The Haunting Daunt

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Chapter 6: Demonic Departure

They were waiting for what Ms. Analise would say further. But, then Aiden spoke up ‘But… How’s that possible? Neither of us would be ready to die! Nonsense!’ ‘Well! I am really really sorry! But, this is the only way,’ said Ms. Analise. She had realised her mistake and was trying to apologize. ‘Can’t anyone else give their life?’ asked Harold to Ms. Analise. ‘No!’ she said. ‘Can’t we like… just leave this apartment as simple as it is?’ asked Aiden. ‘It’s possible, but a hard way, because if the demon finds out that you’ve left, it will come for you and then, it will kill any of you… The One it likes the most!’ explained Ms. Analise. ‘Well! We can handle an unknown death than a more known one! We’ll just simply shift out of this apartment’ said Matt. Ms. Analise was a little skeptical about the idea. ‘As soon as you leave this place, me and Harold will give over this apartment to the government, because I can risk money, but can’t take someone’s death’s blame upon myself!’ she said. ‘Good! So… we will leave this apartment today! I can stay in a cheap hotel,’ said Aiden. ‘And maybe I can stay at my aunt’s house,’ said Matt. ‘Ok! But… be careful!The demon is really strong. It has fed on your fear enough to kill at least one of you!’ Ms. Analise said. Matt and Aiden started packing their stuff. Ms. Analise and Harold were waiting for them to leave in the lounge. Aiden came back into the lounge and said ‘Oh! Sorry!, here’s your PENTAGRAM Locket!’ ‘Thanks! I will discard it’ Ms. Analise. Harold was still regretting having to risk his life, just for a bit of money. Aiden had packed his stuff, while Matt was still packing his. It was around 4:00pm, when Matt and Aiden came to Ms. Analise and Harold in the lounge and said ‘We’ve packed and are now leaving’. They gave the apartment keys to Ms. Analise and left. Aiden was going in a taxi and Matt was going in his car. When Aiden was leaving the building, he took a glance back at the building and he could see a dark figure standing in his (former) bedroom window. Aiden thought that that FIGURE was looking at him, but then he saw that the figure’s back was on the window side, not the face. Aiden could still feel chills run down his spine thinking of what had happened to him and Matt in this house. Aiden sat in his taxi and started his journey to Mille Dollari Hotel. Apart from the name, this was a cheap hotel and even gave free food. For Aiden or maybe for any living person A HAUNTED APARTMENT WITH DEMONS is worse than a cheap bad (free) service hotel. ‘You look familiar’ said the taxi driver. In fact, Aiden immediately recognized the voice of the taxi driver and said ‘Yes! You are the same taxi driver who brought me and my friend to this building’ ‘Oh Yeah! My name is Noah. But… Why are you leaving this apartment?’ said the taxi driver (Now: Noah). ‘Because this building was very bad and the truth is that it’s…’ said Aiden, but was interrupted by Noah ‘Cursed!’ ‘How’d you know?’ asked Aiden in curiosity. ‘That time remember! When I was leaving you both to this building I said that this building is.. And then I stopped. I was about to say that this building is cursed and haunted, because my father used to live here in his young age with his parents. They lived in Apartment no. 667, They could hear creepy noises from their neighboring apartment, APARTMENT NO. 666, so one day when my Grandpa went to investigate what was happening in that apartment, a strange humanoid creature launched at him and killed him. My dad is really old now, but he still says that the creature was a demon!’ Noah explained the whole story. ‘OMG! That’s the same thing that happened with me and my friend Matt. Strange occurrences happened with us in the building, the only way to get rid of it was for one of us to die, so we decided to leave this building and live in different places and our apartment no. was 666!’ said Aiden, which shocked Noah. ‘It will kill at least one of you! Heed my warning! Stay safe. Remember! That, it can’t kill you directly. It will come in a different humanoid form, probably in the shape of a person you know’ Noah warned. ‘But, How will I know if it’s the demon or a real person?’ asked Aiden. ‘The only way to recognize it is that It will be very very less talkative, because If it speaks it will uncover it’s deep dark voice and reality’ said Noah. ‘Thanks for the advice! If you would’ve told us all this at that time and if we would’ve believed you, then I and Matt wouldn’t be suffering from this horror of knowing that we’ll die soon’ said Aiden and got really sad. They didn’t talk the rest of the way. They finally reached the Hotel. Aiden was feeling like some burden of horror was lifted from over him. He entered the hotel and bought a room. He took all his luggage in the room. He first washed his face and got fresh, then he slept. From all the tension and suffering, Aiden was really exhausted. On the other hand, Matt had reached his aunt’s house and was also stressed, but still he explained everything to his aunt. Aunt Elisa said ‘What happened, Matt? Why did you come here with all your luggage’ ‘The apartment we (me and Aiden) lived in was haunted, so extremely haunted that we had to leave and you know what? The demon is still after us! And he wants one of us!’ he explained to his aunt. ‘That’s horrific!’. ‘Hopefully! You will be safe, My house is really holy, you’ll be safe here’ She said. Fear was engraved in the hearts of Aiden, Ms. Analise, Harold and Matt. Will one of them die? If yes! Then who will it be?

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