The Haunting Daunt

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Chapter 7: Painful Past

The next day, Aiden woke up, took a bath and got ready for his job. He decided to eat breakfast on his way from a restaurant. He was feeling really calm, although he still had the fear of meeting a demon, but he was still relieved that he was no longer in that apartment. He went down to the lobby of the hotel and called a taxi. He first went to Toothsome Morning Munch to have breakfast. He entered the restaurant, sat on a table and called the waiter. ‘What would you like, Sir?’ asked the waiter. ‘Uh! Can you please bring a cup of coffee and a couple of French toasts, please make it quick!’ replied Aiden. ‘Ok! Sir’ said the waiter and went into the kitchen to bring the order. ‘Hey! It’s you. Aren’t you Aiden?’ said a deep voice from behind Aiden. Aiden was all of a sudden scared, he thought that it was the voice of the demon. ‘The demon won’t reveal his voice’ thought he. So, he looked behind and saw Mr. Earl. ‘Oh! It’s you. Good morning Mr. Earl’ said Aiden. He was the landlord of their old apartment. ‘Where are you going?’ asked Mr. Earl. ‘I was going for my job, so I decided to stop by and have breakfast. I don’t like the breakfast of the hotel I’m staying in!’ said Aiden. ‘Hotel!? You were living in an apartment with your friend Matt, right?’ asked Mr. Earl who was confused. ‘Mmm… that apartment turned out to be haunted, so we had to leave it. Many horrific things happened to us and now, the thing we are the most scared of is that the demon is still after us. He will surely kill one of us’ exclaimed Aiden expressing the fear that he had. ‘That’s unbelievably Sad and Terrible! I am feeling really sorry for you boys!’ said Mr. Earl and left. ‘Sir your coffee and French toasts are here’ said the waiter. ‘Oh yes! Thanks! Here you go, the money!’ said Aiden. He ate his breakfast and left for his job in a taxi. ‘I just would have also done breakfast in my own restaurant’ thought Aiden. He reached his restaurant and worked for an hour or two and then came back to his room in the hotel. He was not too tired today, because he had completed all his sleep last night, so he opened up his laptop and searched about the history of Brown Sea Apts. He caught some articles and even found pictures of newspapers which were many years old. He found one newspaper picture riveting. He opened it up and read it carefully. It read:

A lady killed her family in Brown Sea Apts. near the newly built Garamond university, claiming that she is a demon and also threatens everyone who enters her apartment! According to police reports, she had been performing black magic in her apartment no. 666 and according to voice evidence of the woman gathered by police she has summoned a ferocious demon who feeds on fear and demands the lives of those who have lived in his resting place. Priests have done countless exorcisms on the woman, but nothing seems to work. She has even threatened other people that if they come into her apartment, she would kill herself! ---- reported by PO Carl Butter on June 30th, 1975.

Aiden was shocked by what was mentioned in the report. He couldn’t believe that Ms. Analise and Harold could rent out such a haunted apartment with such a dark history. Aiden opened WhatsApp and texted to Matt ‘If we would’ve lived a little longer in that place, this piece of information suggests that we would’ve been dead’ and then he sent the screenshot of that newspaper, because it wasn’t downloadable. Matt had just returned from his job and was washing his face, when he heard the notification sound on his mobile phone. He came out of the bathroom and checked out whose message it was. He opened Aiden’s chat room and read his message, then he saw the newspaper picture. It was too unsettling for him, so he texted back ‘Is all of this detail true? I can’t believe it!’

Aiden replied ‘I know right! It is so horrific and this news report is by Police Officer (PO) Carl Butter in 1975’. Matt read the reply of Aiden and continued ‘Oh! Yeah, this is so old and after all this time, the demon would be so hungry, that he fed on our fear so much that it made it extra strong and hungry for blood’. Aiden read Matt’s message and texted ’Hmmm 😔’. Aiden kept his mobile and started thinking of the strange and outright horror experiences that they had in this apartment. From a strange woman in sleep paralysis to a pentagram locket which gives headaches, this apartment gave them nothing but horror. Aiden was thinking of the previous events and remembered the pentagram locket. He dialed the phone number of Ms. Analise. ‘Hello! Ms. Analise, I was thinking of the horrific events that happened with me in that apartment and then I suddenly remembered the locket. What did you do with the locket?’ Aiden asked. ’First of all I am really sorry! I am suffering from depression by thinking that I will be responsible for someone’s death. I know it’s not possible for you and Matt to forgive me! On the topic of the locket, I will take it to Green Grumblers Grasslands and bury it there, then I…’ She said and then stopped. ‘Oh! Ok Ms Analise, I hope you bury it successfully! Thanks! Bye!’ said Aiden and then he hung up the call. Ms. Analise was suffering from severe depression and Capiophobia. She was scared that she would get arrested for her mistake. Harold was also very fearful, he was continuously thinking about the loss of money he will suffer if he gets arrested by police for knowingly renting out an apartment that’s haunted and dangerous for its residents. Matt was suffering from Daemonophobia and Aiden had the same problem, as he had no parents. His parents died years ago, so he lived with his uncle in a different city. His uncle was really cruel and didn’t educate Aiden. One day, Aiden left his uncle’s house and ran away. He reached the city center, where a man who listened to Aiden’s sad origin, helped him reach the neighboring city. There, Aiden met a boy the same age as Aiden. Aiden and that boy became best friends and helped each other. They lived in an orphanage for years and were educated by a man who donated money to the orphanage. When they both grew old, they left the orphanage and lived in an apartment, which they afforded by doing a part-time job. That boy was Matt! But, now this homicidal demon broke their friendship and separated them. Aiden remembered his past and got really sad. He then went to his university. There, he met Matt, Aiden was really happy to see him. They talked a lot, after the classes, they talked for a while in the cafeteria and then went back, Aiden to his hotel and Matt to his aunt’s house.

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