The Diary Of Jane

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Seven: The Beginning


Jacob was in a state of shock, completely chilled to the bone by what he had just seen, even though he had believed in it, until moments ago, he wasn't sure it was possible. He was starting to slow his breathing down, and colour was starting to return to his face. “What did she mean?” he finally managed to say.

“What?” Kelley was confused.

“The girl... ghost... whatever it was said that they had warned you. What did it mean by that?” The look on Kelley's face said it all to Jacob. He just didn't know what it was, but Kelley did, it was a lie to herself that she had never considered the thought that the warning the little girl gave her a year ago was about the Ouija board that she used last week. If that was true, then she did this, she was the reason this was happening, even if it was unknowingly, she opened the door.

Kelley took a deep breath and then turned to look at Jacob, “you won't like it, but I’ll tell you.” She then proceed to tell Jacob about her and Darren using the Ouija board, her encounter with Edison and what Darren's possession. He just sat there for a moment, taking it all in, what she had done, but more importantly, what she had kept from him. This was happening to Kelley because Kelley had done it to herself, even without meaning to, all the little girl was trying to do was warn her this would happen. The thing that Jacob couldn't figure out was if that little girl hadn't shown up, would Kelley had still done what she did? There was still a lot that didn't make sense, because whatever possessed Darren clearly wasn't the little girl and it didn't seem to Jacob that it was Jane either. From what Kelley had told him, the real threat is this Edison character, but he didn't know nearly enough about him to know how much of a threat.

“Why'd you do it Kelley?” his face remained calm, but he had to know the truth, he was involved now, and he needed all the cards on the table.

“I don't know, I guess I just wanted to know why these things were happening to me... I didn't really think it would work.” Knowing what she knew now, she wished it hadn't worked.

“I am not angry at you Kelley, I know what you've been through and you just wanted answers, but I meant what I said to you. An Ouija board is like a door... look at it this way. Regardless of the reason, doors were put in place for a reason, and they're not always meant to be opened. I cannot tell you what was behind that door Kelley, all I can tell you is that there was something there and now that it's out. I am not sure what it's going to do, or what it wants with you. This kind of shit was not meant to be fucked with, and when people do, all hell breaks loose. Whatever is happening here, we are in it together, I promise, I don't go back on my promises. But you have to understand how believably stupid that is, due to what has been awoken, and I need some space, to try and figure out what to do.” His words sounded stern, but his voice spoke a different story. He wasn't angry or upset at what she did, he was frightened that he might not be able to do anything about it. In that final sentence that Jacob spoke to her, it was the most meaningful thing that has ever been spoken to her by him, Joseph is the only other person she could have thought of who would have said something like that and meant it. She reached over and hugged him, it was a long hug, how could she thank him, this, what she was going through, it was too much to ask, of anyone.

Kelley then proceed to walk Jacob to the door, it was past two now, Joseph and Karen would be home at any time now, she walked with Jacob all the way to his car. “I can never thank you enough,” she said at last.

“That's what friends do,” he replied, “they get their stupid friends out of messes” a small smile then crossed her face. “You will get through this Kelley.”

“I hope you're right.” Kelley's voice didn't sound convincing and her smile had faded from her face, it was hard to keep a legitimate one.

“I know I am.” He got in his car and closed the door and started the engine, he turned the car around and headed down the driveway, it must have just been the timing because Jacob passed Joseph and Karen on his way out, he gave a small wave and they returned it. Joseph and Karen have never been all that fond of Jacob, not like Darren for some reason. They had never spoken about it to Kelley because after her parents' death, she really lost any friend she ever had before then and then moving here, and rich as they may be now, all the money and the biggest house in the world cannot cure loneliness, it adds to it. If these two happened to be the ones that Kelley chose as friends then so be it, they'd both rather see Kelley happy than alone.

Joseph and Karen pulled up to the driveway and parked the car and got out of it “How did it go guys?” Kelley asked them, Joseph had a smile on his face so it must have gone well.

“We are expecting it to hit shelves within the next three months” he replied. Kelley then wrapped her arms around him. 'Hopefully with a different title' she thought, it wasn't much, but it was nice to have a small distraction from what she was going through. She wished so badly that she could tell them the truth, even just one of them, but what would they say? Jacob, her closest friend hardly believed her until he saw it with his own eyes.

