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New city, new home. Julie,with her dog Jojo and her mom is settling down in a new place for her mom's work. But still, in the crowd of new things, there's something or maybe Someone new but not rational. And that is....... ...what??..

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Chapter 1

"stop jojo. Don't annoy me," said Julie to her dog. Holding her cheek with her hand , looking like tensed about something. The golden hair was unsettled.
"Come out Julie. We are ready to go".
"I don't want to go mamma. Can't we live here? Why mamma , why?"
"No more words Julie. Let's go. Jojo, baby come. And.. Julie,comb your hair."
Julie's mom, Ms.Alexa, the co-founder of the woman's modern freedom of the next city. So, they are heading towards that. They have brought a new home there too. But Julie doesn't want to go. It's her mom's work that they have to go there for sure.

They are now here... Infront of their new home. Jojo is barking and Julie is trying to calm him down. Ms.Alexa brought their goods from the car. It's already evening. So everything seems dark and not so clear. The blackish blue sky is amazing. But, there's still something that's not amazing.
The home, Black color home. They see a plate in the door. There is written something. Jojo takes Julie to that. Julie read the plate,"It's Sophie's".
"Come Julie. It's already evening. Don't waste time. We have many things to do. Come on, come inside,"says Ms.Alexa.
Julie sees jojo is sitting down there, so calm and not barking anymore. Maybe trying to know something or understand the knowing thing.
They all go inside.

"Julie,your room is here the next one and this is mine. Take your clothes and manage them. Till then, I'm going to cook something for you,"says her mom.
"Okay,mom. And jojo come with me,"said Julie. She is noticing some Changes in Jojo. She asked him to go, but instead of going, Jojo is going outside.
Ms.Alexa is at the kitchen. She is cooking something. She holds the knife to cut the onions but then..
"Momma, momma, come here. Momma,.."
Ms.Alexa runs to Julie's room. At the time she knocks the door, she sees Julie is opening the door.
"What happened Julie? Why did you call me?" "Me? No, mom. I didn't call you."
Ms. Alexa thinks she has heard something wrong. She turns back. Start to walk to the kitchen again. Her breathes become faster. Don't know why Julie's words are at her mind. She goes to the kitchen. She takes the onions again. She takes the knife. Then, she run again. She goes to Julie's room. She thinks Julie always calls her momma. Then why she just called her mom. Her breathes become more faster. She is swelling. She is feeling something unnatural. She is running but not reaching the room , she is thinking hard, she hokds her locket in her neck and she hears a sound.
"Jojo, catch Jojo. Jojo catch. You can't miss the ball Jojo catch."
Ms.Alexa goes to the garden. She tells them to not play outside as this is a whole new area and this is a dark night.
"Okay momma," says Julie,"My ball has gone behind at that apple tree. May I go there and bring that?"
"Okay , but don't go alone. Take Jojo with you".
"Okay , momma."
Ms.Alexa is now at a relief. She doesn't know why she was so worried a few times ago. Maybe she is overthinking. But she feeling something,like, unnatural? But, she a modern woman, working for woman's moder freedom. She thinks she shouldn't think more about that and just concentrate on her works. She again goes to the kitchen and starts cooking.
Julie and Jojo is going to the tree, to bring her ball. Julie hears a cat's sound. She also makes a sound like a cat.
"Meaw,meaw.. haha...
Jojo let's bark. Why don't you bark and threaten the cat?"
Jojo keeps quite.
Julie also becomes quite. They are now at the bottom of the tree. Jojo brings the ball to Julie with his mouth and Julie holds it.
They turns back an as they start to work again , they hears the cat's sound again. Julie becomes afraid and starts to walk fast. They hear a weird sound of a fox or something. Then, Julie got more afraid and she tells jojo to run fast. All of a sudden, everything becomes quite and a sound appear,
"Olly Olly Oxen Free....."
They turn back.
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