Curse in Baxtewos

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This dark curse that collapse on Baxtewos will turn everything upside-down in the region.

Horror / Action
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Chapter 1

Milena looks at the door ringing with strange anxiety.

-I came. How are you, Milena, you are looking strange.

-Ashley, I had a strange dream last night. Ashley splits the word: “Really? I also dreamed. ”

- Someone like me appeared. We were in a dark forest. You and she were walking. Then a green smoke surrounded you. Then you ran away. You were running fast. She approached you after 100 meters. You ran a little more. First she died and then you. Ashley was surprised. She spoke again. “Oh, Lord. We had the same dream. Let’s take action immediately ...Milena wanted to break the tension in her mind. She went into the kitchen to start the microwave.

- Do you eat pizza or tart? Ashley asked for Pizza. Soon they were going to sip their green tea. Ashley laughed: “Have you heard, Milena, they copied the police chief’s deputy’s credit card.” Two days later they caught the guy and put him in jail. I used to wonder why the hiccups she threw on the weekend. Turns out that was it. I was going to be divided into two out of curiosity. Hah hah. ”

-Yeah Ashley, I heard about it later too. I knew the guy in the jail from high school. She was expelled from school in 2nd grade. But now I forgot what was thrown away. She also had a pass on me. Those were the days. Well, you have that distant relative you found on the internet, the guy you talked about recently. Can you introduce me to you?“Introduce with pleasure Milena, it will only happen after you pay me the debt at Elos Cafe. I will not bore you. However, these days I am hard. Please.

-I pay debt Ashley. Where are you now .. The killer breaks the door: “Thump! Thud !! “The screams were heard even from outside. However, nobody approached them. As Ashley rushes to the balcony. The killer begins to chase her with quick moves. The killer points the gun at Ashley and kills him with 2 bullets. Ashley makes a sound like throwing up as she dies. Milena hid in her bedroom. There was a silence for 2 minutes. The killer thought she saw his bedroom empty. But Milena was behind the door. She hit the guy in the head with the baseball bat with all his might. Struck. She hit ... killed him with 10 blows. (The next day: Afternoon...) Milena was going to work today as usual. It turned the corner from the 21st street. Then he noticed a gray shade. She hastened his steps. But, what’s that?!? His left foot was sprained. He got into a psychology like she was about to have a panic attack. she stood up slowly... “How do you think I look, Milena?” Said Dore. Milena could not control her brain today. She gave an answer by force but without feeling. She liked his old job more. Being a doctor when she was idealistic or not was his only job ...

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