The Cerise Cloak - An Erotic One Shot

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Red was the color I always avoided. Because we all knew about the wolves that hunted in the woods. And the biggest one of them all hated the color red. So I thought I was safe without it, but I wasn't ready for the creature that came calling at Gram's wanting information. And when I offered myself to save her, he was quick to take me up on it. But all I'm waiting for is a moment to escape...

Horror / Erotica
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A dark erotica One Shot in my Filthy Fairytales series.

He pushed the hood of his rich red cloak back, exposing red-brown hair which flowed back to his collar in thick straight strands. He was handsome, strong and confident. But something about him made me feel very small and vulnerable.

He unlaced his cloak and tossed it back onto Gram’s narrow bed. Revealing that his chest was bare beneath it. He wore only the brown breeches and boots. He kicked those off and headed for me. His hand moved purposefully to his side, and he drew a long silver blade from a sheath at his side.

His pace didn’t slow until he stood so close before me that I could feel his breath fanning my face. He caught my fists.

At first, I grimaced, thinking he was putting the blade to my neck but instead he gripped it over my fist and moved my hands down to my side.

I found myself flattening my palms against the wall behind me to keep from reaching up to stop him as he caught the neck of my shirt and pulled it from against the hollow of my throat and away from my skin. Putting the blade against it and pushing it down.

Severing the garment with barely a hissing sound.

He paused when it reached the bodice of my brown dress. He pushed slightly harder, and I gasped as I felt the blade angle. Making the tip caress between my breasts and trace along my skin. Not quite deep enough to cut, but certainly enough to scare me. He dragged it down to where my dress became too fitted along my belly, just as my skirts started.

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