Bloody Prom

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Chapter 4 - Prom Night

The time for prom has arrived!

I get my dress , hair and make up ready. As I look at myself in the mirror the only thing I could think of was my father. If only he could see me now I thought to myself. He would be so proud of me.

I missed my father now more than ever as I was getting memories of all the things we would do together , such as him taking me to the park when I was younger. Eating junk food , spending the Saturday wearing nothing , but only our pajamas and play video games until the sun comes up. When he would give me pocket money every now and then.

Sadly he passed away 8 years ago. Doctors said that he died of a heart attack.

I hear my mom downstairs calling out to me "Angela , are you still here?"

"Yes , mother?" I answered her.
I took a deep breath and went downstairs as I was walking i see my mom with tears in her eyes.

"How do I look?" I asked her awkwardly.

She steps closer to me and lifts my chin up
And says "you look beautiful my child , always did and always will"

i smiled at her feeling less nervous.

"Don't you have a partner" she asked me with her hands placed on her hips.

As I'm about to leave i turn around and smile at her and say "No , mom this is my prom I made it this far so i don't need a partner to make it the best night for me , I have my friend Jay for that"

As I'm heading to the car I can't seem to stop looking at my phone for any calls or texts anything from Jason , but nothing.

"No , Angela this is your night don't let this get you down" i said to myself as i try to talk myself out of feeling sad all over again.

As I'm driving to the venue I get a glimpse of all the girls wearing beautiful evening dresses. One girl had a blood red dress , that complimented her body shape very well.

Then I come across the rat bitches who everyone despised , including majority of the the teachers I'm sure they are glad that they will be leaving soon , but most importantly i wasn't going to let these girls ruin tonight. I stayed inside the car for a few minutes as i think about all of the good memories from my high school career. Even though I dreamt of completing high school. Yes , you can say i hated school but only 'cause some would make it a living hell despite that i want to hold onto the good days I had here.

As I step out i came to the conclusion that nobody else was around but me. I instantly realized that i was late. As i walk i see a red carpet on the entrance floor to the ballroom. As I'm standing in front of the two closed doors my heart beats thump , thump. Then someone opened the doors from the inside. As I'm slowly making my way to the middle of the dance floor everyone's eyes were on me. What? Did I have something on my face? , on my dress? Am I walking funny? All of the attention made me nervous. Then I see Jay with some of her friends talking and she stopped in awe when she saw me.

She gasps "OH. MY. GOD , wow!!" You weren't kidding when you said that id be blown away by this"

I smiled.

"Sorry , guys my friend has arrived catch up with you guys later , or maybe not depends on where the night takes us" she says with her arm in mine.

"You look just as amazing I said to her" as we were walking to the front outside of the ballroom.

"Wait where are we going , isn't the dance floor that way? and what about the special performance?" I asked her trying to turn back.

"Just follow me" she said with excitement in her voice. She then turns to me and says.

"So , lately you've been feeling down because you miss a certain someone as for tonight I want you to leave here with a huge smile on your face" she shows me off into a direction to follow.

"Go!" she says. I do as she says and see what appears to be a guy standing in a black tuxedo with long black curly hair. He steps forward and looks at me with a smile. I cover my mouth with my hands smiling like an idiot. I felt tears drop. At that point I couldn't contain myself , those were tears of joy. He lifts me up and hugs me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him still taken by his presence.

"Oh , so no kiss , nothing?" He asked with his arms crossed on his chest then we kissed forgetting about Jay being present with us.

"Okay , so I'm going to do something over here and leave you two lovebirds to catch up" she says walking towards the entrance of the ballroom.

"So , what are you doing here?" I asked Jason.

"Isn't it obvious? I couldn't stay away from my girlfriend" he says with a sexy smirk showing his adorable dimples.

Oh how I've missed those hazel brown eyes I thought to myself. It's like I'm falling in love with him all over again.

"I missed this , but most importantly I missed you" he says looking at me deep into my eyes.

"I missed you even more" I said to him while placing my hand gently towards his cheek as I was about to kiss him then he pulls back.

