Bloody Prom

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Chapter 9 - Secret Ally

"My brother's we shall no longer remain hidden from the world to see. We shall no longer be at mercy of our enemy. We will be the main predator. We need to wait for the full moon. It's just two days away we need that power because this attack will be like no other. IT WILL BE THE FINAL WAR! We will not lose!!"

Duke preaches and all of them suddenly change into their true monstrous form while letting out hideous loud sounds of howling.

Then unexpectedly there's a knock on the door from the outside. One of Dukes pack members opened the door and starts growling at the sight of the Vampire he was ready to attack with no hesitation.

"Calm down boys" Duke says to his pack.

"To what do I owe this pleasure , Sire" Duke said.

The pack laughs hysterically.

"May I have a word with you in private" the King said to Duke while giving the wolves a dirty look and a hiss like a snake ready to attack his prey.

"Sure , follow me" Duke says as they left the room.

"I can get you what you want" the King says to Duke.

"Get me what I want? why would you want to help me?" Duke asked curiously not sure whether he can trust the Kings words.

"You want the girl , right and I want her dead you'll eventually kill her. So it's a win-win for the both of us"

"Hmmm , um okay? Why would you want her dead. Why not kill her yourself?" Duke asked as he sits ontop of his wooden desk folding his arms.

"Oh no that's right because you are the King and as the King you have a image to uphold. So why does a man such as yourself want one girl dead?" He says before the King could even answer his questions.

"Yes , I have my reasons as to why I want her dead" the King said.

But little did Duke know is that the King also wanted the power Angela has. So in order to get what he wants he had to make sure that Duke believed that his proposal is real and that Duke should remain unaware of his true intentions.

"How do I not know that this is some sort of trick" Duke asked.

"Why would I personally come to you , without any gaurds , weapons whatsoever just to talk to you?" the King asked him.

Smart move avoiding the question Duke thought to himself and let out a soft laugh.

"On one condition you help us from the inside. I want to know where she is at all times" Duke requested.

"That shouldn't be a problem" the King said to him.

They shake hands in agreement , but little did the King know is that Duke has his own agenda , which is to kill the King nor does Duke trust the King. The king left the lycans cabinet unharmed.

"What did that old fool want?" One of Dukes trusted members asked as he enters the room.

"He proposed that we work together to make sure that I get what I want. As he was speaking I was listening to his heart rate. I'm pretty sure the fool knows about that trick because his heart rate was steady. I still believe that he was lying. I don't know why he wants to get rid of the girl , or maybe that's just a cover up story for something else?"

"I wish I knew Duke"

"I may be a wolf , but I don't think like one I'm smarter than that old fool might think I am"

"So , what's the plan on the attack?"

"We need to attack soon when they least expect it. Nor should the King because I want to devour him. Just like he did with my father" Duke says with fury as his breathing gets heavy and his claws jumps out.

"I will get my revenge even if it's the last thing I do. I'll do it for you father I will not rest until I get it done" He says as he takes off a necklace and opens it with an image of his father and his mother in it.

Duke calls an assembly with the rest of his wolves.

"So as you all know the King personally came to see me. It was quite an unexpected surprise. He came here to join forces to help me get what I want" he says with a laugh.

"The King clearly don't think I'm that guilable to fall for it. He may think that he has outsmarted me , but he has another thing coming if so"

"So what are we going to do?" A male voice asked in the background.

"You all know that Alaric killed our father. The creator of our kind , but now I am the Alpha and the omega and what I want is for him to be dead! You can kill anyone and anything that stands in your way. We will attack during the day. Sunlight is their weakness so they won't expect us to come at that time of day so prepare yourselves guns , knives teeth , claws whatever you desire to use in battle just be ready"

"But you said we are going to wait for the full moon?" A girl asked.

Dukes eyes turns yellow and suddenly his form begins to change into this massive , hairy , scary monster with large teeth. Larger than the average werewolf. He steps closer to her and the girl shivers with fear.

"I apologize if I said anything out of line" she said sounding very shaky.

He looked at her and she looked away not making any contact with Duke.

"LOOK AT ME!!" Duke growled.

"Please don't" the girl begged.

Duke then turned to the rest of the wolves and scanned each and everyone of them. They looked fearful he then turned his attention towards the girl , and grabbed her by her neck lifting her up slowly off the ground until her feet were left hanging not being able to touch the floor. She then struggles to remove his massive hands from her neck and couldn't breathe. He then took his other hand and he effortlessly rips her body into two. Blood splatter all over the floor he then took the top of her body and which was still dripping from all the blood. Her guts fell to the floor he then starts putting piece by piece of her body in his huge mouth.

"Don't ever correct me and if you do ,this will be you" Duke said as he wiped his face from the blood of the girl.

