The Haunting Daunt

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When two friends find an apartment near their university, they think that they will live there peacefully, but all the peace is disturbed by an entity that had been lurking in that apartment for years. The Ghost doesn't leave them alone and eventually kills one, who will it be? What did the Ghost do to scare them? and Whose ghost was it that was residing there for over a decade? Read the whole story to find out! But, beware that this is THE HAUNTING DAUNT!

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1: Booking Fate

He drove to the realtor’s office, on his way back home from university, parked his car in the third empty lot and walked gently there. He pushed open the door and said ‘Hello! I am Aiden Donald’. ‘Nice to meet you Sir! Sit down. I am Harold’ greeted the realtor softly. Aiden sat down on the soft leather chair and shook hands with Harold. ‘I am here in search of an Apartment for rent’ explained Aiden, ‘What Type?’ inquired the realtor. ‘Basically, Me and my friend (Matt) need an apartment, one that’s near the Garamond University. Our old Apartment was a bit too far from it,’ said Aiden. Harold took out a file from the 2nd Drawer in his shiny wooden table and searched through it. He took out one of the papers in the file and showed it to Aiden. Aiden held that paper. It was attached with some Pictures of an apartment. Aiden read the information carefully. It read:

Brand new 3rd Floor Apartment for rent in Brown Sea Apts! Well furnished. 2 Blocks away from the Famous Garamond University! 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Stylish Eat-in Kitchen, Spacious Closet, Shiny Wooden floors. Ideal for a family or a Group of friends! This Apartment building was built in 1938!

After reading the details of this apartment, Aiden loved it! ‘It’s absolutely perfect, and It meets all the requirements’ said he. ‘You can visit this Apartment for an inquiry on Monday’ Harold said. Aiden thought about it and then agreed that he would come to visit this apartment on Monday with Matt. ‘Ok, Sir! Please inform before arriving at Brown Sea Apts’ said the realtor. Aiden nodded in approval and left the office. He walked over to his car, sat inside and drove back to his old apartment. He went to his apartment, opened the door and saw that Matt was already waiting for him on the table. ‘I have found an Apartment! It’s just 2 Blocks away from our university’ said Aiden in joy. ‘Really!? What’s the Apartment building name?’ asked Matt in disbelief. ‘Brown Sea Apts…’ replied Aiden. ‘Wow! Ok, I am starting to pack my stuff, you can pack yours’ Matt said. Both of them went to their rooms and started packing their stuff. Aiden packed his clothes and Other things in his Big Blue suitcase. He kept his packed suitcase in the TV lounge and went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for himself. He drank the coffee and Started cleaning the apartment. He then called the Landlord of their current apartment. ‘Hey! Mr. Earl. Me and Matt are leaving this apartment, as this one was far from our university, so we have found another one’ said Aiden cowardly, as Mr. Earl was an irritable man. ‘When will you leave?’ asked Mr. Earl in a grumpy manner. ‘We’ll go to visit the apartment on Monday (Tomorrow) and then we’ll shift in that apartment on Tuesday or Wednesday’ explained Aiden. ‘Ok! Inform me on the day when you’ll be leaving, so I’ll come and take this Apartment’s keys’ Confirmed Mr. Earl. Aiden ended the call with an ‘Ok!’. He went to Matt’s room to ask if he had packed his stuff and cleaned the room. Matt was zipping up his suitcase. ‘I am going to sleep, it’s 10:03 pm. We’ll have to wake up early tomorrow, You should go to sleep too’ said Aiden in a sleepy voice. Aiden went to his room after he took a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator, kept it on his bedside table and went to sleep. Aiden suffered from sleep paralysis very often, but not everyday, that’s why he always kept cold water beside him, so whenever he came into his senses after suffering from sleep paralysis, he would drink cold water which would calm him down. At 12:45 am, Aiden’s eyes opened to see the sight of a tall woman standing in the corner of the room, he had never seen this woman before. She was wearing a ragged white dress, she was pointing to the left and was murmuring something that was inaudible. He tried to move his arms and legs, but of course, they wouldn’t budge. The woman came closer and said that was now clearly audible ‘Don’t go to the place, it’s where me and my family …’ Then, she vanished into thin air. Aiden was still preoccupied with his thoughts, thinking about what the woman had said and what place she was talking about, during this, he didn’t realize that his sleep paralysis had ended. He turned to the left and eventually fell asleep. He woke up in the morning at 9:04 am,brushed his teeth, changed clothes and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Matt didn’t wake up yet, so Aiden drank his coffee and went to the nearby park for a jog. He and Matt took later classes at university, so Aiden had decided that first he would go to visit the Brown Sea Apts and then, he would go to his university. While he was jogging, he noticed a dark silhouette of someone in his peripheral vision. He looked behind, but it was nothing. He continued to jog for 1 hour and returned home at 10:30 am. He took a bath, changed clothes and then went to his part-time job. He worked at a restaurant as a junior chef for 4 hours a day. Today, when he reached the restaurant, there were a lot of orders for a Hawaiian pizza, so all the chefs worked together to make so many Hawaiian pizzas. Aiden was stressed with all the work, but he had to do this job, if he wanted to afford further education. He worked for 4 whole hours and then went home at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. When he came home, Matt was already there, he had finished his part-time job ½ an hour before Aiden. They ate lunch and then called the realtor. ‘We are coming to visit the apartment in 20 minutes,’ said Matt. ‘Ok! Sir, Thanks for informing’ replied Harold.

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