"But you still have something you need to talk to me about" he says abruptly.

It takes me a few seconds to gather everything I needed to talk to him about. Then I finally spoke.

"Ever since you moved i thought that things would be fine with us , but from my side I felt alone as if you weren't there. Like as if we would somehow be over soon , and that it's just a matter of time. Which is why I haven't been calling or texting you often. I didn't want to seem clingy"

"You're my girlfriend and I love you , you can be clingy if you want , shit you can even be bossy and you know how I love it when you get all bossy it's adorably cute , it turns me on. There is nothing about you that I don't love so as for that void you've been feeling. All I can say is that I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying with you and only you. There is no one else for me Angela , i want you to know and remember that" he says while kissing my forehead.

"I love you Jason" I said to him.

"I love you more" he says back at me while kissing my hand.

"Would you care for a slow dance" my lady. He says while bowing and reaching his hand out for mine.

"Why yes indeed I would" I play along.

We walk into the ballroom and everybody's eyes were on us. They suddenly stopped dancing and stood aside and left us to dance.

"You look breathtakingly beautiful Angela , well you always have" he says as he pulls me closer to his muscular chest.

I place my head on his left shoulder as we continued to dance. I wanted to enjoy every second of this moment I wanted this to last.

Then I hear screaming i look up and people were alarmed by the sudden scream. I turn around into the direction of where the scream had come from as I hold Jason's hand. There's a loud bang on the entrance door from outside it gave me quite a jump. A guy inside opens the door and to our shock we saw a girl dripping in blood from head to toe. She could barely stand on her two feet. She had a white dress like a wedding gown. She's out of breathe trying to speak and with her last words she says "!" And she fell to the floor. Jason rushed to her trying to help her. I followed him he tried to talk to her , but then realized that she was gone.

"SOMEONE CALL 911!!" He shouted while holding the girl.

I took my phone trying to dial 911. I couldn't dial due to my hands shaking nervously. Then out of the corners I see these creatures coming out of nowhere. Everyone is in shock as they see what these things were.
One girl made a run for it and one of the creatures sprinted and caught her. In a split second used it's long and sharp nails to slit her throat leaving blood to splatter across the tiled white floor. Everyone inside was running around like headless chickens at the sight of this. Then I heard a loud growl , that growl sounded very familiar i quickly turn around and my eyes meet one of the creatures eyes. I slowly step back as it comes forward towards me. I knew that this was the exact creature I saw in my dreams.

Jason saw how scared I was and said to me "Run , Angela run!!"

Struggling to get a word out I said to him
"But I can't just leave you!"

"Angela , get out of here!! I would hate it if anything bad had to happen to you , so just get out of here!!"

As I'm about to do as he says he stops me and says "Angela , i love you" and kisses me.

Tears starts flowing down my face I couldn't run away , I just couldn't leave him there. That same creature ran to Jason with super fast speed and with full blown aggression started ripping his throat out and the creature held of what remained of his throat and held it up for me to see.

Then it spoke and said in a loud devilish voice.
"Very soon I'll enjoy devouring your corpse Angela" he started howling , and all the other creatures started howling as they were eating and ripping the flesh of their victims. The ballroom was soaked in blood , so much blood that you could swim in it. Like a blood bath. I look at it in horror I suddenly went numb and I couldn't hear a thing but only hear Jason saying "I love you Angela" playing in my head repeatedly over and over and over in slow motion. While standing in horror I feel a hand grab me by my one arm. It was my friend Jay. She sees the tears in my eyes and saw that Jason was laying on the floor dead with his face , looking at our direction.

"We need to get the fuck out of here!!" she says with fear shaking me"

We started running as fast as we would and finally got to my car and out of breath Jay speaks and says.

"What the fuck just happened , please tell me that this is not happening and what happened to Jason!!"

"I-i-i-i don't know" i stuttered.

Then I suddenly get this feeling of deja vu.
"I've seen this before" I said looking as if though I was hypnotized.

"What do you mean , you've seen this before!? She asks me in frustration.

As I'm about to explain to her suddenly bang! I see this hand appear on the window. We both scream and jump with a fright.

