The Diary Of Jane

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Eight: The Woman In White


It was the first night in over a year since Kelley had gotten no sleep at all, how could she after that. Whatever had crept into her room last night had left her on edge and restless and it had become increasingly worse. She now knew something that she had not known the night before, they can touch her, which meant they could hurt, even kill her, and there wasn't a thing she could do to stop them. Last night was the first time that they were actually able to do that, before it was just sightings and feelings, but now it was physical. She had only read about stuff like this and seen it in the movies, she never one day pictured it would be happening to her, just as things were finally starting to get better. What seemed to bother her the most was 'how come they can touch her now and they couldn't before? And was it only Edison that could do so?' Although the answer to the second question would have to remain a mystery until time revealed otherwise, the answer to the first ne was simple. They were getting stronger. She was sitting by the window watching the early sunrise she had been thinking all night about her parent's death, what she remembered anyway.

February 10th, 1999-

Kelley had been awoken by ice cold water hitting her face, her parents were still trying to open the doors to the car, the back of the car was still afloat, for the moment. The fast moving river bashed the car off of rocks as it went down the stream. Kelley undid her seat belt and began hitting the back window with her hand, water was rushing through the vents and window seams of the front seats. More than half the car was underwater now, and it couldn't stay up for much longer. The back window started to crack, Kelley's hand was bleeding and she must have broken a finger because she was in extreme pain, but she never stopped hitting it, she didn't want to die. Not here, not now, not like this. With the hit of another rock it knocked Kelley to the floor. Her mother looked back and screamed “Kelley!” then the car hit another rock and her mother flew forward, smashing her head against the dashboard. She was no longer moving, and the car had taken on so much water that it was now completely submerged, it was only a matter of time before the inside of the car filled with water as well.

Kelley's cell phone was ringing, she walked over and checked the caller ID, Darren. She picked it up and asked “Hello?” In a tired voice.

“Hey, did I wake you?” he responded.

“No, couldn't sleep.” She was too tired to think of an excuse to tell him at the exact seconds, but more importantly, she was unsure of who else might be listening to them.

“Everything okay?”

“No, not really.”

“Well, I am not sure if this will help you feel any better, but that name, Jane Worthright, I know where I have heard it before....”

“Darren?” Kelley cut him off before he could say anything else.

“Yeah Kelley?”

“Can you come and get me? Tell me what you found then?”

“Yeah, sure, what time is good for you?”

“If you can be here in ten minutes, then ten minutes is good.”

“I will do what I can.”

“Thank you, I just need to get out of the house.”

“Not a problem, and, I am sorry for acting like such a major asshole the last time we spoke. I was scared and I didn't know what to make of things.”

“I know the feeling, you're forgiven.”

“That still doesn't make it-” Kelley cut him off again.

“I said that you were forgiven, let's just leave it as that”.

“Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can” his voice sounded as though he wasn't sure if he believed her or not, from what Kelley could tell anyway.

“Just hurry” and with that she hung up the phone. She changed her clothes and left a note to Joseph and Karen explaining where she was, so there would be no panic. She wrote 'went into town with Darren, will be back in a few hours, love you both – Kelley' and placed the note on her neatly made bed. Then she headed down the stairs and out the front door to wait for Darren to arrive. The Volks Wagon pulled up to her front steps and she walked over and got in the passenger side, the seat had a small tear it in and was worn to high hell, but it beats sitting in the back seat, it was a fear Kelley has had for the past three years.

Darren took one look at her face and asked “its gotten worse hasn't it?”

Kelley didn't respond at first, she knew what he meant, just as he knew she knew, “I'll tell you when we're away from here”. Honestly, even if she was on the other side of the world away from that house, she was still not sure how honest she would be with Darren about this.

“Okay”, he put the Volks Wagon in drive and went down the driveway and onto the main road to town, since high school had ended Kelley hadn't really been into town, just not much to do there. There was of course odd time where she would go to the old movie theatre to watch one that she found interesting or when on a long hike, but other than that she never really left the grounds of her house, Joseph and Karen go into town all the time while she just remained the family house dweller. Darren then pulled into the parking lot of the town's small library.

“What are we doing here?” Kelley asked him.

“I told you I found something, come with me, ” she followed him into the stone building, once inside she took a seat at an empty table and he went off to get something, a moment or so passed and Kelley just simply looked around. There were posters advertising younger kids to start reading more there was one of Tony Hawk holding a skateboard and a book and another from Kristen Stewart reading Twilight, to Kelley, that seemed to be more of a reason to stop reading. There was a shelf of the newest released over to her right, the only author that she recognized was Stephen King. Darren came back with a large book, it didn't look old or anything (which she half expected it to be), it was just really worn. The book title was Modern Day Urban Legends.

“What is this?” she asked. He opened the book to page three hundred and thirteen the chapter was called 'The Woman In White'. “I've heard it before, but I don't understand what this has to do with Jane.”

“Well, in this book it states that the legend of the Woman in white can be traced back as far as the sixteen hundreds. The woman in white always appears in a white dress, is always beautiful and normally goes after unfaithful husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends, whatever. Does any of this sound familiar?”

“Parts of it, but it still sounds to me a little more child horror and less John Carpenter.”

“I think that Jane Worthright is this town's version of a woman in white, every town has its share of scary stories, but this one, might be real. For whatever reason though she doesn't seem to follow any pattern of any woman in white that is listed in this book.”

“Explain what you mean.”

