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The Monster Under Your Bed

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What is in Luke's house? And what does it want with him?

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The Monster Under Your Bed

“Home sweet home!” Luke sat down on his couch. Luke loved home more than ever. He wished he could just stay home all day and never have to work. He loved sitting on the couch watching TV and eating his favorite chips.

Luke was currently watching a live police show. In the show, the police were currently in a car chase. “Yeah! Get ’em!” Luke loved the car chases. Luke used to have a brother, but he was killed. Nobody knows how to this day. He went to sleep one day, the next day they found him on his bed dead and covered in deep scratch marks.

The police in the show rammed into the criminal’s car and arrested them. “WOOH! That’s how it’s done!” Luke loved when the cops rammed into the cars.

Luke worked in an office for Jay’s Steel Fabrication. It made him enough money for food and to pay the bills. The police in the show found illegal drugs in the criminal’s car. “You’re going to jail for going over the speed limit, running a red light, running from the police, and possession of illegal drugs,” the officer said.

The show then ended, it was late and Luke had to go to bed. He went upstairs to his bedroom, tomorrow was a day off for Luke, he could stay home. Luke tucked himself in and turned off his lamp and went to sleep.

Something started scratching the window. Luke’s eyes shot wide open. He turned on his lamp and sat up. The scratching started again. It was raining and windy outside. Luke looked at the time; it was 11:00 PM. Luke quickly looked out his window. The tree was scrubbing against the window. Luke sighed and went back to bed.

The sun was shining into Luke’s room, and he woke up. The time was 10:00 AM. Luke went downstairs and into the kitchen for breakfast. He made a breakfast sandwich and went to watch TV.

When the cop show wasn’t on, Luke would watch baseball, and if that wasn’t on, he would watch some other show. Golf was on, so Luke watched it. The current player got a hole-in-one.

Luke got up and turned on his gaming console. He started to play call of duty. He was playing the campaign mode. In the game, they were doing a house assault. Luke had failed the missions many times, but today, he was going to win it.

In the mission, he couldn’t shoot the good guys, if he did, he would have to restart the entire mission, he would also have to restart the entire mission if he got killed, with no checkpoints.

The trick was to only shoot the people that would run or try to grab something. In the game, he was currently in a workshop. The person put up his hands and said “I’m innocent! Don’t hurt me!” Then they ran and grabbed something behind them. Luke quickly shot them.

After 15 minutes, Luke finally completed the mission. “YES, I DID IT!” Luke had been stuck on that mission for days. Luke turned the console off and put on the cop show and grabbed his favorite chips.

The cops in the show were chasing somebody on foot who tried stabbing somebody. “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!” the police arrested the man. “You are under arrest for running from the police and attempted murder,” the officer said. The show then ended.

Luke went to make lunch and watch baseball. The player on baseball got a home run. The person won the game. Luke also loved to watch horse racing. He switched to a horse racing channel.

The horses were dashing through the race track. The number 5 horse won the race. Luke watched lots of TV for the rest of the day.

Luke went to bed at 8:00 PM. Creak. Luke bolted up. He tried to turn on his lamp, but it wouldn’t. It was raining and windy again. Luke looked at the time on his phone; it was 1:00 AM. He grabbed a flashlight on his end table and turned it on.

Luke’s heart was racing. Should I look under the bed? Luke thought. He quickly shined his light under his bed, nothing was there. He thought his mind was playing games with him, so he closed his eyes again.

Tap Tap Tap. Luke got out of bed, with his flashlight in his hand. His hands were shaking, his breaths were heavy. Luke’s flashlight went out and he jumped.

“I have some batteries in the hall closet” Luke whispered to himself.

The hallway was pitch black. Darkness surrounded Luke. The closet was not far from his bedroom. Luke opened the cabinet, grabbed batteries, put them in his flashlight, and closed the closet.

Luke turned his flashlight on and saw a shadow quickly move in his direction. He quickly darted into his room to his closet. It was cramped in the closet. Something walked into the room.

It was too dark to make out. It was making a growling noise that sent shivers down Luke’s spine. The beast turned its head towards the closet. Its red eyes staring straight at Luke.

The beast ran toward the closet. Luke crawled behind a box. The beast opened the closet door. Luke could make out its features. Its chest was black, as well as its arms and legs, its head was gray. It had huge claws and teeth. The beast was massive.

The beast left the closet and closed the door. Luke made a silent sigh of relief. He then heard it go down the stairs. He got up and left the closet, not making a sound. He went into the hallway. Luke had to go to the basement to see if the power was somehow turned off or not.

There was complete silence at the stairway. Should I even check the power? I should just run out of the house and go to the police station! Luke silently went down the steps, not daring to make a creak.

Luke silently ran to the door. Where was the doorknob? It was gone! Luke ran toward the windows, they were gone too! All that was there was more wall! Luke was trapped in his own house!

Luke’s heart started beating extremely fast. All Luke could picture in his head was him getting killed by the monster! The beast came into the living room. Luke hid behind the couch.

For a moment the only thing that broke the silence was the sound of the rain hitting the wall. The beast looked behind the couch. Luke was gone. He snuck down into the basement. He tried turning on the lights, but they did not turn on.

It was dark and creepy in the basement. Luke saw a tiny figure move, and he jumped. He shone his light on it, it was just a rat. It was just a rat. Only a rat Luke. Pull yourself together.

Luke ran towards the power box, only to find out it was smashed. Luke could hear footsteps behind him. He quickly turned around. And there it was; the beast.

Luke quickly picked up a metal rod that was next to him and held it up in a defensive form. Luke swung it at the beast. It did nothing, only make Luke drop the rod.

The beast picked the rod up and ate it, easily chewing it. Luke was horrified. He was cornered with nowhere to go. The beast was right in front of him. The beast swung its arm at Luke and he screamed.

Luke woke up screaming. He was in his bed, in his house. It was a dream. Only a dream. Thank god it was only a dream. Luke did not have to go to work until later, so he decided to visit his brother’s grave.

When Luke arrived at the grave, something didn’t feel right. He walked up to the grave. Dread filled his body. There was a hole and his brother’s coffin was empty.

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