The Haunting Daunt

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Chapter 9: The End!

Aiden found a video on Facebook, he clicked on it and was surprised by what it was. The video showed a normal day in Green Grumblers Grassland, but then in the video a sudden blast happened on the grassland and everything was set on fire, Aiden could see people running around here and there. Many people were burned in the fire. Aiden saw that the video was going LIVE. Aiden was really horrified by the site of fire and people burning in it. Then, the man making the video started shouting and his mobile fell down and then the live stream ended. Aiden got really scared, he went on the comments section and saw that people were feeling really sad for it. Aiden ran downstairs to Matt’s room and showed him the video, but Matt was also watching the same video. ‘Wait… Do you remember?’ asked Aiden. ‘Remember what?’ replied Matt. ‘Ms. Analise buried the Pentagram locket in that place!!!’ shouted Aiden. Matt’s blood ran cold, Aiden quickly turned on the TV and watched the news channel. From every news channel, they were only showing clips of the fire, then the reporter said ‘The fire-brigade has successfully extinguished the flames, but the police are still in search of any burnt dead bodies or any living person who survived’. Aiden was grateful when he heard that the flames are under control now. They kept watching the news, when after sometime, the reporter started asking a police officer some questions about the accident. ‘Has the police been able to identify the cause of the blast?’ asked the reporter. ‘No! Not yet, but we are still looking for clues’ replied the PO. ‘Have you found any living survivors?’ asked the reporter. ‘No! No survivors have been found yet!, but we hope that some people might have survived’ said the PO. ‘Ok! Sir, can you also tell if you’ve found any suspicious object in the field, which could be presented as a clue?’ the reporter continued. ‘Nothing special! We have only been able to find some valuable jewelry and if you are asking about suspicious things, then we have only found a PENTAGRAM LOCKET. It is in such good condition, that I am surprised how it could’ve survived such a huge burning fire!, so this locket is a bit suspicious. Some residents of nearby areas have reported that this locket was involved in paranormal activities, but we believe in strong proof not loose words of mouth!’ said the Police officer. When Aiden heard the name of the pentagram locket, he was so shocked. ‘Matt, that locket was cursed. Look! How could it have survived!?’ said Aiden. ‘Yes! And I think that the demon was so angry when he found out that it’s locket was buried, it decided to burn the whole place down!’ said Matt. Aiden was really worried. ‘Boys! Lunch is ready, quickly come and eat, then you also have to go to the university!’ shouted Aunt Elisa from the kitchen. Aiden closed the TV and both of them went to the kitchen to eat lunch. ‘Hey! Did you hear about the accident blast that happened in Green Grumblers Grassland!?’ asked Aunt Elisa. ‘Yes! Aunt, it’s really horrible! It burnt down the whole place!’ replied Matt. ‘Oh! But, my delicious homemade Drop biscuits and Sausage gravy will enlighten your mood, Now come on!’ said Aunt Elisa. Aiden laughed and took his plate. ‘Aunt this is yummier than anything I’ve ever eaten!’ said Aiden. Aunt Elisa and Matt laughed. They ate the whole lunch and then Matt and Aiden went to their university. They were taking their last class of the day “Physics”, when the class ended, Matt and Aiden sat in the cafeteria and talked for a while. ‘Hey! I have noticed that I haven’t been suffering from sleep paralysis lately’ said Aiden. ‘Yeah! I noticed it too. That’s great!’ said Matt. ‘Thank God! All this horror is over now. I didn’t believe in all of these ghost things before, but now, everything that happened with us forced me to believe. I will never be able to forget this horrible part of my life!’ said Aiden. ‘Yeah! Me too. I thought that ghosts are just made up stories, but now I saw one myself!’ replied Matt. They both drank a cup of coffee and then went home. They were in their car, when Aiden said ‘I thought that only houses were haunted, but I didn’t know Apartments weren’t safe too’. They reached home and then ate dinner. ‘How was your day today?’ asked Aunt Elisa to Matt. ‘It was good, today was our last class of this semester, now our exams will start from next week’ said Matt. They ate dinner and then, Aiden went to his room in the attic. He was thinking of the curse and Ms. Analise’s death. Aiden felt so relieved. Aiden decided that he would quit his job from tomorrow, because he has to prepare for his exams.

...4 years later...

Aiden was now a Demolition Project manager and an Architect in a big engineering company “Forger”. He was so successful in pursuing his career. On the other hand, Matt had become a civil engineer, and was now living in Singapore. Aiden had such a busy life. One day, Aiden got an email from the senior Project manager of his company. It read:

Mr. Aiden,

Being the Project manager, I’ve realized that the street near the famous Garamond university is a little too empty, so I’ve bought a building in that street. All you need to do is manage the demolition of that building and design an elegant Mall. The civil engineers will build the Mall.


Project Manager - Mr. Lucas

Aiden was happy to be handed down a new project. The next day, he went to the street near Garamond university and reached the building that he had to demolish and redesign. He got out of his car and took a look at the building. Aiden was shocked, all the previous events came running into his mind, when he realized that the building he had to demolish was Brown Sea Apts.

The End!

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