Walking Into Madness

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Lonnie Heart feels nothing, but despair for her family's future when it seems that their growing debt grows more and more each coming day. One day, a shiny ray of hope comes her way in the form of an unusual new job at a faraway prison. But, things aren't as they seem and everything comes with a price.

Horror / Fantasy
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“ Your late.” The white haired boy said.

His voice sounded like a child trying to sound more like an adult. I couldn’t decide if I found it cute or disturbing at the moment.

“O-Oh I’m sorry. A lot happened today and its my first day here; talking to you and all. I should have said this sooner but my name is-”

“ I know who you are and I know why your here.” He said.

The boy’s voice held a weight that made me pause. I could feel a sudden chill in the air as my body started to tense up.

I kept a perfect façade of calm as I asked him,” You do? Well then, please enlighten me.”

Mr. White stared at me for a moment with those unique yellow eyes of his and slowly leaned forward over the table. “Your our new toy for us to break.”

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