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The Unexpected

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Annie was a small girl.. When her parents die, Annie moves in with her aunt.. The aunt looks very uncomfortable around her..

Horror / Mystery
Rupsha S.
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Chapter 2

Annie unpacked. Aunt Julie’s house didn’t feel right. That’s because there was one thing missing. That was her mom. Aunt Julie was mom’s sister, yet she never saw even one single picture of her mom in Aunt Julie’s house. Annie thought maybe her aunt didn’t care about her mother, but could it be? Annie tried to push that thought out of her mind so hard, but no matter how hard she tried, all her thoughts led there.

Annie refused to believe that this was an accident. She was sure it was a murder. But who did it? No one knew. It was a mystery, a mystery for all.

Aunt Julie’s Perspective

Julie absolutely despised her late sister, Alice. Now, her sister tried to ruin her life even when she was dead!!! Alice was the definition of a perfect daughter. She spoke with grace, had manners, gots As.. Alice was the antonym of Julie.

Finally, after Alice got married, Julie could live her own life, in peace. Too bad Julie couldn’t do that for long. Alice struck again. As Julie was Annie’s only living relative, Julie had to live with Annie. Annie was like a photocopy of Alice. And Julie? Julie absolutely despised it. Julie didn’t want to live with another brat, at all.

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