the reaping of Jack Pierson

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the story of Jack Pierson and his tragic life of love and death

Horror / Romance
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Jack Pierson

Jack was different; ever since he was young, people treated him as if he was a monster amongst them. But he knew why. When he was 5 his father took him hunting but jack didn't come out of the woods with a smile. instead, he was carried out by ambulance. his father lit a fire to keep warm and he tripped over one of the logs placed out to dry. in that one moment, his life had changed for the worse.
when jack started high school, he knew he was going to picked on; so instead of just accepting it, jack wore bandages to cover the awful scar that was left. the boys teased him for being weird and different. however, it was nothing he hadn't been through lunch , he always saw people point and stare. jack was usually calm and collected or at least that's what his therapist told him but one day he was over being bullied so he removed the bandages.
he walked through the endless halls and heard the whispers louder and louder. he collapsed to the floor with his hands over his ears. he screamed at them to shut up but it felt as if they were getting louder. the next thing he knew was waking up in his bed. everything was the same, except someone had put his bandages back on. he looked helplessly around the room only to see a young lady -the nurse- who had a tray with his lunch. Jack felt calmer than usual when she placed the tray in front of him. he looked up at her and she smiled at him and said, my names Amalie May. that was the first time someone smiled at him and his heart melted. she walked out the room as jack picked up his fork with the biggest grin on his face.
it became a habit for jack to visit the hospital, whether to see her or for check ups but either way he was happy. they always sat together during her lunch break ; they'd laugh together for hours until shed go back to work and he'd head home. despite all the pain, bullying and horror he had been through, it was all worth it for her. jack called her the apple of his eye and she always joked that one day when she'd be a doctor, the apple would keep them apart; an apple a day keeps the doctor away, were the words she would say. Jack loved her and he was sure she felt the same.
the end of the school year was approaching an jack had to get ready for a school dance. he had a crimson red suit in his closet prepared for their prom. the school had arranged their prom to be in the castle at the end of town; the students had been preparing for the last few weeks and it looked perfect. jack knew this was the perfect time to ask Amalie out and so he went straight to the hospital to see her. he called out for her but she was no where in sight. one of the other nurses told him she was outside so he quickly ran to the exit. there she was, sat on the bench that they always sat on together. Jack walked up to her and took her hand, "Amalie , would you accompany me to the dance tonight?" with a smile on her face, she agreed.
the night was young and jack was ready in his suit. He was waiting for Amalie to arrive at the bench, only to see her in a blood red dress leaving the hospital. he ran towards her and she leaped into his arms. it'll be perfect he thought, he knew that this dance is what would bring them together. As they walked towards the castle, jack held amalie's hand and told her it would be the best night they ever had.
jack opened the door, like the gentlemen in all the books he read, and awaited for her to walk in. she stepped through the crooked door to see peoples eyes staring directly at her. the hall that was quiet, burst into horrified noises as a bucket of pigs blood poured over the girl. as she tried to wipe her eyes, she slipped and smashed her head into the wooden floor; soon, she was in a pool of her own blood . jack cried, he held her lifeless body as he screamed out in pain. never had he ever felt like this, but it felt as if his heart was being ripped from his chest.
the ambulance arrived but it was already too late, amalie was dead. the rest of the students, not wanting the blame, blamed it on the boy who held her body still. jack was pulled away from amalie's body and all he could do was scream. he wanted to hold her one more time, forever. his doctor eventually arrived and took him to the psychiatric hospital (where he once lived).jack knew he wasn't gonna leave for a long time and his body suddenly gave in as he'd been injected with a sleeping substance.
it had been 2 years since the incident but jack remembers it as if it was yesterday. all his class mates had already left school and were working while he sat in a locked room reimagining the events of that day. he knew that it was supposed to be him, they were trying to hurt him but instead the love of his life died in his arms all because he existed. Jacks doctor came in to give him a final check up before his release." don't come back to me jack" his doctor said and he helped jack put his stuff in his bag. jack grabbed is bag and left the hospital; he could see the signs which blocked off the castle.
jack walked around the town to see posters almost everywhere, it read 'school reunion'. he looked closer and saw all his classmates names under in small print and the date which happened to be in 2 days. he wanted revenge and he was gonna get it. jack's father was a blacksmith so he knew he could easily get a weapon and his mother a seamstress. he entered the house once he saw the car leave the drive and went straight for his fathers weapons. the first thing that caught his eye was a Japanese kama which looked exactly like a scythe. he grabbed 2 , one for each hand and then went to his mothers sewing room. he saw a suit but though of it too formal so he used the kama and sliced off the sleeves, half the trousers and scuffed the rest up. he looked as if he truly came from hell
the full moon shone brightly over the town, especially the school which felt perfect for jack. he walked into the dreary school that forced this upon him. slowly, he dragged the kama across the wall as he paced to the hall. the first person he saw was the boy who poured the blood over amalie. just the thought of her name gave him tears. the next thing he knew, he was running towards the boy and then there was blood everywhere.
jack opened his eyes and everyone was dead. faded, pale bodies drained of all life that they had. jack didn't remember what had happened but he definitely knew, he killed them all; every last one of them. he began to cry due to the thought of amalie but the tears and screams turned to maniacal laughter. jack walked calmly out of the school and removed his bandages once more.
that was the last time anyone heard from jack Pierson, but was what he did really as wrong as some would say.

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