The mysterious case 0

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A young detective, Ben Halson, is investigating a case of a death girl who later "haunted" and "killed" her own family. It was a normal case as so he thought but the truth is more terrifying and painful than anyone could think of.

Horror / Mystery
Akane Kageyama
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Chapter 1: The case

I am a young private detective, who has just started his career for almost 1 year. I have never met up with such a strange case like case "0". I just investigated about small problems that police might not get their hands on business. Until that one special day, the sky was grey and dark, the street is not so crowded like always. I was distracted by a call from the police station. I would never knew it would change my entire life.
I picked up the call and heard a warm voice:
- Is this Mr. Halson's office?
- Yes, I'm Ben Halson, who is on the other line?_ I replied
- Good morning, Mr. Halson, I am officer John Catsher. We are calling you from the police station and we have very important things to inform you. Are you free this afternoon?_ He answered
- Yes, I am. When can I come over to the station?_ I wondered
- How does 3p.m sound to you?
- That would be fine, I will arrive on time.
- Thank you._ He ended the call
I was very surprised by that call. I would never thought the police would call me for any reason. I was a little scared: "Did I do something illegal? No, it can't be. Or is there a case that they need me to solve?"_I told myself. I looked out the window with questions coming all of my thoughts.
At 3p.m sharp, I arrived at the station and an officer welcomed me:
- You must be Ben Halson, I am officer John, who called you this morning, please come in.
- Thank you._ I walked in to his office
- Please have a seat._ He offered
- Ah yes_I sat down, opposite to him_ May I ask why did you call me for?
- About that... _He stood up and went to the desk, took out a file from the drawer and handed me_ We have some struggle with this case and we think how about handing you.
- Me?_I asked with a down tone_
- Yes, you are a very famous and reliable detective despite your short term of working as one._He confirmed
- You are praising me a bit there._ I opened the file and read it carefully_ Very strange from my point of view...
- I'm glad that we have the same thought._He smiled_ But the important thing is that can you help us?
- I would need more time._ I answered_ I can't conclude anything until now.
- That's brilliant, thank you for your help.
After that, I walked home on the quiet street aand thought about the case, which almost made me trip over. It haunted my mind and never let me free out. I arrived home shortly after that. I instantly threw my jacket aside and got to work. I started to dive right into the case: "A girl named Anna Meridas died on 3rd of July in the Meridas's mansion". As I believe, this was where everything started.
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