Bloody Prom

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Chapter 5

"Take a seat please , this might take a while" Alaric says. I do as he says and with curiosity I ask him.

"Alaric , why am I here?"

He coughs while taking a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes his nose before he answers my question. I could see that this man wasn't well.

"You , Angela you are no ordinary being. The visions you see in your dreams by now you probably know that they are not just dreams. They are real and they are bound to happen"

"But why? Why me?" I asked.

"Because you are the last of your fathers kind" he says struggling to keep in another cough.

As I was about to ask another question the door suddenly swung open and a beautiful girl with red hair and a black silky dress enters the room.

"Lillian , you should not barge in here when I have company!!" Alaric yells at her.

She instantly bows down before her king and begs him for forgiveness.

"My apologies sire but we have a problem , the alpha of the lycans are on their way here i thought that I'd just tell you before he gets here"

"Prepare the guards!" The King says in a strong voice.

Confused about what's going on i try to talk to Alaric , but then he stops me and says.

"We will surely continue this conversation" he assures me.

Then he continues to speak again.
"Lillian take her upstairs to the red room , they won't find her there"

Red room? I thought to myself.

"Come with me" Lillian says leading me out of the room.

I look back at Jay and as she was about to follow me. The king stopped her and says

"What is this human doing here? You all know the rules no human shall get into these chambers , remove her from the premises this instant!!"

I turned back and asked the King if someone could take her home because I didn't want anything to happen to her. He allows it and sent one of his men to take her home. I then continue to follow Lillian to the red room.

"Stay here and don't make a sound" she says while closing the door behind me.

Alot of things are running though my mind at this point , such as what the hell is going on? Why am I here? What does any of this have to do with me? I'm restless and walking up and down. With nothing to do but rather worry if Jay got home safe.

Minutes goes by and the room was freezing cold then i started wondering why they call it the "red room".
I discover this mysterious hidden door. I step inside then to my surprise I see why they call it the red room.
There are bottles and bottles of red fluid stacked in a very organized manner. As I was trying to investigate I accidentally let one bottle slip and it fell to the ground , broken into pieces and the fluid spilled onto the floor. As i was about to pick up the broken glass i get the smell of blood from this red fluid then I realized what I was dealing with and where I was , and with what I was trapped inside this mansion with. I start to panic with fear , fear for my life I needed to get out of here , but those creatures were on their way here so even if i did try to escape i would have no luck. As I exit the red room where I found the bottles of blood. I came to a stop as I was walking against someone facing my back towards them. I close my eyes and turn around and for some reason was relieved to see that it was that blonde haired guy who won't tell me his name.

"What are you doing?" He asks.

I didn't answer him.

"Are you alright?" He asks with concern in his voice.

"No , I'm not what the hell did you think?" I shout at him while hitting him on his chest.

"First my boyfriend gets killed right in front of me , then I'm told that my mom is not my real mother and now I'm here , I don't even know what I'm doing here!! WHY AM I HERE!?" I cried at him.

"I'm sorry about that , but as much as I want to explain to you what's going on it's not my place to do so , the King will tell you everything that you need to know but until then stay here. I'll be back soon" he says as he is about to leave the room.

I grab him by his arm and say "No , please stay with me I'm scared. I really don't want to be alone right now"

He turns around and says "Very well if that is what you want"

"Thank you" I said calmly.

There's silence.

"Uhm , did my friend Jay get home safe and why can't she be here with me?" I asked him.

"You're quite the curious one ain't you?" he chuckled. Then he continues by saying.

"The King doesn't allow humans here it's been like that for years we don't live among humans and yes , I'm not human I'm a vampire" he said to me.

I giggle at what he just said to me. He looks at me in disbelief of my reaction.

"Oh , you were serious?" I ask surprisingly.

"You clearly don't believe in the existence of vampires do you? yet you are the one who came into contact face to face with a lycan" he says sarcastically rolling his eyes at me.

"If you're a vampire then prove it" I said mockingly at him.

"You'd love that won't you?" he says with a smirk.

