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The Werewolf

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Beware.... Dont roam around in dark places, especially in jungles

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The werewolf

It was a cold evening, 4 friends Jacob, Meera, Reem and Max were as usual doing their school assignments. Today was Max's birthday.

"Happy birthday Max" said Jacob.
"Uh.. Thanks, by the way won't you wish me a happy birthday, Meera and Reem?" asked Max.

Meera was busy chatting with her friends in whatsapp.

"Yeah yeah whatever, happy birthday" replied Meera.

Where in other hand, Reem had bought a gift for Max.

"Happy Birthday Max!!!!! I've bought a present for you" exclaimed Reem.

( Reem was Max's closest friend)

"You're the best, thanks for the gift!" replied Max.

"No problem!" said Reem.

They came up with a plan to go on a camping trip, but for some reason Reem didnt like the idea. It was night, Reem and Meera were fallen asleep in the back seat of the car. While Max was listening to music and Jacob, driving the car.


"Are we there yet?" asked Reem.

"Sorry guys, but looks like the car's engine is stuck. I'll go search if there is any garage nearby" said Jason.

"Ugh, this is the worst trip in my life!" replied Meera.

Not until, Reem saw a shadow behind the trees. It was as if someone was standing alone there in the corner. But who?

"Um, guys I think someone is over there" said Reem.

"Oof, chill Reem you're such a scaredy cat! No one's there" cheered Meera.

Jacob came back with a weird looking man, who wore a strange red hat. He was a mechanic. The mechanic seemed scared as if someone was behind him.

"Oh hello children! I have come here to help you, so may I do my work?" asked the mechanic.

Everyone agreed. When the mechanic was done fixing the engine, he went somewhere far away and seemed like he was in a hurry. Max asked the mechanic as to why he is frightened? Then the mechanic said

" I know I may sound strange and weird but like you many people have come here without thinking of the consequences, and whoever dared to come here has always died! I don't want to risk your lives but remember my words it won't spare you! It won't spare anyone.. It's always hungry and it's hunger will never be gone!!!"

By this the mechanic vanished amongst the thin air. When suddenly Meera burst in laughter, " oh come on guys, this is so not true! And nowadays, who believes in such things?! Huh" but Reem was scared, she knew something was wrong.

Chapter 2 -
They continued driving. When Jacob saw someone in between the road, he quickly took a turn towards his left and by so the car crashed. Everyone got off the car and to their surprise no one was there except them.

"Ouch! My head is spinning, you idiot" said Meera in anger.

"Guys, I swear I saw someone! Wait how can this be?! Something is wrong" asked Jacob.

"What if that mechanic was right!" replied Reem.

"Seriously, you've got to be kidding me... You believe all what that mechanic just said?! He was just cooking up stories to scare us guys! And Jacob, you probably hallucinate because none of us saw anyone in the road!" said Meera.

"Can we all just stop fighting" replied Max.

They all started thinking of what to do as their car is crashed. Suddenly, Jacob came up with a idea.

"Guys I have a idea! Let's look for some shelter to spend this night with and then next day we will think of what to do" said Jacob.

"Alright, this seems okay to me" said Reem.

"What about you, Meera?" asked Jacob.

"Yeah I am fine with it. Unless I get food, don't know about you all but my stomach is really upset! And wants to eat really badly" replied Meera.

Everyone started walking together in hope of finding some shelter and food.
After, 2-3 hours of walking, Meera found a small hotel which looked quite old.

"Guys! Look a hotel, we can spend the night there for now" exclaimed Meera.

They all started walking towards the hotel.

"Hello, can we get 2 rooms please?" asked Reem.

"I am so sorry, but we don't have much rooms in this hotel only 1 room is available" replied the manager.

"Okay! I am fine with it, I guess we all can manage in 1 room, right? Asked Meera.

" ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzz"

"Umm whatever, looks like you all are tired huh?" said Meera

All of them stumbled upon their room and fell in the bed.

"Okay....... Let's do one thing, Jacob and Max can sleep in the floor while I and Reem sleep in the bed as there isn't enough space, sorry guys but you have to adjust for today" asked Meera.

Everyone slept peacefully, but Reem was still disturbed by that shadow she saw in the beginning it felt like someone was warning her not to go. However, Reem tried her best not to think about it and closed her eyes. As soon as she closed her eyes, she saw a shadow in her dreams, the shadow represented a sort of animal figure... It came closer and closer towards her and leapt at her!