“Well, A the legend goes, there is a woman who catches her man screwing around, and in a state of shock kills her children, and once recovering from the state of shock and realizing what she had done, takes her own life. And in the afterlife, unwilling to forgive herself for the sin she has commented and unwilling to forgive the unfaithful, she can't move on. So she waits until an unfaithful man crosses her path, then lures them close to her, and kills them, from what I can tell, by ripping their hearts out. Jane, however, does not follow this pattern, she was murdered, not suicide, and was not a mother, but from the talk of the town her lover was unfaithful to her. Before you ask, no one knew who he was, the only answer you may get to that would lie in her diary if anywhere. But local legend also has is she rose from the grave to extract her revenge on him and was unable to rest since. I did some digging into your house from 1932 till the year 1999 there have been six deaths in the house and five on the grounds, almost all of them men. There is also the fact that as far as I know, the only time you have ever seen Jane, is when you were with Jacob, and she never actually touched or hurt you, I don't know whether or not he has been unfaithful, but if he has it might fit the legend, I am not sure if it is just currently or were at one time.”

“If you want my honest opinion, Jane is a legend in and of herself. And there is something else”.

“What is it?”

“Jane Worthright is not the only spirit trapped in that house. I'm pretty damn sure about that.”

“What...” It would be a lie to say that Darren was shocked at Jane not being alone in that place, but at the thought that he hadn't even considered Edison. Even though, as far as he knew, there was no reason that Edison was anything other than the spirit who happened to answer the Ouija board.

“Now it's my turn to show you something.” Kelley then proceed to find and show Darren the library's copies of the same newspapers that Jacob had showed her. She then told him what happened in the pool and in her room, both with the little girl, and of the entity that had possessed Darren.

“So what, is the house some kind of a ghost magnet or something?”

“No, Jacob seems to think that when we used the Ouija board, it opened some kind of a doorway that allowed them to get through. This doesn't explain the little girl first showing up the school, it was pretty damn far from the house. That, and on top of the fact that I had no connection with that place until after she showed up, I just can't figure out why she appeared to me in the first place.”

“From what I can tell ghosts normal haunt one place and that's it, they stay there, why are Jane and the little girl different?”

“Jane, I understand, if she was in fact the third victim of the cult, then she most likely would have died in the forest behind her house. I have no idea about the girl, but spirits normally attach themselves to remains, a living person, or an object right?”

“As far as I know but you're not asking an expert here.”

“What if the little girl attached herself to something, then latches onto a person from that object, and is able to remain with them as long as she wants, or till they're dead...”

“That, is actually not a bad theory, and it might explain why the Cult is still around.”

“Listening, waiting, even in death, they don't want the killings to stop, and we opened the door that set them free and now they're getting strong again.”

“Jane was clearly dead before they were, and they can attach themselves to remains, technically, a spirit would be part of Jane's remains, so as long as she is around, they live up to their name as the Cult of Eternity.” That was it, another piece of this fucked up, twisted puzzle solved, find and destroy the object or remains, Jane is gone, if Jane is gone, the Cult is also gone. Although once again, that doesn't explain what that girl has to do with any of this. “What I can't get through my head, how was Jane able to roam freely while the others had to wait for someone to release them, it makes no sense to me. I mean, if they attached themselves to Jane's spirit, wouldn't Jane have been the one locked away while the Cult were free?”

“Maybe she had some sort of control over them, was holding them back, you know, maybe some spirits are stronger than others and using the Ouija board broke her hold on them.”

“How do you know all this?”

“Mainly, I watch a lot of horror movies, well not lately but you get the idea.”

“So if Jane has attached herself to an object, what do you think it is? The diary?” It was the first and most logical thought that came into Kelley's mind.

“No, it was my first thought as well, but I only thought that because it was the only thing of hers that we have ever found. Think about it for a second, if you had to be bound to one object for the rest of your existence, would you really want it to be a little book you just got? If I were her I would have made it more personal, not a random object. If I am understanding this correctly, it could be anything that was ever hers at any point in her life. Besides, if we destroy the diary, and it turns out not to be it, we just destroyed the best chance we ever had of finding it”.

“Well, that's a bubble buster, anything in her life from childhood to the day of her death.” This made Kelley think for a moment. “Could be anything, a book, a comb, a dress, a lock of hair, a doll...”

“A ribbon...” Darren wasn't sure what it was, but it was clear that Kelley had realized something that she hadn't before.

“Yeah, a ribbon too, I guess, why a ribbon?”

“Jane has only appeared to me as a Thriller video reject, clean her up a bit, she looks like an older version of the little girl, and the little has always appeared in a white dress, as has Jane, only the little girl is also wearing a red ribbon around her waist. Holy shit...” The clicking moment came into Kelley's mind, the little girl was somehow a part of Jane, why the hell hadn't she seen it before?

“So what, you think that the little girl and Jane are the same entity? Can spirits even split themselves apart like that?”

“Maybe... I don't think it's as cut and dry as that.”

“Very few things are, but Kelley be careful, if this is true, if any of this is true, that means that Jane can kill, probably the others too, and we have no real idea what hurts them.” Both Kelley and Darren were silent for a moment.

“Just a thought, but what if they're part of the same spirit, but different sides of it?”

“I think I know what you're getting at, but clarify it for me anyway.”

“From what I have read of Jane's diary, she sounds like, if anything, and overly nice person, and what if the Cult killed her and it somehow split her apart? Being torn from who she was and the monster that they turned her into?”

“It's as good of a guess as any, I don't know why she would chose to stay here though. I understand wanting revenge, who wouldn't? But after that, why wouldn't she move on?”

“I don't know” Kelley's voice sounded sad, she felt sorry for Jane. “Do you mind taking me back home?”

“Not at all.” Kelley and Darren got up from where they were sitting and walked out the door of the library. They didn't notice, but in the window of the door, Jane cast a reflection in the glass, she was only there for a split second, just enough to look up at them, then she was gone.

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