Curse in Baxtewos

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Robert would go looking for his stepdaughter Milena today. But he was unstable. “I don’t really want to. Anyways. I’ll call him anyway.” He wonder if what was his account with Milena? Milena glanced at the phone. His stepfather Robert was calling.

-Hello dad.

“Hello, Milena. How are you doing? ”

" I’m fine, dad, he should ask about you.”

“I want to visit you this Sunday. Are you available? ”

- Yes, daddy. You can come. Ha! You haven’t forgotten my house, you haven’tis it?

“I didn’t forget the house, Milena.”

- See you, dad.

″See you.″

Milena soon started thinking. Is she wonder why wanted to visit? Various possibilities arose in his mind. But the fatigue of the day prevailed over him. He would have a surprise nightmare in his night sleep. Milena would also be terrified...

(12:00 at night. Nightmare begins: )

-Where is here. Where have I come?!? A Black shadow and gray shadow begin to chase him ..

-Help. Help! I have to run I have to run with all my strength. This time the black shadow would scare him even more.

-Don’t come. Get away from me! No!! Milena was falling off a cliff. Just as she was falling to the ground, she started to take off.

-Wings? I have wings. SEye to eye with gray shade. She flew away from him. Suddenly the Black shadow slapped him with a powerful slap, causing him to crash again. Milena woke up screaming.-O God! Protect me, Lord! Dizziness and tension were at the same time. Milena looked at the clock. He realized he was about to be late for work. He immediately went to the kitchen and turned on the microwave. Then he made himself a strong coffee. This time I will drink my coffee without sugar and milk. he said. 3 minutes later they were both ready. He ate and drank quickly and put on his clothes. His mind was still in nightmare as he left the door.

-Anyway now. I hope I forget until I get to the factory.Nick was staring at Millennium. He was sensing something strange. Because Milena seemed to want to discover something even while looking around. Nick would soon want to ask Milena “what have you got?” However, he gave up on this.

During the lunch break, Milena wanted to tell Dore about the night situation. Dore also sat alone. Milena immediately started talking to him.

-How are you Dore, I want to tell you something. “Yes, I’m listening to you, Milena.”

-I had a terrible nightmare last night. Two ghosts were chasing me. I fell off the cliff. But I took wings and went up. “Then Milena, what happened?”

-Then, while I was in the air, I was slapped by one of the ghosts and fell again. And I woke up screaming. That’s all I remember. “Don’t bother, Milena. I also have such dreams sometimes. Ashley’s death must have shaken you.”

-You might actually be right, Dore. But I don’t know. I am a sensitive woman. If this continues, I am sure my psychology will suffer. “Friend advice from me to you: don’t worry and be wide. Believe me, the rest will come on its own.”

She thought for a moment and it would continue. However, the end bell rang. Milena had even struggled at the machine. For a moment he took a strong breath with all his might. Then he slowly exhaled. His eyes became blurry. The job barely finished.

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