Threats Hereafter Book 5: Images of the Cafe

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Hearing tell of a girl gone missing in a nearby town, Aiden can't help but draw similarities between her and his own situation, and with the world flooding with more cosmic madness and celestial horrors, Aiden is desperate to make quick progress. However, the town of Port Bregash is nothing like Aiden remembers. Is this simply due to his own situation, is it his own mind playing tricks on him, or has something yet to be known to human kind come to silently scream and begin its reign over humanity?

Horror / Adventure
Stuart Lancaster
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Resurection

The blanket was scarce defence against the cold sea air. Still, the sunlight through the misted up windows was welcome, the condensation not so much. The windows were drenched. August 30th, he knew the date straight away. For once, Aiden didn’t wake with a groan. His stiff joints felt well oiled, his body limber and relaxed, even the chilled damp air wasn’t uncomfortable considering he was completely nude beside this tartan ‘car blanket’ over him.

Maybe, on this particular morning, that was due to the warm, soft and comforting entity sharing his blanket, sleeping softly in the passenger seat. Dull blond hair draped over her pointed shoulder with smooth gently tanned skin glistening in the morning light, beneath the warmth of the blanket lay gentle ideal curves and a taught muscular ‘cheerleaders’ physique, still sleeping soundly in the lowered seat.

Aiden sat up, peering about the car. Everything seemed to be there, exactly where it was when he left it, and yet he couldn’t shake an odd feeling, as if this was the first time he had seen any of it.

This is my car…

He looked about it, he remembered every inch. He cast an eye in the back and saw the same contents that had always been there, exactly as he expected.

Where did I park?

He wiped the front window, moisture dripping over his hand. He saw the road stretching ahead before him, his car parked at the side just above the town, just above Port Bregash. He remembered arriving, parking here. He remembered…

He looked to his passenger seat, to the naked beauty sleeping there. He certainly remembered last night with a sly smile. Suddenly, as if a file had just opened in his head, he remembered her name, Rachel, he remembered his last few days in the town, his whole life here, well the summers at least. He remembered everything.


She didn’t respond, sleeping soundly. Aiden didn’t notice the lack of movement, the fact that her chest and ribs weren’t rising and falling with her breath, he heard her gentle snoring and that was enough.

“Hey, c’mon” he laughed.

He reached over to her, resting his hand on her shoulder. Her soft flesh felt a little cold but so did everything in this car.

“Hey” he smiled, a smile which dropped instantly as he rocked her gently.

She was stiff as he rocked her, solid. Her arms, legs and neck stayed frozen in position as he rolled her to face him.

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