In an instant the werewolves bow down to him in respect.

"Don't forget that I am your leader" he says as he leaves.

The gaurds are outside as the King enters the yard.

"Out for a night stroll" one of the gaurds asked the King.

"I just went to get dinner" the King said to them with a smile.

They bow and went back into position.

"Angela , it's me Damian please open the door I promise not to just swoop in like last time."

There was no response he then opened the door , but Angela wasn't there.

Where could she be? he wondered to himself.

He then went to the last place he saw her. He opened the door and saw that Angela had fell asleep. As he walked up to her he couldn't help but to gaze at her while she's sleeping. To Damian how she looked while being asleep brushed a feeling across him. She looked so peaceful while sleeping. Damian didn't want to still wake her. He instead slowly yet gently try to pick her up and carried her in his muscular arms.

She's as light as a feather he thought to himself.

Damian then took Angela to her room and laid her down on the bed. He then slowly removed the hair from her face.

"Wow , you're absolutely beautiful" he says with a whisper.

He then took one of the blankets to cover her.

Angela then moans in her sleep.

"No , please stay"

"I should go" Damian said.

Then suddenly Angela is awake.

"Please stay" i said in a soft voice.

"If that is what you want , that is what I'll do" Damian said as he sits on the edge of the bed.

"You don't have to sit there , sit next to me" I said.

He moves closer to me and joins me on the bed. I move myself closer towards him. Damian reaches his arm out and placed it around me. I lay my head on his shoulder as a pillow. I felt so safe and comfortable with him.

Damian then speaks and says "something about this feels right"

I look up at him and our eyes meet each other. Our lips are just inches away from touching. I wanted to feel his lips on mine , I wanted him to hold me close to him body against body. In attempt to kiss him I move closer to him. He moves closer and soon as we were about to kiss I woke up. I look around to see if he was with me. Now I'm confused did that happen or was it just one of my stupid dreams?

Everyone was asleep except for Damian he walked around and passed the Kings room. He heard an argument come from the room.
It was the King and Duke. Unintentionally Damian overheard the conversation and what he gathered from this conversation is that the King and Duke were in cahoots. He then turned around and rushed to Angela.

"Angela , Angela wake up!!" Damian said in a nervous voice.

"What's going on?" I asked him.

"We need to leave now!!" Damian said to me.

"What? Why?" I asked trying to understand why he is acting like this.

"Do you trust me?" He asked me while looking me dead in the eye.

This made me worry , like what's going on?

"Grab your things we need to get far away from here now!!" Damian says while helping me pack.

"Okay" I said as I'm getting myself ready.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"Can you please stop with the questions right now? Your curiosity is cute , but right now is not the time. I'll explain when we leave this place and that you are safe"

I do as he says he then grabs hold of my hand as we sneak around the house to get out without being noticed by any of the gaurds.

"Stay here" Damian says to me.

I stayed.

He then goes the security room it's a room for the security cameras , and there were buttons for certain alarms. They had an alarm for "Fires" , "Lycan" and "Vampire attacks". Damian then turned on the "Lycan attack" alarm. That alarm will instantly alert everyone that there are Lycans inside the mansion. Automatically the gaurds will rush inside to kill the enemy.

The alarm goes off.

"Did you plan this Duke?" The King asked him with an angry expression as he steps closer to Duke looking like he is about to snap Dukes head off his neck , but Duke stood tall showing him no fear.

"No , not at all" Duke said sounding confused as to what is happening.

The King looks at him in disbelief.

"I thought that we had an agreement!" the King shouted furiously.

"Stay here and don't move if you know what's good for you"

The King says to Duke as he closed the door behind him making sure that none of the Vampires inside would see that Duke was with him.

"Find them and kill them!" the King demands to the gaurds as they move through the hallway to inspect the mansion for any intruders , but they are forbidden to step into the Kings lair without permission from the King himself.

"Let's go luckily I know a secret passage way to get outside" Damian whispered to Angela.

We made sure that nobody saw us. We step inside his room that had a secret way out.

"Watch your step" he says.

As we make our way through the dark tunnel. I couldn't see a thing , but he knew exactly where we were going till he came to a stop. He checked if it was safe for us to go. He then turns to me and says.

"When I say run , you run as fast as you can" While he gently puts his pale hands on my shoulders.

"Wait , what? Aren't we going together?" I asked him in a scared voice.

I didn't want to go without him.

"You won't go without me Angela!" He said trying to remain quiet as possible so that nobody that was still outside could hear him.

"Then get out of this place with me" I cried to him.

"Alright , but you'll be too slow so rather give me your hand that way we get far from here quicker" Damian said.

I was more than happy that we are leaving together. God knows I didn't want to leave without him. Even though he said that I wouldn't be leaving without him , it still didn't feel right.

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