The House on Ambrose Street

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Chapter 17- In Total Darkness

I slipped and bounced down the stairs all the way to the bottom on my back. Moaning and bent over, I rolled to my knees on the floor a few feet from the staircase. I’d shot off of that like a frickin’ bomb had gone off behind me and I’d rode out the aftershock. Still complaining under my breath, I scrunched my eyes against the stinging and soreness that was definitely going to be a row of bruises tomorrow morning.

I must be having a meltdown. My brain must be shredded and now it’s actually ready to snap. It’s been overloaded for too long, and now my memories were flowing all over the place because there’s nothing keeping them contained. There was no wall in my head anymore.

So much for being good with strange.

And as if on cue, I felt myself lifting from the ground, like the gravity had been turned off. Panicking and completely forgetting about any pain or unsettling memories, I reached for where I thought the railing was behind me. I don’t think my fingertips even brushed it. I was rising higher and now, faster. My arms started to flail and flap, but that just flipped me onto my stomach.

I yelled into the open air.

I tried to clear my head. There was no need to be frantic. Maybe it was like how they flew in Peter Pan. Happy thoughts. All I needed was calm, serene thoughts in order to control where I was going. My face contorted as I fought with myself.

It wasn’t so bad, I guess. I’d hit the ceiling eventually, right? I looked around. I couldn’t see anything besides the lighted opening above me. I could crawl across the ceiling towards it and pull myself back onto the staircase. That would totally work. I could do it like Wolverine, if I had claws. But I didn’t have any claws.

My breath started to come in strangled bursts.

I had to chill. It’s okay. I would be fine. I just had to army-crawl it across the ceiling, then. Push off with my knees until I could grab the opening to the stairs and put my feet back onto something solid. But my floating body was slowly veering off, probably away from anything that I’d be able to get a hold of to pull me down once I was at the top. That’s exactly what I was hoping wouldn’t happen.

The panic won.

I was full-on struggling now, gasping and grunting and kicking against nothing but air. Suddenly, something whooshed around me and I was launched forward, like a hand had grabbed my shirt and yanked me towards it. I collided with the railing, toppling over it with a clang and a flurry of limbs, and landed on my back in the middle of the stairway.

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