Haunted Woods Too Scary To Look

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Its creappy and too scary to go through the any woods even my friends thoughts too

Horror / Drama
Kai Austin-Adams
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To My Friends House

Day 1 to my friends' house

I went off to my friend's house to sop I have to take it's was unbelievable to walk but my car was broken down so I needed to walk four houses to go to. My mam allows me to walk so long to my friend's house for a lovely walk to the woods.

I saw Charlie parents in the supermarket, so I ask him to come out while he with their parents are shopping, so I have told the parents if it's ok too they have said ok, so we have bought snacks for our mini trip to the woods so we are not going to starve. So we went to knock onto Jackson house to ask him if he can come over to the woods with us. So he had asked his mother if he was allowed to coming with us. So Charlie and Jackson went to knock on our last friends to come to the woods so Bevan said there were too dangerous to go to the woods because they were haunted. We said to him we call the cops if they were coming to us. Or “imagine if they came right up to me Ill scrap him”. So he didn't want to come so Evan came with us to get down this beast in the woods.

It was a long long walk to get to the haunted wood that Bevan said. Ooooh. We all laughed and a lot of jokes we did to each other. It was getting dark we settled up in the woods nothing happened to us so we looked anywhere if they were monsters or stalkers was following us. We set up a camping tent on the side of the fire and most of my friends set theirs. We sang a song together. I was so hungry. Luckily we found a big river we throw a net across the river to try and collect fish. I found a really big fish. I didn't know we found one big fish.

We cooking a great big fish and appealed a fish parts off. So I gave it to my friends to have because they were so hungry. The fish was so so good.

I just heard a cracking stick that went past. We must be hearing a person or something. We all getting scared we don't know what to do. We rush inside de the tent and tried to stay calm. I hear a person coming to our tent. It's making me feel so nervous to get out
I wish I.had a Wally talkie because I can't even reach my friends. I hope they were scared too because I can't tell to be honest.

So I can't hear a breathing person now so I carefully opening the rent and peeked through to see anything that's going on.
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