Bloody Prom

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Chapter 7 - Who Am I?

What just happened?! I thought to myself.
What I just witnessed has left me shaken.
I kept replaying what the King did to Lillian over and over , till I felt a hand being placed gently on my left shoulder. Too shocked to even look who it was I heard a voice speak.

"Are you alright?" I look up and see that it's Damain.

"I'm sorry that you had to see that. I wish that you didn't see that at all" he says with a soft and gentle voice.

I looked at him then the King speaks then spoke.

"Angela , you need to tell me how your father died"

"I-i-i I don't understand , what does my father have to do with any of this?" I asked him in confusion.

"Everything" he answers back.

"But my father has been dead for about eight years" I said in confusion trying to understand why he is being brought up into the conversation.

"What you didn't know is that he was one of us , Angela"

One of us? what the hell is this old man talking about I wondered to myself. He must be crazy.

"Your father was the bravest man I've ever known , he was the first Werewolf Hunter and the first of his kind. He also managed to keep the peace with our kind after he came to an agreement with the lycans. We all trusted him , but then Duke had to kill him and when Duke found out what and who you are. He has been trying to get to you ever since , but I made sure that we got to you first and that you remain safe"

"My father a Werewolf Hunter? Impossible!! my father was a businessman just like my mother" I said to him.

"I can tell that you are confused by all of this information , which I understand but it's all true my dear child it's also the reason why you are here" he said.

"What the hell , I don't understand any of this" i said to myself softly.

"Damian can I have a word with you?" The King turns his attention to Damian.

Damian steps towards the King.

"I can sense that all of this is very unclear to her , and it will be alot for her to take in. Which is why before the night ends. I need you to tell her everything. Clearly by now she trusts you since you are the one who's been by her side throughout all of this , and I know that you will protect her"

"Yes , Sire" he says as he bows before he asked me to leave the Kings room with him.

There's a moment of silence as we left the room. Damian then turned towards me and says

"I promise to give you all the answers you want , and I will answer them truthfully"

He says as he looks me deep into my eyes , and as I was looking at him I noticed a change in his eye color , it was turning red he saw my reaction then walked away in quite a rush.

Luckily I knew my way around the mansion. I decided to go to my room even though I hate being all alone in that cold room. I sat on the bed I don't even know for how long I sat there i was trying make sense of everything , but there are still a few things that are missing. Which I needed answers to then an image of my mom came to my thoughts and the question I kept asking myself was what did Damian mean by my mom isn't really my mom. I don't understand any of this.

"Maybe it's because you choose not to believe it" a voice says I immediately recognized it , it was Damian.

"How did you get in? While I locked the door" I asked him.

"That's not important what's important is that you get the answers you are looking for" he said as he is stepping closer to me.

"So , what questions do you have for me" he asks.

"What am I doing here? What does my father have anything to do with what's going on? Laslty as for my mother , why did you say that she isn't my real mother?"

Damian sits down on the bed beside me and took one deep breath and answered my first question.

"You are here because you are the very first of your fathers kind therefore Duke wants what you have , and the only way to do that is to kill you. So that he can be the most powerful lycan to have ever existed"

"But I'm just an ordinary girl , I'm not like anyone here" I said to him.

"You've been having intense dreams , right? Unexplainable things has been happening to you , right? That is unlike any other creature I've known , and your father was the greatest man I've ever known. Before the war he had a daughter , you. Back then the lycans discovered his gift and the advantages of it. Which is why they are after you , and also the reason why they killed your father. Duke made sure of that , but little did he know that your fathers gift he passed them down to you because he knew the lycans would attack soon he also did it to protect you. Your father then died in battle , he didn't die of a heart attack. Your mother didn't tell you because she had to protect you , and when the lycans found out that your father had a child they tried getting to your mother in order to get to you. So they killed your mother because she didn't give them what they wanted. The woman you think you know , she's not your real mother she's one of us. She was there to look out for you to make sure that you aren't in harms way"

"Stop! , please just stop!" I said while tears started rolling down my face.

There's silence.

"By what I just heard is that my whole life I thought I knew is a lie , so I'm going to save each and everyone the effort and remove myself from this situation. I don't want to be any part of this" I said to him as I'm trying to leave.

"I know this is hard to take in , because alot of things has been kept from you , but I promised to give you all the answers you seek and I've never lied to you nor do I intend to" he said making me stop right in my tracks.

"Why , is it because you feel sorry for me?" I asked while my back was turned to him.

"No , because you deserve the truth" he responded.

Then I turned around to face him , he then gets up from the bed and walked pass me in attempt to leave the room.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked him.

With his hand halfway on the doorknob he looks at me and gives off a slight smile. Then he exits the room.

That night I struggled to fall asleep. What Damian said to me was left stuck on my mind , especially what he said about my mother. Right now i feel like my whole life is falling apart. At this point I don't know who and what I am. I didn't ask for any of this , so why me? I just want to continue with my old life. I wish that none of this happened tonight but the question is at this point , can I go back to my old life?

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