The Haunting Daunt

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Chapter 4: Yes! It's haunted

The next day, Matt was walking down the hallway to go to his job . That day was a Wednesday, so Garamond university didn’t arrange any lectures or practicals. In short, it was a day-off for their university. He again felt a shiver run through his spine, he looked back and saw a woman - the same woman he had seen before. She was walking very oddly, her legs were outright horrifying and she was leaving a trail of black ooze wherever she walked. Matt followed her, to see if she was an intruder in the building. She turned to the left and walked inside a dark room separated by all other apartments. Matt got confused as he hadn’t seen the room before. He walked slowly and slightly pushed the door of the room, a creaking sound came from the rusty hinges of the door. Matt saw nothing but darkness and so much of it that he couldn’t even make out the corners of the room. He took out his mobile phone and turned on the flash light. He pointed the light in front and saw a pair of legs covered with black ooze, but something was off the legs weren’t touching the floor, they were hanging. Matt was now completely terrified, he was shivering non-stop. He lifted up his mobile phone and now he was face to face with the hanging dead body of a woman, Matt shouted really loud and passed out. ‘What was that?’ said Axel, the Janitor of the Apartment building. He was confused by the extremely loud and uncanny shout, so he ran towards THE ROOM, because he was sure that the voice came from here. When he entered the room, he turned on his flashlight to view the room in the hellish darkness. He stepped on something while walking, he pointed his flashlight down and saw the cold hand of Matt. ‘Oh My God! This… This is the new tenant’ he whispered to himself. He dialed 911 on his phone, because he thought that Matt was dead, he even didn’t bother to check if he wasn’t. ’911, what’s your emergency?’ asked the call-taker. ‘The address is Brown Sea Apts. on Bettensey Road, A new tenant who shifted into this apartment building was found lying (Maybe Dead) in a storage room by me, please send an ambulance as soon as possible’ Axel replied quickly. ‘Ok! Don’t worry Sir, we’ll send help right away’ said the call-taker before hanging the call. Axel left Matt as he was and ran upstairs to inform Aiden. Aiden was meanwhile preparing a home-assignment, after having breakfast ‘I’d leave for my job after 40-45 minutes’ Aiden thought. KNOCK! KNOCK! He heard a knock on the door, he was surprised as there weren’t too many visitors for him. He went to the door and peeped through the peep-hole. He saw Axel, who was panting. He opened the door, and let Axel in. ‘Your friend… Matt… He is found unconscious in the storage room. I just called 911,’ said Axel. ‘Wait… This can’t be, Matt already left for his job’ replied confused Aiden. ‘I don’t know what happened! You can come downstairs and see it for yourself!’ said Axel and stomped down the stairs. Aiden picked up his wallet and car-keys and rushed downstairs. He could hear the distant sirens of Ambulances, not getting closer. He was shocked to see Matt, thinking if he is even alive or not! ‘The Ambulance is here!’ shouted Axel and opened the Apartment’s main gates, the PARAMEDICS picked up and kept Matt’s body on the stretcher and took him in the ambulance. They took him to the hospital. Aiden sat in his car and drove off behind the ambulance to the hospital. They reached the hospital in 10 minutes. Matt was taken to an emergency ward, while Aiden was sitting in the waiting area. They examined and treated Matt for 25 minutes and then, Dr. Oliver walked out of the ward and said ‘His condition is not really normal, because when he came into senses 6 minutes ago, he coughed out some black ooze.’ ‘Black ooze! But, How?!’ asked Aiden. ‘We don’t know, but we extracted the poison from his body, he will be good to go in 5 minutes’ said Dr. Oliver, ‘Thanks!’ replied Aiden. He waited 5 more minutes and then saw Matt walking out of the ward apparently healthy. ‘What happened back then?’ asked Aiden in curiosity. Matt looked at Aiden in fear and said ‘I saw this woman…’ said Matt, but was interrupted by Aiden ‘Were her legs not normal?’ ‘How’d you know? Yes, they were odd. She was leaving a trail of black ooze behind her’ said Matt. ‘That’s the same woman who haunts me’ said Aiden. ‘I think that our Apartment or even the whole building is haunted’ said Matt in fright. Both were now terrified. They drove back home. Matt rested in his bed and Aiden left for his job. Matt opened his laptop and started writing an email to the manager of his software company.

Dear Walter,

I couldn’t attend my job today due to my health problems. I fell unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I’ll make sure that I will create the website of Ms. Charlotte from home through my laptop and send it to you when it’s ready. I’ll be attending my job from tomorrow.


Employee of Gizmo inc.

He sent the email and closed his laptop again. THUD! ‘What sound was that?’ said Matt. He wore his slippers and walked towards the kitchen. There, he saw the Dustbin had fallen down and all the trash was on the floor. He hit his hand on his head and took out a broom stick to clean up. He noticed something while cleaning, among all the other trash was a locket with a pentagram. Yes! This is the same locket that Aiden found and threw in the trash. Matt picked it up and washed it. When he finished cleaning up, he examined the strange locket. He could feel something was off about it. He felt a strong headache, he was really stressed. That’s my locket Matt heard a whisper. He was in a lot of pain and was confused, so after hearing the whisper he threw the locket back in the trash. His pain ended all of a sudden, but he didn’t know that more pain was awaiting him.

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