Its not that i didn't believe that he wasn't a vampire it's just. What if this guy drains me dry from my blood and kills me right here and now? i thought to myself. Then I hear him speak

"you know if i wanted to do that i would have done it a long time ago , but I won't dare touch you due to the Kings orders"

"Huh , you can hear my thoughts?" i asked him.

"Yes , I can hear your thoughts Angela" he responded.

"I don't know if I should feel happy or scared" I said to him.

"Well , let me assure you that with me you have nothing to fear" he says with a serious face.

I look down and get a feeling of sadness.

He noticed and asks me "Whats wrong Angela?"

"I dont understand what's happening. What I don't understand is what I'm doing here. I feel like my whole life is falling apart , and tonight was supposed to be the happiest night of my life but instead it turned into a bloody prom" I said to him.

Then we heard a knock on the door. It was Lillian she enters the room and walked up to him and whispered something into his ear and without uttering a word they left.

As Damian and Lillian enters the room Duke speaks to him.

"Ah , pretty boy finally blesses us with his angelic presence" the leader of the Lycans , Duke said to Damian.

Duke had black curly hair wrapped up into a bun and was wearing a black V shaped buttoned shirt showing stands of hair on his chest.

"What are you doing here Duke?" The King said.

"Oh , I'm just here to get what's rightfully mine , nothing major" He says sitting on a chair putting his feet on top of the Kings table like he owns the place. While taking out a cigar one of his pact members takes out a lighter and lit it up for him.

"So , what's it going to be old man?" Duke says to the King.

"You can not have her and you know very well that your presence is not welcome here!" the King says in a high voice.

Duke laughs at the King and scans the room and see the Kings men heavily armed. He immediately knew that he and his pact were outnumbered as he lifts his feet up and speaks his final words to the king.

"Have it your way but be warned that on the night of the full moon I'll be coming for her and nobody in this room will be able to stop me and my pact , not even you will be able to stop me old man , have a nice night your highness" he says while bowing and giving a diabolical laugh as he walks away with his men.

They left.

"Get everyone on their guard and tell them to be ready we are leaving first thing at dawn" The King says.

"NO! we will stand and fight" a voice says , it was Lillian.

"Excuse me?" the King says.

"Sire , we can't keep running and hiding like a bunch of thieves , we've been doing it for years and where has that left us?"

"Leave us!" The King says to his men and they leave the room accordingly.

"It seems as if Duke is preparing his pact for a war." The King says with worry.

"With all due respect sire , but we've been at peace with the lycans for years now" Lillian says.

"I know but now we have something that they want and we can not give it over to them , not while I'm alive" the King says.

"Then what shall we do? We can't run and start new somewhere else because there are other vampires working along side Duke it won't be long until they know about our new coven" Lillian said.

The King nods in agreement.

"What we do is we get her far away from here. She can go with Damian , Damian will make sure to keep her safe from danger. I don't want her to be here when Duke and his pact comes to attack. She is our only hope to end this war" the King says.

"I'll speak to Damian" Lillian says.

"No , there is no need for that. I'll do it myself there is something I have to discuss with the girl before she leaves , but for now she needs some rest" the King said.

"Yes , sire" Lillian says while kneeling down to the King as she leaves the Kings lair.

Then I hear the doorknob turning.

"You're back" I said looking happy to see him.

He smiles at me then stood next to me and says "My name is Damian"

I look at him "was that so hard to do now?" I asked.

"So , everything's alright and you can come out now" Damian said to me changing the subject.

Damian lead me outside and gave me a tour of the place and the people or creatures inside. He introduced me to everyone , and majority of them seemed very decent and kind but a few gave me dirty looks. I don't know why they did that , but I wasn't bothered by it at all.

"You must be starving" he says.

"Yes , I am" I said.

He takes me by my hand with his cold freezing pale hand and leads me to the kitchen.
I'm amazed at how big and beautiful the place is. Knowing well that there obviously wasn't any food here since all the people here were vampires , but to my surprise there was food in the kitchen.

"You should eat , you'll need your strength in the morning" Damian says as he walks out of the kitchen.

Lillian walks in.

"Make sure she goes to bed" Damian said to Lillian as he left.

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