All awoke by that scream.

"What happened, Reem?" asked everyone.

"Nothing..." replied Reem.

Next day

It was a bright morning, all of them started exploring this new place when they came upon a deep jungle... They were about to go inside it to see the nature when the same mechanic stopped them.

"Where are you Going?" asked the mechanic.

"In the woods, why?" replied Max.

"In spite of my warnings? Fine you may go but... Be back before night or else you'll be lost her forever" said the mechanic.

The mechanic went back to his garage.

"We don't believe you!" shouted Meera.

Everyone were tired as they were keep on walking in the woods. They were hungry too.

"Does anyone have something to eat? I am damn hungry" asked Jacob.

"Well, good for you I knew this would happen, don't worry! I have some packets of chips and few cold drinks too!" said Meera.

All started munching on the food. They decided to go back, but it was too late.

"Let's go now guys it's getting dark here and we don't even have torches to help us" said Max.

Chapter 3 -

They tried their best to make their way out but no matter how hard they tried. The path seemed endless!

"When will we reach?!" asked Reem.

"I don't know" said Meera.

Now all were serious, Meera felt like someone was behind her. She quickly turned around but no one was there.

(After 5 hours)

"I don't think we will ever get back! The mechanic was right" said Max.

Suddenly everyone saw a shadow lurking over the trees. It was a really huge shadow and it felt like it was double the size of a normal human! This was really strange. When the shadow came out of the darkness, to their surprise it was a huge werewolf and that too a deadly one! This frightened all of them and everyone started running towards a direction as fast as they can.

But the werewolf was even more faster, it tried to catch up with them.

"Guys look a hut! Let's hide there!! Hurry!" said Meera.

Everyone hid inside a hut and stood still in a corner.

The wolf howled, and started searching them by their smell.

"Oh no, we are in a deep trouble! Now how to escape from this wolf!!" asked Jacob.

"First we need to look for torches! Alright, guys stop panicking and Jacob, Mac go to the kitchen and find some torch while me and Reem will go to the other rooms to see if there is any torch" said Meera.

Four of them came with bright torches.

"Okay, listen to me carefully you all. Every problem has a solution similarly this werewolf has a weak point too! All we need to do is just find its weak point! And for that..... We need to observe the wolf properly! I know this is hard, but I want any of you to take a picture of the wolf and any one of us should distract him to do so!"said Meera.

" I have a idea, I will distract the wolf while Jacob can take a picture of it" replied Max.

"And guys before we do our work, remember one thing...when you are done with your task, Jacob will signal a thumbs up to Max and that's the time you both run towards the hut without letting it know! Me and Reem will be hidden here only" said Meera.

Everything went according to the plan, Max distracted the wolf while Jacob took its picture quickly and did a thumbs up. That's when both of them ran towards The hut. Meera was now observing the picture closely.

"Look guys! This wolf has a red stone in his chest! And it's shining so brightly, because normally a werewolf won't have such thing in its body" said Meera.

Chapter 4 -

"Okay I get it! All we have to do is break the stone and done! Simple" replied Meera.

"You are talking as if this is a dead werewolf and it won't hurt us?! Look, breaking that stone from the wolf is really hard! Don't you think the wolf will try to hurt us if we do such a thing, we might even die!" asked Jacob.

"We won't, if we plan things accordingly!" replied Meera.

"Um, I have an idea? Max... You can distract the wolf again and this time Jacob, you see that tree there all you have to do is climb it and when the wolf gets distracted by Max you jump towards its chest and break the stone with all your might. While I and Meera help Max distract the wolf"said Reem.

Now, that's what happened. 3 of them distracted the wolf and Jacob was sitting in the tree waiting for the werewolf. But things didn't work well. That night it was even more powerful. It cached Max and ate him up. Max dies.

"Max! Max!" yelled Meera.

Meera goes towards Max and tries to wake him up. But things didn't go as planned and hence Max dies.

Jacob jumps in its chest and breaks the stone, the werewolf then starts disappearing and vanishes in the air.

All of them cried because thier best friend had died. Everyone went back home.

After a week......
A couple decides to spend its holiday in the deep dark woods, and the girl sees a huge shadow lurking towards it,

The girl: "is that.... You?"

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