The Haunting Daunt

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Chapter 3: Bloody Fate

Matt woke up the next day and went to take a bath. While taking a bath, he saw that his back was covered with strange scratches, more like claw marks, even though they didn’t have any pets with them. Aiden rubbed some antiseptic cream on his wound and shrugged it off as the work of a rat, as Aiden thought that the more you feel pain, the more it will taunt you. He went to the kitchen and drank some coffee. He suddenly remembered that he needed to wake up Aiden to remind him of his job. He went into Aiden’s room and saw that Aiden was already awake. ‘Good Morning!’ said Matt. ‘I am so stressed, I am taking a leave from my job today, I will only go to the university in the evening. By the Way, I have already informed Mr. Lorenzo about the leave, I will rest till afternoon’ ‘Ok!’ replied Matt and went to do his part-time job. Matt was a part-time Web developer, he wasn’t professional at it, but knew the basics and was able to design different web pages, which made him some good money. When Matt was going down the elevator to go for his job, he noticed an odd woman walk into the elevator, she was looking upset. ’Sai, dove vivi?’ said the woman. Matt recognized that she was speaking Italian, but he didn’t know how to speak it, so he turned on his mobile and turned on Google Translate. He typed in Sai, dove vivi?, the meaning came out to be Do you know where you live? Matt got surprised and looked toward the woman with widened eyes. A loud buzzer shocked him, it was of the elevator reaching the lobby. He walked out, he turned around to look back and the woman was gone, nowhere to be found in the lobby, while the elevator was still open, as if someone was standing in front of it and the elevator could sense it. Matt got a burning feeling on his back of being watched, he ran to his car and quickly drove away to his office. At home, Aiden just woke up in the afternoon. He saw that Matt was already gone. He sighed, and went to the kitchen for breakfast. He started cooking an egg, he went to the refrigerator to take an egg, when he spotted something on the table. He saw a necklace, it was black, but was made of pure silver. Aiden held it in his hand and saw that a pentagram was drawn on it. He started feeling dizzy, but regained his balance. He threw it in the trash can. He shook his head and continued cooking his breakfast. He did the breakfast and started scrolling through the feed on his mobile. He went to the fridge to drink some water, when he saw that the kitchen cabinets were opened, he got shocked, he went over there to close them, when all of a sudden, the cabinets started swinging uncontrollably. Aiden backed off, not knowing what to do, he ran into his room and closed the door. He was really scared, he stayed in his room for hours and eventually fell asleep. Matt came home late, as he had a lot of work on his hands today, so when he came, the cabinets were found close and he was eager when he saw that Aiden’s room door was closed. Matt knocked on it 4 times. Aiden woke up listening to the knocking on his door, he opened it and saw Matt. Aiden said ‘The cabinets were opening by themselves when I went to the kitchen, I don’t know how it could happen’ ‘What are you saying? You just might be seeing things. All the cabinets are closed,’ replied Matt. ‘Oh! Yeah, you might be right. I have been having headaches and feeling dizzy since morning,’ said Aiden, ignoring what happened. They both went to their university in the evening. Aiden saw a woman’s chuckle as he was passing by the lobby. Chills ran through his spine, he had a difficult time listening to lectures and doing work in his university, because from time to time he was feeling light-headed. He came home and Matt said that he would come late, as he would visit his aunt on his way back, who was also living in the same city. Aiden was watching TV at night, when Matt came home. He brought his aunt with him ‘Oh Dear! I am just here to view your apartment’. Aiden greeted her and gave her a cup of coffee. After she drank coffee, she decided to go back, when her eye fell on Aiden’s room. ‘Whose room is that?’ asked her. ‘It’s Aiden’s. But, Why Aunt Elisa?’ said Matt. ‘There is someone in there, an entity! A viscous entity’ said Aunt Elisa in fright and horror. Aiden got appalled by her words. She waved goodbye to Matt and went away. Aiden was still pensive thinking about his room and the entity, Aunt Elisa was talking about. He couldn’t sleep properly, so he took sleeping pills and he eventually slept. He woke up the next morning to find a stain on his wall. He hadn’t awoken properly yet, so he ignored it and went back to sleep as his job started at 11:00am and right now, it was only 9:00am. He woke up with the sound of the alarm going off on his mobile, he dismissed the alarm and woke up. He fixed his eyes on the side wall of his room and there it was, the same stain, but now Aiden found out that it was a stain of blood. He looked closer and saw that with blood it was written on the wall Your Horrific Fate has just begun. Aiden got up from his bed to touch the blood, to his horror, it was fresh crimson blood! He got up and ran to Matt’s room. ‘There… There is a blood stain on my room’s wall!’ shouted Aiden. Matt rubbed his eyes and walked over to Aiden’s room, but when he reached there, nothing was on the wall. Matt gave an angry look to Aiden and went back. Aiden was still in shock, he wasn’t able to rationalize what had just happened with him. He came to a conclusion that it might just be his imagination and nothing else and again both of them shrugged it off like nothing happened. But, they didn’t know what awaited them!

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