“That's great, ” she said, she was forcing a smile, she had become increasingly good at this over the past three years, but this time it wasn't because she had to for the sake of appearances, she really was happy for him, it was the other things lurking in the back of her mind. And there was only one thought in her head at that moment, and up until today she did not believe, but now the truth was overwhelming and this was no longer something she believed, but a fact, it was the same fact that had Jacob so worried. This, was not over, far from it.

Just over five hours had passed since Joseph and Karen returned to the house, Kelley had eaten her dinner and was getting ready for her evening shower. She removed the clothes she was wearing and then slipped on her bathrobe, she then proceeded to walk down the hallway where the bathroom was on this level, she closed the door behind her, made sure the toilet seat cover was down and then placed her bathrobe on it. She then turned on the water to the shower, and set the water just the way she liked it, just slightly warmer than the average person, but not enough for it to be on fire. She then noticed something a bit odd that she hadn't noticed when she walked in, the medicine cabinet that had the mirror on the outside had been left ajar. Kelley walked over and closed the door, she turned her head around back towards the shower just fast enough to miss the reflection of Pig Mask in the mirror, standing between the door and the wall. Just standing there, watching her as she stepped into the steady flow of water coming from the shower head.

Kelley stepped into the shower and closed the glass door, steam was rising out over the top, she liked to have showers, and just being in the water in general. After what happened three years ago, people would think that it was water that she was afraid of, but it was driving or being in a vehicle that set her on edge. She wasn't sure what it was about them, but no matter what it was or who was driving, she hated them, and water seemed to do the exact opposite. It helped her to relax and think about things, the main thought that was going through her head was what to these entities want with her? Kelley had never done anything to anyone, ever, she always mostly kept to herself during all of high school, she kept feeling like she was in a constant mist, like the day where she first saw Jane. It was like she was in a constant dream, the whole thing was surreal, she keeps hoping that she'll wake up in the back seat of that car in February three years ago, and none of this happened. Not the crash, not the funerals, not the living with Joseph and Karen, not the names, not the house, not the diary, not the ghosts, not Darren and not Jacob... at that she paused. As surreal as everything felt, he was the most of all of it. What she had asked of him, and how willing he was to do so. Who does that? Even before her parents died, she never had a friend who would do what he has done for her, on this night alone. That doesn't count any of the times Kelley has reached for that small prescription bottle that she keeps in her dresser drawer, all the times he held her while she cried, and all the times he was never more than a phone call away. Jacob was the voice in the back of her head that kept her from ever touching those pills, which allowed them to stay dormant in that dresser drawer.

The steam from her shower was now filling up the room, she turned off the water, opened the door and stepped out. She pulled a towel off the towel rack and dried herself off, she then reached down and grabbed the bath robe off the toilet and put it on. As the steam in the room cleared up a bit, she noticed something on the shower glass door, something that should not be there, a single hand print on the glass. It was as clear as though she had made it herself, but it was far too big to be her own hand. She watched as the remaining water beads as they rolled down the glass door and threw the handprint. She reached out and touched it, it was freezing, like touching freshly melted snow. She looked around the room, but didn't see anyone, they had been watching her, but who was? Edison? Jane? Possibly the little girl, but both the little girl and Jane hadn't been shy so far, Edison first hid behind the Ouija board then behind Darren. In her mind, he was nothing but a coward, going after those who he knew couldn't fight back, like the blonde and her boyfriend back in high school.

Kelley turned off the lights, opened the door and then quickly rushed back into her room down the hall, she put on her nightgown and went over to the window to light a cigarette. It was only just then that she realized that what happened in the bathroom didn't shake her, startled her, but didn't shake her. She must have touched it without realizing it, she must have just let her mind get the best of her. After all, the only one of these spirits who claimed to be around that she had actually seen was the little girl. Jane never claimed to be anything, she was just there, and it was only the one appearance. Besides that, just feelings and odd occurrences, nothing she would deem life threatening. She just looked outside at the setting sun over the town, thinking of all those people down there, with all they're problems, she was willing to put money on it that not one of them was going through what she was, but in all honesty, she wasn't even sure what she was going through. When the house is haunted seems to be the most logical answer, maybe it wasn't the house that was haunted, but Kelley's own sanity. Haunted by an unforgettable past, and an unshakable guilt. She wanted to come out and tell Joseph and Karen what had been happening, but how could she? What would they think? They would probably drag her and throw her in an asylum, the fact of there being one not far from the town didn't help very much. She had only seen it once, fucking creepy place. It was the kind of place that you would see in a Wes Craven horror movie. She finished her cigarette and chucked the butt out the window. She then thought to herself 'even if I am going crazy, that doesn't explain how Jacob was able to see that little girl, if anything it's evidence that ghosts are here.'

