The Haunting Daunt

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Chapter 2: Start of Horror

Both the friends sat in the car. Aiden was starting the car, when he found out that he had forgotten to refill the car with fuel last night. They got out of the car and took a taxi. Aiden and Matt both sat in the back seat, on the way, the driver started talking about random things mostly related to politics. ‘I don’t know why this president doesn’t care about his people and he’s always talking about improving technology in the country. Technology is what ruined this world. If it weren’t for this technology, the people would’ve been closer to each other,’ said the driver. Matt rolled his eyes ignoring the driver’s conversation to himself. After about 22 minutes, they reached the apartment building. The driver asked, pointing to the building ‘is this your drop-off place?’ ‘Yep! That’s our destination. We’ll be leaving, Thank you for the ride’ said Matt while handing out the money to the taxi driver. The driver shouted ‘Stop! Wait… This building, it’s ccc cc..’ ‘Ccc, what?’ asked Aiden with a seemingly annoyed face. ‘This building is ccc… Old! Yeah! This building is really old’ said the driver and drove off as fast as he could. Matt and Aiden looked at each other with a confused look. ‘Probably, he was about to say that this building is Capacious’ said Aiden. ‘Yeah! You’re right’ said Matt and shrugged it off. They were so busy brooding over the subject, that they hardly noticed Harold waiting for them in the lobby of Brown Sea Apts. Harold called out ‘Hey! You two, Come in here. The visiting time will be over soon’ ‘Coming! Sorry for being late,’ said Aiden and both of them rushed in the lobby. They shook hands and stepped in the elevator. The elevator was classy and immaculate, compared to the old and rusty building. Aiden and Matt liked the building up till now. They finally reached the 3rd floor, Both the friends followed Harold to an old apartment. It’s door was really old, apart from that all of them could feel a heavy atmosphere around that apartment. Harold took out a pair of keys from his pocket, inserted one of them in the keyhole and unlocked the door. While Harold was keeping the keys in his pocket, Aiden moved forward to turn the door knob and enter the apartment. At this moment, he noticed some red liquid on the door knob. He freaked out and told it to Harald. Harald quickly pushed him back, took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the stain. ‘Spoiled kids roam this building at night, seeing this apartment empty, they paint this apartment’s door or door knob, but don’t worry, it won’t happen now’ said Herald confidently. Aiden nodded and entered the apartment, Matt could feel that there was something off. He whispered to Aiden ‘Do you feel it?’ ‘What?’ asked Aiden. ‘The eerie atmosphere!’ replied Matt. ‘Oh! Come on! It was locked for a lot of time, that’s why it feels like that’ replied Aiden. Matt still believed that something was not normal here. They both went into the bedroom. Aiden noticed a small shape drawn with pencil on the wall, He bent down to look at it carefully. It was a Pentagram, he freaked out, he called Matt to look at it and, in fact he was scared too. They went to Harold who was in the kitchen checking the water from the tap. ‘What’s the history of this house?’ asked Matt. ‘It hasn’t got much history, just 2 families have lived here before you. The first one left, because they shifted to the neighboring city and no-one knows what happened to the 2nd one, So would you like to take this apartment? It’s rent is reasonable and after all, it’s near your university,’ commented Harold. Aiden backed off by how insisting the realtor was, but Matt thought if it has no history, it might be a good apartment. Both Matt and Aiden got out of the apartment, Harold locked it again and took Matt and Aiden in his car to his office for signing the agreement papers and other payments or signatures. Matt signed the papers, because Aiden wasn’t feeling right, he was feeling nausea. After some time, the apartment’s landlord arrived at the office. She was a fat old woman named Ms. Analise with light blonde hair, wrinkled face and wore a scarf. She greeted her upcoming tenants with pleasure. ‘Thanks for living in this apartment, after years it got opened’ said Ms. Analise. ‘Yes, we were in search of a good apartment near our university and Finally, we found such a lively apartment,’ replied Matt. ‘Oh! Yeah, This place is full of life and past-memories’ continued Ms. Analise. ‘What memories?’ asked Aiden. The realtor gave a sidelong look to the old lady and she said ‘No… Nothing! Just some good memories of previous tenants’ ,She continued ‘Goodbye! I’ll have to go now, you boys can take the Apartment keys from Harold’ and Ms. Analise rushed out of the office, started her car and drove off. Aiden and Matt, a little freaked out, took the keys from Harold, paid him his commission and said ‘Ok! So, I have given you extra money, when Ms. Analise would come to your office tomorrow, give this to her as an advance rent’. Harold nodded while keeping the money in the drawer. Both the friends drove to their old apartment, they had already hired a truck, so they placed all their stuff and needed things in the truck and went to their new apartment. They opened the apartment and stepped in there for the second time, but they could still feel the heavy atmosphere. ‘Don’t you think, we shifted in this place too fast without thinking, I mean, we just visited it today’ said Matt. ‘Oh My God! No!’ said Aiden. ‘What?!’ asked Matt in surprise by the sudden change in Aiden’s expression. `We had to go to the university, there is still time, we’ll set the stuff up at night or tomorrow, Come on! Let’s go to the university,’ said Aiden while picking up the car keys. They returned home from university at 10:00pm. They just ate a microwave sandwich for dinner, as they weren’t too fond of food. Aiden was changing sides while sleeping continuously, but couldn’t fall asleep. He turned to the left, when he saw a woman, the same woman he saw before. Aiden thought he might be suffering from sleep paralysis again, but he was wrong, this time the woman was real! Aiden shouted and then, he passed out. Matt got up and came over to Aiden’s room. He knocked on his door, but saw that his door was locked. Matt called 911 in an emergency, as he was panicking. The scream that he heard was really loud and clearly showed that Aiden was in pain. The Ambulance arrived sometime later, Aiden was taken to the doctor. ‘What happened to him?’ asked Aiden to Dr. Oliver. ‘He might have had a bad dream. Does he take depression pills?’ asked Dr. Oliver. ‘I haven’t seen him taking any pills, all I know is that he suffers from sleep paralysis frequently’ replied Matt. ‘Well! I think that this type of situation mostly happens if a person is exposed to a new environment. Did he visit a new place today?’ asked Dr. Oliver. ‘Yes! We shifted into a new apartment today’ answered Matt. ‘Don’t Worry! He will be fine soon, he just needs some rest’ said the Doctor ending the conversation. Matt went over to the room where Aiden was laid with a drip attached to his hand. Aiden was discharged from the hospital after some hours. Matt went into his room and slept, while Aiden was advised by Dr. Oliver to take sleeping pills. They both slept and didn’t see or hear anything unusual that night again.

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