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Don't Turn Around 2

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Her thirst for revenge will not be satisfied until every last one of us is consumed by her wrath.

Jacob Harris
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Chapter 1

Winter had descended upon the city. It was commonplace for the streets to be deserted when the winter chill came rolling in. But a force far stronger than the cold was keeping the city's population hidden from sight.

A thick fog blanketed everything in sight. It had curiously rolled in during the fall and never went away. It was at about that same time that many unexplained deaths began to take place.

In the distance a dog barked angrily. It was only able to get out a few barks, however, before letting out an anguished yelp. Silence then quickly returned to the landscape.

A woman stumbled her way down an empty street. She was quite frail and looked near death. "Please," she said in a voice that was only barely audible. "Someone help us. We have no food. Please someone help us."

A few curtains opened and curious residents peeked outside, but none of them had any intentions of assisting the woman. Safety wasn't even assured for those inside their own homes, so it was a near act of suicide to go outside.

"Please, my children are starving," cried the woman.

Every time the woman looked at one of the open curtains, the person on the other side immediately shut them.

"Please help us," said the woman.

A bitterly cold wind swept across the woman, bringing her to an immediate halt. She froze in her tracks when it became painfully evident that someone was standing behind her.

"Hey, Miyuki-chan," said Hana, a most sinister smile upon her face. "Don't turn around."

When a hand came to a rest on the woman's shoulder, she made the most horrific of mistakes by turning around. The scream she let out was so dreadful that it sent a chill down the spine of those who had the misfortune of hearing it.

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