Bloody Prom

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Chapter 2

"So , where are we going?" I asked Jay.

"Shopping , duh we still have to get our accessories" she says.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot , sorry my head is somewhere else" I said as we're entering the car.

As we get into the car , she turns to me and say "You still haven't told me about what's bothering you , and you know what I mean so don't try to change the subject"

I take my hand off the steering wheel and look towards her and say

"Ever since Jason left i feel like we've been drifting apart from each other , emotionally. I kept having hope for us , but what does hope matter when he also knows that we clearly won't work , definitely not with him there and me here. This is not what I envisioned for us"

"I know it's hard for you , knowing you don't do so well with long distance relationships , but don't give up just yet. You two are inseparable , always have been and always will be so don't give up on everything you guys have built up until this point"

she says trying to soothe the pain i was feeling inside my heart.

Also another reason why I love her , she always keeps me positive and looks at the brighter side of things even if it looks like everything won't work out.

"Thanks for always being there for me" I said to her with a smile.

"No , need to thank me that's what best friends do" she says with a friendly smile back at me.

"Now let's go i want to get there and choose the best jewelry for us , I want us to look dazzling" she says with jumping joy.

We arrive at the mall and went into almost every jewelry store that we could find and came to a stop and found exactly what we were looking for.

"Why are you taking that?" She asks me with a raised eyebrow as I'm holding this silver spiked black necklace.

"Huh , what do you mean why am I taking this? It's what I like" I said to her while holding it towards my neck.

"You and your alternative attire will never quit , it's not Halloween night , it's prom night" she says teasingly and laughs.

"Yeah , yeah keep on laughing you haven't seen my outfit yet and you'll be very surprised to see what I've came up with. It'll blow you away" I said braggingly to her.

We purchased the items and now we are heading to the car , we get inside and suddenly Jay gets a call from an unknown number.

She answers the call.
"Hi , who is this?" she asks in a curious voice.

In a very rough and cracked voice a man says "I want to speak to your friend"

"What , what do you mean my friend?" Jay asks , but the man didn't respond to her question.

"Who is that?" i asked her.

She doesn't answer me instead she asks this man again "What do you mean my friend , who are you talking about?"

The man still didn't respond , but there is a sound of heavy breathing on his side.

She whispers to me and says "there's a man saying that he wants to talk to you , he directly said that he wants to talk to my friend"

Then she puts the phone on loudspeaker in order for me to hear. We move closer to each other and hold the phone near to us then we both hear the man speak and say.

"Hi , Angela I've been watching you for a very long time now"

Our eyes widen with shock as we heard this man speak , firstly how did he know I could hear what he was saying to her?

We check around in the car and outside if anyone there might be watching us. Then we hear him say speak again.

"You won't find me , it doesn't help looking for me" he said mockingly.

"Who the fuck are you? Do you think it's funny playing this sort of joke on someone? Go and play with someone else!!" i said. furiously and immediately ended the call.

"Those fucking kids playing pranks on people again , if I find them they better hope that i don't find them 'cause they will regret playing with me" I said angrily.

"Okay , Angela relax it's just a prank let's just go back to your place" Jay says.

We head back to my place and decided to sit in my room. I went downstairs to get us something to eat. As I'm heading upstairs I get this cold wind blowing through my hair and cold chills up my spine. I try to shake it off as nothing , but then as I place one foot onto the steps of the stairs I hear a voice whisper into my one ear saying.

"I'm coming for you Angela" laughing as the sound of the voice fades away.

I turn around to see who it was , but there was nobody there. I must be going crazy i thought to myself as I was making my way up the stairs.

I enter my room "I got us some munchies" I said.

"Sadly I can't stay long , in a few minutes I have to leave" Jay says.

"No , please stay , stay at least until my mother comes home from work" I begged her.

She looks confused as to why I was asking her to stay.

"Is everything okay?" she asks with worry.

I exhale before I tell her "the break in or whatever it was wasn't the only thing that happened this morning , something else far wose happened before that"

I knew that if I had told her what really happened she wouldn't believe me. So , I didn't tell her about it.

"Okay , sure I'll stay longer" she says.

I sigh a breath of relief obviously what happened this morning has left me shaken.

We watched a movie as I look at the time on my watch it's 5 pm. Then I heard a knock on the door , it was my mother we went downstairs and opened the door for her.

"Good evening Ms Johnson" Jay says.

"Hi , Jay its always a pleasure to have you be with us" my mom says while hugging me.
I would always hug her when she comes home from work.

"Unfortunately , I can't stay long tonight Angela I'll see you tomorrow at prom" Jay says , she greets us goodnight and leaves.

"What was that about?" My mom asked me as she puts her hand bag down and throws herself on the couch.

I sat down next to her "honestly I don't know she didn't tell me what the rush was about maybe she has her reasons , I won't still push her , oh and that reminds me I have something I need to tell you about"

"About?" My mother asks with sudden interest.

"Okay , so this morning something weird , and unexplainable happened , after I took a bath I heard a loud bang of something falling and went to go check out what it could be. As I went I saw this on the floor , broken"

I show her the broken frame with the picture of us in it.

"We need to update our security system it's probably someone trying to break into our house , I'll call the security first thing tomorrow morning to come and check our system out" she says trying make sense of why this happened.

I wanted to tell her about what happened to me before that , and about what happened today at the mall during that creepy call and about what happened earlier tonight , but for some reason I didn't because I thought that she wouldn't believe me either.

As I'm about to get ready for bed. Alot of things are going through my mind. The fact that I was missing my boyfriend , that we could be over anytime soon because we don't talk very often.

Then suddenly i get a text from him saying "I miss you" I immediately get butterflies from reading that , as I was about to respond to his text , he calls me.

"Hey , baby where have you been so quiet?" He asks me.

"Hey , I've been busy with school and stuff sorry for being scarce it was not intended but I also miss you like alot , alot" I said while blushing.

"But you never respond to my texts or calls what am I supposed to think , is everything okay?" He asks.

"Yes , everything's fine Jason" I answered his question with boredom.

"Are you really giving me that , right now? You know what I mean , is everything okay with us?"

"Jason , yes everything is okay between us in fact I should be asking you that question" i said to him.

"What do you mean?" he asks me while sounding very confused.

"Jason , I've had a very long day and I really need some rest. I can't do this right now we can talk tomorrow about this. Please understand" i said to him.

Even though I wanted to tell him how unhappy I was about what's happening to us.
The fact that he is not here with me and he moved 3 months ago. I don't know if I can do this any longer 'cause I haven't seen him since he moved , but maybe I was just overthinking things a bit , i really don't know anymore.

"Okay , fine I'll drop it for now only because you asked me to , so goodnight and get enough sleep and wake up feeling better tomorrow. You'll need your rest , I love you" he says and the call ends.
Slowly I get into bed and close my eyes...

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