Bloody Prom

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Chapter 3

I hear screaming , shouting , gunshots blazing followed by footsteps running and hideous sounds of growling.

I open my eyes and it's pitch black dark , like the night. I can't see a thing i shout out for help , but it was hopeless then i try to feel my way around and understand where I was and find a way to get the hell out of here , but it was no use i continue to blindly feel my way around as I hear that same growling inside , but softer this time. My heart drops as I was feeling my way around i came to a stop , and felt something funny. It felt like I was touching , touching a person but this person had hair all over as I brought my hands up to it's face without getting a word out. I didn't want to alarm whoever it was. I felt a face , he or she took my hand and came closer to me i felt hands being placed tightly onto my waist it made me jump with shock. I couldn't see who it was because of the darkness. Then suddenly a light went on and i came to the realization that this person standing before me was not human at all. It had long fanged teeth and pointy ears like a dog with black fur all over it's body , I shiver with fear as he moves closer , and closer towards me. I step back leaving me standing tight up against a wall. He places his fingers gently across my jaw moving slowly to my lips , touching my face moving his hands that had long claws to my hair. Then he grabbed and pulled my hair back.

"Ouch , you're hurting me" I tried shouting.

He puts his fury hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming or getting a word out. He then starts to stare me right into my eyes. His eyes that appears to be golden brown. He kisses my neck softly bit by bit taking his time while placing his tongue onto my skin and coming to a stop. Finally he opens his mouth speaking in the exact same voice of the man from that creepy phone call of yesterday , but in a much softer voice he says.

"I've been watching you for a very long time Angela , but make no mistake we will surely meet soon , and when we do you won't be as lucky as you are now" and in the blink of an eye he vanished into the darkness.

I close my eyes and wake up.

"It's just another dream" I said to myself with my head placed into my hands.

Suddenly I feel a cold wind in my room as i look up I see my window and the curtain moving. I know for a fact that I closed my windows before I went to bed. I slowly make my way out of bed to close the windows. As I step closer to the window I see that exact creature I saw in my dream. My jaw drops I look at him in terror because now this creature who appeared in my dream was standing outside gazing at me , he keeps his gaze for a few minutes then I see him going down all fours , like some sort of animal he ran and disappeared into the night.

"Mom!! , mom!!" I shouted with a nervous shreek in my voice. My mom rushes to my room and asks me "Is everything alright!?"

I stand and point to the window where I saw the creature. She couldn't understand why I was pointing outside. She slowly steps closer to see at what I was pointing at. She could see the terror on my face , and it alarmed her. As she steps towards the window she quickly moves the curtain to see what it was , but there was nothing. She turns to me and says in a worried voice with her hands gently placed on my shoulders.

"Angela , what is it? , what were you pointing at? Talk to me!"

I look at her and I can feel my body shiver with fear. I open my mouth to try and talk to her , but nothing was coming out. She then puts me down on my bed and held my hand.

I look at her again and said "Mom , i saw something and I know that this wasn't a dream , I saw a creature half human half animal"

My mom's eyes widen as if though I said something I wasn't supposed to , but she doesn't say anything.

"Mom , do you perhaps know something?" I asked her.

She gets up and says "Go to sleep , you need some rest. It was just a dream everything will be alright in the morning" as she leaves my room looking back at me.

I instantly get the feeling that my mother knew something , but what had me unsettled was the fact that something about how she reacted was off , usually she would try and make me feel less scared , especially after a bad dream but tonight , she just brushed it off like it as if it was nothing. As for the rest of the night I couldn't sleep. I sat on my bed staring into the direction of my window and kept checking the time wishing that time would go faster because I was too scared to go sleep again. Not that I was scared of sleeping but because I was scared of seeing that creature again , especially after what he had said to me.

After a few hours finally the sun came up i felt so relieved. Then I hear my door knob turning , it was my mother. She came in and said with a slight smile

"Good morning darling I'm sorry about last night. I was very exhausted from work. I had alot of meetings to attend to and getting my company on board" she then open up her arms to hugged me.

"So , are you ready for tonight?" She asks me. I could tell that she wasn't really interested in talking about prom.

"Yes , but I didn't get much sleep that doesn't mean I'm not ready for tonight" I said to her.

"Good" she says.

A pause.

"Angela , after prom when you get home I would like to talk to you , don't go anywhere come straight home , okay?" She continues.

"Yes , mother" I said wondering what this could be about 'cause whatever it was seems serious.

I greet my mom as she is leaving for work. I make sure i lock all the doors and try to get some sleep since I've been up all night and I want to be rested for tonight. I don't want to look like a zombie by not having enough rest. I lay down on my bed and close my eyes. 3 hours had passed by and I woke up surprised because for the first time in years I haven't had a horrible dream. Maybe I forgot about it? I thought to myself , but what does that matter anyway I have to focus on tonight and make the best of it.

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