The Untold Side.

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Youkai is a demon. Satan's daughter, actually. Her little sister, Yumai, can see ghosts. Unfortunately, Youkai doesn't have much time to live. She doesn't even know it! Will she find out.....before it's too late?

Horror / Fantasy
~Charlie Mange~
Age Rating:

Too close.

"Youkai! Come on! GET UP!!!" Yumai, my younger sister shouted. She began jumping on my bed. I groaned and rolled over.

"Stop, Yumai!" I growled. She huffed and jumped off the bed.

"Fine. I'll just go get mom." She bragged. Yumai is and always has been the stuck up, bratty, most ignorant person I have ever know in my LIFE. She gets on my nerves so bad, I just wish I could run her over with a bus.
Oh, right. I forgot to introduce myself. Hey there. I'm Youkai Kasai and I'm a demon. Yep. Full breed Demon that came straight from hell. Now, I wasn't always like this. Don't worry, you nosy sons a' bitches, I'll tell you the story of how I became this way.
Probably in the form of a book series or movies. Not quite sure about that yet. Well, uhm, without further ado, Ugh, so cheesy...
Let's just get into it...

Today is my 18th birthday. It was supposed to be filled with fun and joy. Key word: supposed. Yeah, it wasn't. That's putting it NICELY! I woke up with my hair a ratted mess. So ratted, I couldn't brushed it! As the day went on, one of my fangs kept stabbing my lip. Now it's swollen. Today just WASN'T MY DAY!!!!
"Youkai?" Yumai asked as she knocked on my bedroom door. I sighed.
"What, Yumai?"
"Are you okay?" She asked standing by the door. I sat up slowly.
"I'm..." I stopped myself. I wanted to say, 'Well, Yumai, I'M NOT OKAY!!!' I just...couldn't. "...Fine. I'm fine, Yumai..." She looked at me. Silence filled the space between us.
"Are you?" Yumai asked with a hint of sadness in her squeaky little voice. I looked at her and smiled reassuringly. Her eyes said, "Can I have a hug?". I opened my arms and she ran right in. I huffed. 'Why must my life suck so much?' I asked myself.

My answer was never recovered.

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