"Open up!!" A male voice said.

Too scared I try to drive away from whoever this was , but something was jammed and we weren't moving. I tried starting the car again but something was stopping us from moving. Then we hear the person speak to us again , but the voice wasn't as calm as before instead this was pure anger.

"Open the fucking door Angela!!"

"Why should I open the door?! What if you kill us" i shouted back at him.

He then jumps onto the car and slowly looks at Jay and then at me.

"I'm your only hope of getting out of this alive , just open the door" he says. In a civil manner.

"Are you really going to do it?!" Jay asked me.
I could hear the fear in her voice.

I opened the door and got out of the car and told Jay to stay inside.

"Was that so hard to do?" He smiles.

He had bright blue eyes , long blonde hair , pale skin , clear skin to be exact not a pimple or dark mark in sight , and he was wearing a black cloak.

He then gets closer to me and says "Look , I'm not the enemy here , those things or creatures as you call them who killed your boyfriend , that is the enemy I'm just here to do what I was appointed to do"

I thought to myself how does he know that my boyfriend was killed by one of those creatures?

"Because I saw it happen" he said to me while turning his back to me and getting into the drivers seat.

"If you saw it happen , why didn't you do anything! Like prevent it from happening!!" I shouted at him with fury.

"I'll explain everything to you when we get to the king" he said as he invites me to get into the car.

I get into the car and Jay curiously asks me "Angela who is this guy , and where is he taking us?"

"Oh , I'm just taking her" he says as he interrupts Jay.

Jay gives him a dirty look then she whispers to me "I don't trust this guy ,what does he want with you?"

"I'm not obligated to give you any answers miss" He says. I'm assuming he was talking to Jay. We look at each other in shock.

Then I remembered that my mother said I should go straight home after prom.

"I need to get home first" I said to him.

"I'm sorry I can't do that" he responded.

"I promised my mom that I'd go home after prom! SO TAKE ME HOME NOW!!" I said aggressively.


Jay and I look at each other in confusion.

A moment of silence until he speaks again. As I'm about to say something he says.

"Angela , like I said everything will be explained once we get to the King"

The king of what? And what does the King have to do with me? What do I have to do with any of whatever is going on? I thought to myself.

"Okay , in that case I'm taking my friend with me" I don't know you and I don't trust you" i said to him.

He didn't speak any further during the entire drive till what looks like a old Victorian mansion. It was black and there were men outside with guns , ak47 to be exact and they had big dogs with them , but they were on a leashe. There is a big gate outside in some weird language that I couldn't understand.

"Aperi porta" he says as he was talking into a speaker.

"quæ est vobiscum?" I hear as the other person speaks on the intercom.

"Ita, Ego puella inventa" he answers back

Then suddenly the gates open up. As we get out of the car , I can't help but look at how huge this place was.

Then he turns to us and looks at me then says "It's not a good idea for your friend to come along , but since you insisted that you want her to come along don't be upset at me for what's about to happen here tonight"

He then uses something to open the door that might look like a key. As we enter the mansion. I'm blown away by how beautiful the interior of the house looks. Black and white check board floors and the chandelier hanging was just beautiful. The room didn't have much color mostly red and black.

"What in the Goth is this?" Jay asks while tugging me on my arm.

"Please , follow me" he said.

We followed him and I realized that I didn't know his name. So I asked him what his name was.

"So , what's your name?" I asked him.
He didn't answer instead he kept on walking.

We arrive in a large room with a man sitting on a throne. He has pale skin the same as the guy who's name I still don't know. Followed by what he was wearing which was a black and red robe.

Then he kneels down before this man.
The old man speaks "at last we meet. We've been waiting for you"

"I'm sorry but sir you have the wrong person" I said respectfully.

"No need to address me as sir you may call me Alaric and I know exactly who you are and what you are , Angela" he says with a smile showing off his yellow cracked teeth.

"I understand that you don't know whats going on , and that you've seen things that are unexplainable i want you to know that I'm here to explain everything you want to know , but first I'll start off by telling you why you are here"

I nodded.

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