The Haunting Daunt

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Chapter 8: The Curse lift-off

Aiden woke up today to an odd feeling. He could feel like something just left him. He could feel like he was living the same life he had before this apartment and all this horror and terror. He just had a different feeling. He had woken up early, so he got up, took a bath and then checked for new messages on his mobile. There were no new messages. Then, he got a call from Harold. ‘That’s odd, why did he call me? Now, we are no longer linked to that apartment,’ Aiden thought. He picked up the call and could only hear the heavy and fast breathing of Harold. ‘Hello! Harold, what happened?’ asked Aiden. ‘Uh! Ah! Aiden!... Ms. Analise… She is DEAD! She killed herself in the apartment that you were living in’ exclaimed Harold. Aiden immediately got shocked by the sudden news. ‘But, I just talked to her yesterday!’ said Aiden. ‘I don’t know what happened. The police are here, they are investigating the scene!’ cried out Harold. Aiden hung up the call and called Matt. Matt was talking to his aunt, when he saw his phone ringing, so he picked up the call. ‘Hey! Aiden, What’s up?’ asked Matt in a carefree manner. ‘Matt! Ms. Analise is found dead in our (former) apartment!’ said Aiden. ‘What?!, but…’ said Matt who was speechless. ‘I am going to the apartment! Bye!’ said Aiden and hung up. Aiden immediately called a taxi and went over to Brown Sea Apts. When Aiden reached there, all he could see were Police cars and all he could hear were sirens. Aiden rushed to the lobby of the building, there he could see a dead body covered in white cloth lying on a stretcher, which was being dragged to the ambulance by Axel and the AMBULANCE PEOPLE. Aiden walked to the dead body and could see Ms. Analise’s white hair hanging out of the white cover. ‘She killed herself!’ said Axel. Aiden ran into the elevator and reached the 3rd floor. He darted towards the door of Apartment no. 666. He looked at the doorknob, which was covered with BLOOD. He entered to see Harold standing beside a puddle of blood. ‘The DEMON took her blood and now it has left this place’ said Harold. ‘What!?’ asked Aiden who was confused by what Harold said. ‘Here you go! The Police found this note on Ms. Analise’s dead body. It’s for you and Matt’ said Harold. Aiden took the paper note which was titled For Matt and Aiden. He unfolded it and read:

I am sorry! For what I did. I buried the pentagram locket in an unknown field on Green Grumbler Grasslands, I couldn’t live with the burden of a Murder on my head, so I decided to kill myself. This way, I wouldn’t have to blame myself for a murder and this will also rest the demon. I sacrificed my blood to fulfil the demon’s hunger. All I want now is FORGIVENESS! ------ Ms. Analise

Aiden’s eyes filled with tears after reading the note. He was really sad, but also grateful for being saved from death. Then, Matt came into the apartment, he was appalled by what he just saw. He ran toward Aiden and said ‘Oh My God! This is horrible, why did she kill herself!?’ ‘Read this note!’ said Aiden while handing it out to Matt. When he read it, he also got extremely sad. He looked over at Harold who was also crying not because of the death of Ms. Analise, but because of the reason that he will be arrested by the police. ‘We forgive you and Ms. Analise!’ said Aiden to Harold. ‘Thanks! A lot,’ said Harold got cheered up. ‘I still can’t believe that she sacrificed herself to save us!’ said Matt. Then, a really old Police officer walked into the apartment. ‘So, the demon is resting now! Huh, boys?’ said the police officer. ‘How do you know about the demon?’ asked Aiden. ‘Hahaha! I am a Senior Police officer - Carl Butter!’ replied Mr. Carl. ‘Oh! You… You are Mr. Carl… the PO who reported that incident in 1975 about the possessed woman, right?’ asked Aiden. ‘Yes! I am! You might be the lucky ones to get saved!’ Mr. Carl said. ‘Oh yes! Ms. Analise saved us from the blood-thirsty demon,’ replied Aiden. Mr. Carl felt sad for a little while, then he laughed and left. Aiden and Matt went back, Aiden was with Matt in his car and they both were going to Aunt Elisa's house. They were too sad to talk the whole way. ‘So, boys! What happened?’ asked Aunt Elisa. ‘Our apartment landlord died and she sacrificed her life for us, now the demon is no longer after us’ explained Matt. ‘Oh! Thank God! My little boy is safe! I knew that something was off with that apartment!’ said Aunt Elisa. ‘Hey! Why don’t you BOTH stay here, there is a room in the attic!, it’s really clean and peaceful,’ she continued. ‘Oh! Thank you so much Aunt Elisa! You might be the best aunt Matt has, because my uncle wasn’t that good to me’ said Aiden. ‘Well! Dear, I am not the real aunt of Matt, I found him one day, when he was playing in the orphanage, I wanted to adopt him, but he didn’t want to leave the orphanage, so I decided that when he will grow up, then I will adopt him as an aunt’ explained Aunt Elisa. ‘And then, she turned out to be so nice!’ said Matt hugging his aunt. Aiden was feeling lonely that he had no-one, not even a person who would adopt him as an uncle or aunt, but he forgot about it and went to the hotel in a taxi to get his stuff to Aunt Elisa's house. He was gathering all of his stuff, when he found something in his stuff, it was a picture of his long gone parents, Aiden got sad, but then recovered. He went back to Aunt Elisa in the taxi. Aiden then went to his job. He apologized to the senior chef for late arrival. He did his job, this time he was calmly working without any tension or stress. He went back to Aunt Elisa’s home (Now also his home). He went in there and checked out his new Attic room. He was pleased by how clean it was! Aiden and Matt were still thinking of that apartment, Aiden was feeling really sorry for Ms. Analise. Aiden opened his mobile to check out the latest news. He was scrolling down his feed on Facebook, when he found a video with so many views and people’s comments on that video were FEELING SAD. Aiden got curious and clicked on the video. The video surprised him. What was the video? Why did it surprise Aiden? Read the next chapter to find out!

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