Jessica and maya

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Chapter 2

It seemed the world had ended. There was no one left. They felt very, very sad, and granny was very much old, so she decided what was best "My grandchildren have to go to orphanage "

The next shinning morning, they reached to the orphanage. they had a small interview about themselves. They promised to never ever fight again, for some reason they thought the accident was their fault.

At evening, some parents came to adopt children. When they saw Maya and Jessica, a really pretty mother went and ask maya and Jessica " what’s your name, sweetie?" Jessica replied" I am Jessica joey, I am 12 years old and this is my little sister Maya she is 9 years old" They parents decided to adopt Maya, so Maya went with them, she seemed determined not to leave her sister, but after many promises, she agreed.

At night, Jessica couldn’t sleep. She got up and went to drink water when she, heard a voice " help me please!! " Jessica ran towards her, and saw a girl tied up in a rope. She hurried and opened it. Suddenly, that girl rose up and said to her “my name is Zoe, and you have done a good deed n rescuing me. Tell me what do you want, I can fulfill any of your one wish,” Jessica thought for a second and said “bring my family back,” Zoe distinctly replied “tell me one, bring maya back or go to afterlife to meet your parents?” “Meet my parents” she replied after thinking for a second.
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