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Jessica and maya

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Two sister: Jessica and Maya, get separate during adoption. Jessica find herself stuck in a strange place, and want to go back and find her sister but can she ?? Well she need to get out first but is it that easy? Follow her adventure through out and see how she handle things

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"Maya did you took my makeup set again" Jessica shouted "I was using that!” Maya replied.

Jessica and Maya were sisters, the most annoying sisters ever. They used to fight 24/7. Everyone in the house was fully frustrated by them.

While they were fighting over Jessica’s make up set, they did not notice their parents, jack and Lena, leaving the house. They did not even had time to say good bye as they were so busy arguing.

A little while later, the door knocked, the Maya run to door, Jessica yelled "Maya, stop I am coming", Maya opened the door quickly, A person stood there, he was wearing an uniform which they didn’t recognize "do you know Jack and Lena joy?" Jessica replied "yes”
“I have came here to inform that they have died in an car crash and the body is nowhere to be found”
All Jessica could think about was ‘she and maya are orphans now’
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