Bloody Prom

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Angela is no ordinary young girl , she has the ability to see what will happen before it's about to happen , but she doesn't think much of it. Yet she finds herself in a situation she dreamt of , and this is nothing good.

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - Dreams

My heart starts beating increasingly fast. I can't breathe. It's feels like I'm going to faint from all the stress and adrenaline. We're surrounded with no escape what so ever this could be the end for us , but I try my best to be brave , brave for THEM.

Suddenly I wake up confused about what just happened , it felt so real I was unable to tell if this was reality or not , but then I realize that it was all just a dream.

"Is everything alright dear"

I hear a voice say as I'm trying to awake from my slumber , It's my mom she enters my room and takes a seat next to me on my bed. In a soft and calming voice she says.

"Angela , I'm getting worried about these dreams you're having , it seems like it's getting worse"

I look at her and say "Mom , it's just dreams there's nothing for you to be worried about , I'm fine"

Or at least that's what I thought. There's a moment of silence until she speaks again.

"So , tomorrow is the big day , prom are you excited?" she asks with a massive smile on her face.

I wasn't really keen on going to prom , but I agreed to going because my mom said that it would be the best night of my high school life , and she would hate it for me to regret not attending.

"Yes , mom I'm looking forward to it" I answered her.

Her face light up with pure happiness , and she kisses my forehead as she is about to leave my room. Beep - beep my phone rings it's an incoming video call from my friend Jay , my only friend actually. We haven't been friends for long , but what I know is that she's been by my side ever since we became friends , she supports me and she's everything I wanted in a friend.

I answered the call "Gooood morning sunshine!" She says with excitement.

I knew what her excitement was about prom , obviously and to top it all off we are going together.

"Hey , hey , heeeey , someone seems to be in a good mood about tomorrow" I said with a smirk.

"Dude , why wouldn't I be!? Didnt you hear? There's going to be a opening performance at prom , and I'm not telling you who it is , you'll have to go and see for yourself" she said.

Suddenly I get this frown thinking about him , she immediately noticed and asks me "You still upset about what happened?

Obviously I am , i mean the guy i love moved far away and it feels like we are drifting apart due to the distance , but I knew deep down that it would come to this heartbreaking point even though I tried being hopeful for us.

I took a deep breath and said "I'll explain everything to you later today when I see you"

, "Yeah , no problem at all we still have to do a few things together , See you later. Love you , bye!" Jay says before ending the call.

I ran myself a hot bath and realized that I was alone at home. As i enter the kitchen i see a note from my mom on the kitchen counter table saying "Sorry , for leaving so suddenly but I had to go to the office quick. I'll be home soon I love you!"

As I'm sitting in the bathtub I can't seem to get the images of the dream i had this morning from flashing like flashbacks , out of my head.

Then I get that feeling once again , like I'm suffocating. Everything in front of me seems blurry , my body paralyzed. Then I see these hideous thin black long clawed hands touch me on my shoulders and push me with incredible strength down into the water. I try to scream , but I can't utter a word or sound , I can't move what's happening to me? I close my eyes and think to myself that it's just a dream , I wait a few seconds till i open my eyes and whatever it was it's gone.

Immediately I sat up and tried to catch my breath trying to dry the water from my eyes. I nervously look around to see if whatever almost drowned me was still there. I dry myself and place a towel around me. Still shaken by what just happened I peek out into the hallway to make sure that I was alone.

Slowly I take a step further one step at a time , then bang!! I scream at the sudden noise knowing well that nobody else was here with me. I go into the direction of where the noise had came from. I see nothing only a picture of me and my mom on the floor smashed into bits and pieces. I immediately run to check the doors if all of the doors were locked. To my surprise all the doors were locked , but who could have came in here and break this?

I get a notification on my phone and it made me jump with fright. It was my friend Jay , I open her text and it says "im outside open up" I rushed to the door and felt so relieved to see her.

I explain to her what just happened and she says "Maybe it's those dumb kids pranking people again"

"She could be right" i thought to myself because there are kids known to love playing pranks and scaring those who were alone at home , but a part of me didn't believe that it was them , it was someone else or something else.
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