It was a very restless night for Kelley, she kept dreaming of the crash, the truck, the car smashing against the rocks as it went down the river. The water seeping through the closed windows. She had, in fact, blacked out for some of it, but was wide awake for the most part. At times she could swear that she could still taste the water, feel icy sting of a thousand knives against her skin. It was only ever a part of her nightmares, but it always felt as real as the memory itself did. If anything, it felt more real than the memory, the memory was only ever that, a memory. Though the dream, it was as though she was living it all over again for the first time, unaware of how it would end. Always with that foolish hope that it might end well somehow.

Then something awoke her from her sleep, she was not sure what it was, it was dark now and couldn't see two inches in front of her face. Even if she could, would she look around? Would she want to know? Was there even anything to know in the first place? So she kept her eyes closed and listened, for all she knew she had woken up on her own, but something didn't feel right, something felt wrong, she couldn't place what it was, so she listened. It was a good minute of lying motionless and listening and still nothing seemed to happen, she opened her eyes but did not turn her head. She could see a few feet in front of her now, but saw nothing within visible distance. Then her eyes shot wide in terror as she heard something from the other side of the room, a footstep. Her head was facing the other way so she could not see what it or who it was. Then she heard another, and another, each time moving closer to her, she was petrified with fear, she was unable to move, to scream, to run. Then right in front of her bed they stopped, could be just wishful thinking, but maybe it went away. But then she felt pressure in the mattress next to her, as if someone were slowly laying down beside her. Kelley's breathing became very fast now, she was trying to force it to slow down, but her attempts seemed to fail. Then she felt someone's hand run down from her head, down to her neck, over her shoulders, and onto her arm. Then it whispered, in a voice she recognized “so... beautiful”, it was the same voice that Darren had while he was possessed.

She then threw herself from her bed and crawled as fast as she could to the corner on the other side of the room. She looked back at her bed, she was breathing so fast, and was so scared that she thought her heart would give out pounding like that. A black figure rose from her bed and started to walk towards her, she tried to scream, but it was silent, with every step it got closer, no way to defend herself. How could she against something that was already dead. Then the door opened to her room and a light shined in and the figure was gone.

Joseph came rushing into the room and saw her on the floor and then asked her “Are you okay? I heard a noise.”

“I'm okay,” she replied, “just a nightmare.” She got up off the floor.

“That must have been some nightmare to have you on the floor like that,” he replied to her as he moved in to help her to her feet.

“I'm fine,” she answered quickly as she finished pulling herself up, “and I guess so, I honestly don't remember too much of it, but I'm fine, really.” She was trying to assure him that she really was fine, she knew she wasn't, all that mattered was he believed otherwise.

“Okay, just call if you need anything.” he bought it, for now at least.

“I will.” He closed the door and Kelley waited until he heard his footsteps fade and then began to cry again. Kelley sat in that corner for a while, she had stopped crying now, she was just very upset and scared she slowly moved back up towards the bed. She just looked at it for a moment, she wondered if she dared to lay in it again, she then felt something brush against her arm. One could say that it was nothing more than the wind, only Kelley knew much better than that. The unexplained gust of wind had brushed past her and seemed to head in the direction of her night stand. When Kelley stepped towards it, the diary opened right before her eyes, she picked it up in order to read it where it had opened. A letter had fallen out of the pages, it was to Jane from the lover that she from time to time wrote about but still at this point remained unknown to Kelley.


It has been, four days and three nights now since I have last seen your beautiful face, your long brown hair, but it feels longer than four days, and three nights. It feels more as if years have passed and I can only been able to look at you from afar, I understand that your father does not wish me to be with his daughter, he is a respectable man. This, however, is not why I write to you now, I do because I miss you, every part of you. I hope that you can forgive me for what I said against your father, I only said them in our best interests. I love you now as I always have, and if you can forgive me, I will do everything in my power to gain his respect. And once again earn your trust and your love.

Love forever,

E. Barrow”

“What happened to you?” Kelley asked softly as she folded the letter and gently placed it back inside of the diary. She then sat on her window ledge and lit of a cigarette, when she asked the question, she was talking to herself, but she was also certain that she was not alone in the room. The presence that Kelley felt in the room was not something that she had felt before, it didn't feel like any of the spirits she had encountered before. It felt like a sadness, and a longing for something, but these feelings didn't belong to Kelley, what or who they were actually about, she could only guess

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