The Murders

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Gruesome murders happen in a small community, which reveals the corruption and deceit within. A dark group with one cause, to kill and unravel the past through blood. There is always death in the details.

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

*Sirens blaring in the distance*

News Reporter: “Today, another body was found. The body was identified to be a 16 year old girl. Her name was Marcy Hunter. This is the 17th murder in two months. She was missing for 9 days and was found crushed in a trash compactor.”

*Click* The television turns off

Patrick: “Why do you watch that stuff anymore Jessica?”
Jessica: “Because I can Patrick. Besides we are leaving anyways aren’t we?”
Patrick: “Yeah, I just hope these stop occurring.”
Jessica: “Me too, I hope they catch him.”


Jessica: “Someone’s at the door Patrick.”
Patrick: “I know, I’ll get it.”
Patrick: “Who is it?”
Man at the door: “Hey man, it’s Jerry, can I come in?”
Patrick: “Yeah, give me a minute.”

Patrick opens the door

Jerry: “You hear about that girl? It’s pretty messed up. And she was missing for a while too. I heard that her parents have up looking for her and assumed she was dead within hours of looking for her.”
Patrick: “Yeah I agree, well did you want something?”
Jerry: “Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. The festival is tonight are you two going to be there?”
Patrick: “Yeah why not, we are only going to be here another day or so.”
Jerry: “Well I guess I’ll see you two then, I’ve got to get back home before it gets dark. That woman always has a time for everything. And I have to get ready for the festival.”
Patrick: “Well get going or you will be late.”
Jessica: “Well I’m ready for the festival tonight.”

She walks down the stairs in a red dress with her black hair in a ponytail. Patrick was wearing a black tuxedo, like the guys had to wear. His gold hair was slicked back.

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