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Chapter 2: The warnings

It will take me about 3 days to get to the Meridas's mansion, which is on the Endless cliff. I started packing my stuff and ready to go to bed. But I realized it was such a cold night in the end of summer, which made me have a shiver and a bit worried. It was 8p.m and the dark cloud covered the whole sky. I remembered the day I had to go through when I was small to survive the storm in my hometown. But last night, it made the atmosphere become so different.
I heard the wind, it was like tearing everything apart. The windows of my room seemed like it was about to be blown away. At that moment, I realized a strange thing. While the wind was blowing wild, the willow tree from across the street was standing still. "How odd"_I told myself.
I tried to go to sleep way earlier than usual. But I couldn't. Suddenly, a knock on the front door made me awoken. I walked downstairs and opened the door to see no one. I was kind of mad then I saw a letter on the door step. The wind had stopped, eventually. Held the letter on my hand, I walked back to my room, tired. I sat on my bed and opened the letters:
"Dear Ben Halson,
I'd like to inform you a few things before you start your journey. You're facing a great danger that you would never thought of. If you're determined about going on investigating this case, you have to remember three things in order to keep yourself alive. First of all, when you're on your way to the mansion, please not allow anyone to get on your vehicle. Secondly, when you arrive and stay in the mansion, do not answer any call. Finally, there will be a clue for you in the mansion, only if you believe and do whatever this letter said."
I was so surprised and wondered. Should I believe in this warning? Or should I not?...
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