his he rushed into a bedroom, the one in front of the hall near where Judy and Sam sat down with the Ouija board. "Call us guys if you plan to run," Jin said teasing them, to which they just looked at each other worried.

We got into the bedroom, it was dusty so Jin opened the huge window there letting the cool air into the warm room. He lifted me off the ground easily and made me sit on the table beside the cot. "Jin..., what if it breaks? I'll fall."

"You think I'll make you sit there without making sure it's not gonna break? You take your boyfriend to be so careless baby?" he shoots a mischievous smile at me.

Oh, there is nothing in him I don't fall for. Sitting on the table, I was of the same height as him. I pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He returned it to me as soon as possible pulling me closer to him. I could feel the warmth of his body, I always knew he was so special. We were lost in our own world, forgetting where we were, it was just us when we suddenly heard a loud knock on the door. We almost jumped, getting down from the table I mover closer to Jin scared. Keeping a protective hand around my shoulder Jin stood there not moving, his breath quickened. "Open it, Sam"

"Sam, you scared the hell out of us," I told him immediately.

"Didn't your perfect, brave boyfriend protect you, sweety? Earth to you guys, at least be aware that this is a haunted place. Now I don't want you to open the door again or come out even if you hear any kind of noise, understood? We are going to call a ghost." Judy said from behind Sam.

"Didn't start yet? Ok, I'll keep that in mind." Jin said quickly and closed the door locking it again.

"Should we lock the window too?" I asked him worried, it was getting a bit uncomfortable here.

"Why so? Are you cold? You'll be sweating soon honey." he said moving closer to me until I was close to the wall behind, Jin in front and his hands blocking the sides.

I was again lost in my own world when I saw someone, a girl through the window. "JIN...."

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