The house with ghosts

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When 14 year old kaci found out her mum was going a business trip and leaving her in the old house kaci was not happy the night her mum left things started to be they creepy around the house weird noises upstairs doors being locked and the last night things got even more scary

Horror / Mystery
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The house with ghosts

Good morning to you umm darling this should be a good time to tell you something not now time traveler are about to start on the tv no I need to speak now please fine but it better be quick ok I have got a business trip in France and I’m going tomorrow great I’ll pack my stuff strait away I was I pumped I haven’t been anywhere with my mum since my dad left actually darling it’s one ticket and I was going to book you one but it was too late sorry wait wait wait wait your going to go and leave me here in this old house yes no yes I’m going tonight so there’s no taking me out of it and just like mum was gone before I could even say suppercala fragalitic espialadotous she went just like the wind that night I could not sleep I was I scared and then I heard the window downstairs close my heart sank into my through my soul left my body I trued you forget about but my mind was set on it but finally I fell asleep then in the morning I ate breakfast and was out the house within five minutes I was out and had a blast with my friends had lunch with them and forgot all about last night as I was coming home I was thinking that only two more days left until my mum get home so it’s ok when I got home I decided to treat myself with a pizza take away so ordered the pizza and searched for a movie then my pizza got here I payed and sat down and played the movie whilst I was watching the movie I heard something upstairs and then I heated walking like someone was walking in the house I felt like someone was watching but it was just me in the house I was so scared I decided to man up even know I’m just 14 I was so scared I grabbed a saucepan from the kitchen and went and scimed and scammed the downstairs of the house there was nothing I could still here the nosie upstairs I was so not going up there but were would I sleep I decided I would go up I went onto the first step it creaked I went onto the next then the next then I was finally upstairs I looked left and right I saw nothing I went into the bathroom first there was nothing as I got I heated so thing in my room like walking out I ran downstairs like the wind onto the sofa and called my mum ring ring ring mum mum she didn’t answer she either asleep or doing something with her work I was about to die of horror I turned on the tv and went on top of the cover and watch it that night I slept on the sofa In the morning I made myself some cornflakes and took a walk I just walked around my neighbourhood and listen to music only one more day till mums back then someone called my phone it was my mum she told me she would be back tomorrow morning at 6 which when I heated that I was so excited and happy I had a run and went to my Friends and had a blast again then after ate out with my best friend Freya she such a beautiful funny friend we ate burger for dinner that night then I went home
Had a shower and went downstairs to go watch a film the film was called the big whale it was so good then I heard glass crash on the ground upstairs I took a weapon and went up to check it was mirror it had been cracked I was so scared three days in a row this has been happening I couldn’t run anywhere it was 12 o’clock at night my mum would be here in 6 hours I went downstairs then there it was a shadow it was taller than me and had something in there hand I was so glad I had a weapon I was so scared to go see what it was then I went I ran and screamed it was the ahhhhhhh omg it was just the coat hanger I screamed so loud I think my mum could here me then there it was again footsteps upstairs i was so fed up so I said this ok that’s it who ever you are ghost or human or animal show yourself now I’m not afraid anymore then someone or something popped up behind me it was upstairs and I was near the stairs it could not have sneaked past me unless it was small but something small could not tip over a mirror it was not an animal or a human I did not want it to be what I thought I turned around slowly it was 2 o’clock there was nothing then it spoke hi kaci who are you I said I’m your nightmare your biggest nightmare go away no not until your mum gets here why are you doing this you summons me how you said dream to people if you say dreams to people they just might come true I was now sweating not knowing what to do so now I’m with you forever when you mum leaves this house another person from your dreams comes in I’m just the begging there are more creepy creatures coming your way after this one just show yourself if you insist there right in front of my eyes was a blood sucking looking creature with 5 arms 3 legs and 1 head it was the creepiest thing I had ever ever seen go away please right but just remember if you tell you mum bad thing will happen and also the next time your mum leaves there will be a scarier person thing here and it will get worse and worse each time then it disappeared into the I had not believe what I had just witnessed then I ran into the sofa and fast asleep then the next morning my mum was making breakfast I was so happy she was here I gave her such a big huge you ok darling why did you sleep on the sofa oh no reason just fell alert watching a movie that’s all oh ok you have uhhh you you could say so.

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