Ghost Stories Untold

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This is a series of ghost stories. The stories are short but full of twists, thrills and humor.

Horror / Thriller
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The Killer Road

It was midnight, Vikki was driving his posh Audi car through a desolate road in the city. He always enjoyed the high speed drive. Taking a turn, he entered the notorious kilometer-long road known as ‘The Killer Road’ which had given birth to many chilling horror stories. He knew its reputation, but being a daredevil, ignored the stories. As he was about to accelerate, a girl suddenly appeared in front of the car flailing her arms, with a panicked face. The car screeched to a halt and as she came near the window, Vikki rolled down the glass hesitantly.

“Please help me, mister. Some... goons are... chasing me. Help me…” She looked back as she spoke. The white dress that clung to her body, was exuding her beauty. The fear and sweat adorning her face made her more appealing. Vikki thought for a second, then said “Hop in. Quick!” As soon as he unlocked the passenger side door, she immediately sat and closed the door. The car went whoosh.

“Where should I drop you?” he asked.

“Please drop me at the end of this road” She replied while taking a deep breath.

Vikki tried to slow down the car as they approached the end of the road. But the brakes didn’t work. “What the hell…” His foot pressed the brake again in a panic. The girl let out a blood curdling scream as the car lost control and crashed into a building wall with a loud bang. After a moment everything went quiet.

Next morning, every news channel was running a breaking news story titled “Another victim lost life to the ghost driver on the Killer Road.”

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