Bloody Prom

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Chapter 6

Lillian shows me to my room.

"This is where you'll sleep , please make yourself at home" she says kindly as she leaves the room.

I was exhausted , but I didn't know how I was going to sleep with everything that has happened tonight. How could I possibly sleep? I thought to myself. I should make a run for it but then I remembered the gaurds with weapons standing outside. Then I heard voices from just outside my room. I couldn't help but move closer to the door and eavesdrop.

"Lillian you need to take her out" a man says.

"I'm trying haven't you seen me be decent to the peasant all night?" She replied while sounding upset.

"Duke , will not be happy with neither of us so we have to move faster, or did you forget why we are doing this?" the man says.

"But this wasn't the original plan" Lillian shouts at him.

"Keep your voice low" the man whispers to her.

The conversation ends as I hear footsteps walking and fading as they dissappear.

That's when I realized that Lillian wasn't who she appeared to be.
I opened up the door and went looking for Damian I needed to warn Damian about what I just had heard.
As I was walking Lillian appears out of thin air.

"You should be in your room" she says with a straight face not looking as friendly like she always would.

She then grabs me by my arm and takes me back to the room and locks the door. I then start to replay the conversation in my head of Lillian and this mysterious man talking over and over.

Too tired I decided to go to sleep I couldn't fight the exhaust anymore. As I got onto the bed I slowly start to fade away. Instantly I woke up out of breath. As I opened my eyes i see Damian sitting on a chair in with me inside the room. I felt relieved to know that he was here with me , but why was he here?

"Were you sitting and sleeping on that chair all night?" I asked him while fixing my hair scared that I might look like I was fighting in my sleep.

"No , I haven't been here all night" he said.

Then I remember the conversation of Lillian and the mysterious man from last night.

"I have to talk to you about Li-" I said right before the door swung open a man entered the room. He was very muscular and tall he was wearing a black coat , had a scar across his right eye. The man looks at me in disgust and turns to Damian and speaks to him.

"the King wants to talk to you" the man says to Damian.

Damian looks at me and says "Don't worry I'll be back and we can talk about whatever it is you wanted to talk to me about , okay?" and leaves with the man.

On their way to the King one of the gaurds open the door and Damian enters the room.

"Damian , I have a task for you to do" the King says as he is getting dressed.

Damian awaits for the kings command before he speaks.

"As you know by now the lycans will return on the night of the full moon but not only to retrieve the girl. They will surely kill anyone and everyone who stands in their way. We have to get her away from here. I trust that you will keep her away from harm" the King says as he turns to Damian.

"Yes , my Lord" Damian says with a bow.

"Good , the full moon is in 3 days but we should prepare ourselves now they might decide to change their minds and attack sooner rather than later" the King says.

"I'll make sure that she's safe" Damian says and leaves.

It's been hours and Damian hasn't returned , it's getting late and he wasn't here yet , where is he? I thought to myself in worry. While biting my nails as I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I felt like I was a prisoner not being able to leave this room , locked inside with no company at all.

I hear the doorknob turning and the door opens. Damian walks up to me and says.

"Here , take a shower and change into this" as he gives me clothes and shoes to wear he then leaves.

I do as he says and take a long shower as I felt the water pouring onto my skin. I get this feeling like I was being watched. I look around to make sure that nobody else was inside the bathroom with me. I wait a few seconds and continue to clean my hair. As I'm drying myself with a towel I change into the clothes that Damian gave me. It was a black tight fitting shirt and a leather pants luckily the clothes fits me perfectly. As I look at my dress laying on the floor I start reminiscing about what happened at prom. Until I hear a knock on the bathroom door.

"Are you done?" A voice asked , it was Damian.

I get done and open the door to see Damian standing outside.

"Black suits you" he says as he looks at me from head to toe and walks.

"Come on now , follow me" he said turning back at me.

I followed him and asked him "Where are we going?" With curiosity.

I then came to a stop as we were walking. I see Lillian in the room to my right , the door was halfway open. She was talking to a man. I assumed that it was the same man with who she spoke to last night because i recognized his voice.

Lillian saw me looking into the room and she closed the door in my face. I then continue to follow Damian. As soon as i realized what direction we were heading in I said to him.

"I dont want to go back to the room. I feel like a prisoner trapped inside there"

He turns around and then says "if you know whats best for you , you will follow me"

I shut my mouth and followed him.

"No , wait" I said but he continued to walk.

"Last night I heard Lillian speak to a man about taking me out. They are planning something and they are following Dukes orders" I said to him.

He slowly turns around and steps closer to me and says.

"What?" He then continues to speak.

"Are you sure about what you heard?" He asks me.

I nodded.

We need to get to the King immediately he says while walking with increased speed. On our way to the King. Lillian and the man suddenly appears in front of us blocking our way to the King.

"Angela , please come with me" the man says to me.

"Why?" Damian interferes.

There's silence.

"Leaving so soon?" Lillian says with a laugh appearing from behind us and with the man in front of us.

"All we want is the girl , nobody needs to get hurt" the man says while cracking his knuckles looking like he is about to get ready for a fight.

"Who would've known two worthless imbeciles like you are working for Duke" Damian says provoking them.

Damian then turns to me. "Stay behind me no matter what" he said while standing in front of me like a human shield.

As he looks into the direction of Lillian. The man , i see them running towards Damian with incredible speed , fangs out.

He then grabs Lillian by her throat as she was running towards him and shoves her away like she was nothing.

The other man comes swinging at him with a fist. Damian grabbed his fist with one hand in the blink of an eye then he effortlessly snapped the man's neck.
Leaving him to fall to the ground. I was shocked by what I just witnessed.
The gaurds came running to see what all the commotion was about.

"Take her to the King immediately!" Damian says with a loud voice as he reaches his hand out for mine. We walk and one of the gaurds had put Lillian in handcuffs.

As we enter the Kings chambers it appears that he had been feeding , there was blood on the corners of his mouth he quickly wipes his mouth when he saw me.

"What is the meaning of this?" The King shouts.

"My lord , for she has deceived us all. She is working for Duke and her mission was to leave with the girl but I stopped them as they were about to"

The King had an expression on his face of pure shock.

"Execute her now!" The King says emotionless.

Lillian cries and pleads with the King to forgive her and to let her go. One of the gaurds hand a sword over to the king as he steps closer to Lillian.
He looks down at her sitting on her knees begging the King to spare her life and asking for forgiveness but even I knew that it was too late for her.

The King then says to her "I took you in when you had nobody! I GAVE YOU THE GIFT OF IMMORTALITY and this is how you repay me?!?! His face looks filled with disgust and disappointment.

In a split second the King took his sword and left her decapitated.
I look away in horror as I see the blood of this woman dripping from the sword onto the floor.

The King finally speaks and says.

"Remove this abomination and burn the corpse"

Without saying a word the guards do as they are told.
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