The Haunting Daunt

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Chapter 5: The Demon

After being relieved from the headache, Matt collapsed on his bed, he took a small nap and then again opened his laptop to create a website for one of his clients. He worked for a while and then saved the project as a draft. He then closed his laptop and started thinking of the unusual events that happened with them in this house. He tried to give a rational explanation to at least one of the incidents, but failed. After sometime Aiden came back from his job, he was tired after all the smell of onions and garlic, so he took a bath again to be fresh. He jumped into the shower after a hectic day. While he was shampooing his hair, he noticed a glitchy dark figure standing in the bathroom. He couldn’t see what or who it was, as to the shower curtains. He could see the figure making no movement and standing still. He was fearful thinking of who it would be. He carefully turned off the shower, changed his clothes and came out of the shower. There was… NOTHING! He was sure that he saw someone standing still in the bathroom. He quickly came out of the bathroom. He was really scared by what just happened. On the other hand, Matt was still in his room, he opened his laptop once again to complete the PROJECT, he kept doing some work for a while until he completed it. He then sent it to Walter (The manager of Gizmo inc.), Matt was now randomly checking on scrolling down his feed on YouTube and came across a video, titled: The Building of the Family Spirits: Backstory, Matt was sort interested in these type of Horror stories or Real Haunted houses, but didn’t have so much time to watch videos about such haunted houses, so in hope of passing some time, Matt clicked on the video. The video showed a reportedly haunted building, the narrator was randomly talking about the history of the building ‘The building is one of the most haunted buildings in its country, although the whole building is haunted, but specifically there is an apartment in this building which is the home of all the spirits, This apartment has had two families to live in it, the 1st one left soon as they had found a better place in another town or city, while the mysterious partis that no one knows what happened to the 2nd family, people say that the 2nd family dies of tragic causes, but local residents believe that the family did black magic and were corrupted by the immense control on demons, they were so ravenous for the power of evil that ended up killing themselves and now the spirits of the whole family roam not only that apartment, but the whole building, since then No tennant has shifted into that apartment for years, but the owner of that apartment claims to have rented it out to somebody. After all this, who would believe that people are still living in that building? If you still didn’t get scared, then I think that the pictures of this building I am about to show you will totally freak you out’ The video then displayed a series of pictures of the building, Matt looked carefully at the pictures and when the 1st picture showed up, Matt’s blood ran cold! He was now looking at the picture of Brown Sea Apts.! Matt was extremely frightened, The next picture was of the elevator, which was also the same as their building. The next picture was enough to scare even his soul. Yes! The next picture was of the door of Matt’s and Aiden’s apartment. Matt zoomed in the picture and could clearly see the apartment number written on the door ‘Apartment no. 666’. Matt freaked out! He ran to Aiden’s room along with his laptop. Aiden was chatting with his Grandfather, who was living in Hamburg, Germany. When Aiden saw the look on Matt’s face, he asked ‘What happened?!’ ‘I was right! It’s now confirmed’ replied Matt. ‘What’s confirmed? I can’t understand anything,’ said Aiden. ‘This building is haunted!’ exclaimed Matt. ‘What!? How are you so sure?’ asked Aiden. ‘This… This video. It shows our building’s pictures and not only that, but also our Apartment’s pictures. The narrator is saying that this building is one of the haunted buildings in the country!’ explained Matt. ‘Show it to me!’ said Aiden. He watched the video for himself and was horrified. They were both scared. All of a sudden, the power went out. Aiden was confused, because normally there was no power outage in this area. Then, Matt saw something. ‘What’s that?’ asked Matt while pointing to the corner of the room. Aiden looked there and saw a woman standing there, she was breathing heavily. Matt and Aiden both jumped on the bed, scared! To their horror, the woman crouched down on all her fours and walked slowly toward them. SHe was getting closer and Aiden was now getting really scared and he was about to pass out. Both of them shouted and bolted out of the room closing the room’s door on their back. Then they heard some knocking on their door, Aiden was too scared to even talk, so Matt rushed towards the door to open it. When he opened the door, He saw Ms. Analise standing and behind her was Harold. When Aiden saw Ms. Analise, he ran towards her and Harold and shouted ‘This house is haunted!’ Ms. Analise’s eyes widened, ‘So, you know!’ she said. Herald was sweating uncontrollably, ‘I am really sorry, but I was paid a lot for renting out this apartment, so I had to. I knew that it was haunted,’ exclaimed Herald. Matt got angry and said ‘We are leaving this apartment right now’. ‘No! It’s not that easy’ said Ms. Analise who felt sad for the boys. She continued ‘I needed to rent out this apartment, as if this apartment didn’t get rented out, it would be owned by the government under the title of A HAUNTED HOUSE, so If that happened I would’ve lost a lot of money, because apart from this apartment, I own other apartments in this building too and after all of them gone, I would have to suffer a lot, so I appointed Harold who was a professional Real Estate Agent, I made him sure that if he would rent this apartment out I would give him so much money’ ‘I don’t care what you say, we’re just leaving this place!’ shouted Matt. ‘No! You can’t! The demonic power here grows every time it haunts a resident and feeds on their fear and now, it has found you as it’s perfect prey. Once it’s attached to you it’s really hard to get rid of it!’ Said Ms. Analise while crying. Matt and Aiden were really shocked, surprised and Horrified. ‘Look! I believe you!, but you said that it’s hard not impossible to get rid of it, so What’s the hardest way?’ asked Aiden. ‘Have you ever encountered a pentagram locket in this apartment?’ asked Ms. Analise. ‘... Oh My God! Yes! I saw a pentagram locket the day before yesterday, but I threw it away,’ said Aiden. ‘Me too! I saw it today, but I tossed it in the trash can just like Aiden did, I also felt a headache after holding it!’ said Matt. ‘Yes! That’s right! Give me that locket’ ordered Ms. Analise. ‘But, it’s in the trash can!’ said Matt. ‘I’ll get it!’ Ms. Analise got up and dug into the trash can, she found the locket, she threw the trash back in the bin, washed her hands and kept the locket in Aiden’s hand. ’You need to bury this locket in a far away grassland and after burying it, you need to pour salt water on that BURIAL place, then you need to come back in this apartment and chant the words Show me the light or Leave me in darkness, this way, the demon will show either one of you the light and it will leave the other one in darkness means possess the other one!’ Matt and Aiden were shocked, but clearly understood what she was trying to say, she was trying to say that One will be given the chance to live and One will die!

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