The Nightmare Continues...

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A collection of my nightmare diary entries from actual nightmares that I have had since childhood and nowadays.

Horror / Thriller
Bright Cyprus
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The Ticking 🕙

As I sit at my desk in History class, I keep hearing a ticking sound. It’s loud and meticulous and no one else seems to hear it. It sounds as though it’s coming from inside the walls. I try to concentrate on my work but the sound is really irking me. I look around at the class and everyone is quiet and focused on their workbooks. No one seems to hear the eerie ticking sounds from within the walls.

It also feels like the room is darkening as though I am in a nightmare. The school bell rings and I go to the restroom.

As I’m doing my business, I hear the ticking noise in there too. It’s as though it’s following me. I ignore it and move on to the cafeteria. It was lunchtime and I didn’t have time for nonsense.

As I hurry down the flights of stairs, I hear the ticking sound again. It’s as though it’s following me everywhere I go. It also seems to be getting louder as though it was getting closer to me. What could it be? A giant old grandfather clock trapped within the old school building? Or something more significant like a supernatural clock ticking away warning me that my time is near. What if something is near? What was I supposed to do about that? No one else was hearing it. Something was clearly wrong with me.

My surroundings kept becoming gloomier and more strange as I near the cafeteria.

As I walk towards the cafeteria on the first floor, the ticking gets much louder. Suddenly I hear something banging the wall from the inside of it. Then it sounds like something is clawing its way through the brick. I hear the ticking getting much closer and more persistent. Is there a giant clock monster trying to tear through the wall at me?

My heart begins to pound wildly and beads of sweat form on my brow. I stare at the wall in fright. Suddenly something breaks through the brick and crashes into the hallway.

The students who are nearby scream and run while shielding themselves from all the debris. I sputter and cough and my heart is caught in my chest in terror when I see what is there.

There is a massive humanoid with one huge eye in the center of his face like a cyclops. And he’s wearing a tall chef’s hat and chef’s clothes. He is very wide and looks as though he is made of clay. I blink and notice his one eye isn’t an eye at all. It’s a clock. And it’s ticking, ticking away the seconds towards what? I do not know. It was like a countdown.

I noticed the creature is gazing around in search of something. Why is he a cyclops? Why is he a clock? Why is he a chef? There is no time to wonder all that, he is looking for me and as his clock eye settles on me, I feel all feeling leave my body and I run.

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