The Haunted House

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We all have heard stories of ghost, clowns, some evil spirit and so on. It won’t be wrong to say we all love to read, listen, or watch scary stuffs. This story is about a boy and the haunted house. Is it scary?, hmm.., it depends on your imagination.

Horror / Children
Shaikh Zikra
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The Haunted House

Hello readers, my name is Oliver and I am going to tell you about my visit at the haunted house. It was a good weather we had packed our things and were ready to move to the new place. After an entire day of travelling we finally reached our destination. We quickly got out of the car and started taking our luggage to the house. It was a pretty and spacious house. My father said that he got the house at a very good deal as there were some rumours going on about the area. We didn’t care much about it as we had to shift there due to our father’s work. After taking some rest we started to clean and organize the house. My father and I started with the hall while my mother took care of the kitchen. After hours of working, we were finally able to organize the place.
It was my first day at the new school. I went to my class. My teacher introduced me to the students. After introduction was over I went and sat next to a boy. His name was Noah. We became good friends. One day we were just talking when he told me about the haunted house. The house which belonged to a family. It was a happy family when suddenly their daughter, the only girl they had got ill and died. After few months the mother died of heart attack. The father couldn’t bear the loss, he got mad and shot his two sons after which he killed himself. People who bought the house after them said that they heard weird noises like crying of a man, furniture such as table, chair moving on their own, pets staring, growling, or barking in empty places, shadows moving, etc. Some families suffered from diseases and some killed their own family members. The house was declared haunted, they said it was the ghost of the family who died in the house. They called the priest to get rid of whatever it was in the house. And from then it is locked. The priest died shortly after that. People who pass by the house say they heard screaming or whining of a man and some times of a women. People now try to stay away from the house.
Isn’t that scary? he asked.
Yes, it is, but I don’t believe in ghost.
You don’t believe in ghost? But they are real.
Let’s check if there is really a ghost in the house then. I said
I’ll never go near that place.
If you won’t come with me, I’ll go alone.
Fine I’ll come. he said
It was Sunday, we decided to visit the house as we had no school that day. I told my mother that I am going with Noah to the garden for a walk and would come home late. I lied. We went to the house, it was old and had plants grown all over it. We peeped through the window, there was nothing in there. We searched for a rock and threw it at the window, through which we entered in the house. It was dark and cold in the house, the furniture was covered in dust and spider web all over the wall.
Let’s get out of here Noah said
Yes we will, but first lets explore the place a bit.
We were looking around when we heard a noise, we headed towards the place from were the noise came, there was nothing. We went upstairs and entered a room. It had some old furniture and some looked antique as well, beside the bed was a table on which was a photo frame of a family.
Is this the same family you were talking about? I asked.
Yes, he replied
They looked happy. I thought
The room had a mirror near the window on the opposite side of the bed. I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself, when I saw something which appeared to be a shadow, behind me, I quickly turned but there was nothing behind I saw my self in the mirror again the shadow was there but there was no one behind. I ran out of the room.
Are you okay? Noah asked me.
Yes I am fine, lets get out of here.
We got out of the house and went back home. Everything was normal, when one day I was sleeping and I saw a little girl, she was facing towards the other side of the room her back facing towards me. Who are you? I asked. She didn’t replied and started walking, I followed her. After a while she stopped, next to a grave, I went near the grave, the gravestone had something written on it. It read “It is coming for you” OLIVER in bold letters. I searched for the girl but there was no one, she disappeared. I opened my eyes and I was in my room, my hands covered in sweat, my heartbeat was so heavy that I could hear it. It was a dream, a nightmare. I checked the time it was 3 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.
I told my parent about the dream and that I had gone inside the haunted house. At first, they thought that there was nothing to worry about, but then it started happening. Things started to disappear, windows, doors were open after we had shut them, etc. One day I saw it, I don’t know what is was, it looked like a human but it was taller and a bit crooked, it was stand near the door. It moved a bit then all of a sudden it bend towards its back and started walking on wall towards me, I was staring at it, so afraid that I couldn’t even move, it was standing on top of my head, that’s when I saw its face, his eyes were dark, it had sharp teeth, long pointed ears, horns, long fingers, I screamed and ran towards my parents room, it followed me from the top. My parents heard me and came out, they saw it standing on the wall. They quickly shut the door and recited the verses from the bible. The next morning we had called the priest. He said to leave the house. We immediately left the house.
This was my visit at the haunted house. I still hear some voices, and get weird dreams. One thing that I felt was, it was not the ghost of the family, it was what killed the family.
The little girl whom I had seen in the dream tried to warn me about it.
Now I want to ask you, do you believe in ghost?

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