Curse in Baxtewos

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She got a little dizzy during his lunch break. There were margarine potatoes and soy meatballs at dinner today. She didn’t take cola. She asked for a glass of water. She was staring at Dore while swallowing bites. She was going to talk about the shade of gray she saw when she came to work from home. But, Dore was lingering with the phone. So she gave up on this. Dore had blue eyes. However, his lenses were brown. Milena had just noticed this. However, Dore hasn’t started using lenses long enough. They finished their lunch break without speaking. On the way home, Milena thought of that shadow again. It was the kind of sight nobody had ever seen. However, she was not very afraid. She used to stand firmly on this issue as she did when she was a child. She began to think to himself at home. She wanted to buy himself an animal. She also wanted to take responsibility. Tomorrow morning she would choose a bulldog.

-Hi. Do you have a bulldog? I could not see it in the showcase.“The dogs are women in the back. Here you are.″

Milena’s phone was ringing. She opened the phone slowly.

-Hello Dore, how are you? “I’m fine, Milena. I called you for Ashley. You know who’s your friend.

-Yes, Dore, I’m listening to you... Milena was looking at the dogs while talking. What is this? The tongue of the dog opposite touched Milena. The distance between them was half a meter. This length was impossible for this dog. Milena started talking to the seller:

- What breed is this dog? “This dog is a Terrier and a Far Eastern hybrid.” She continued. “It cannot reproduce, that is, it is sterile.”

-Thanks for your information. Milena left the shop without being too obvious. She felt like she was going crazy.

* * *

Milena went home dispiritedly. She thought the door was open for a moment. When she put the key in the hole, she realized that it was closed. She entered with peace. She put the light ice-cream she took out of the freezer into the bowl. Eating ice cream in front of the TV is one of its essentials.

- It was said. She looked at the news for a moment. Social media after, the diplomatic style of TV channels started to bore him like everyone else. Anyway, the boring is over. Tech news is great... Oh, what are they doing like that. But there is no money to buy. Ugh, how long will this situation continuous like this?!?

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