The Diary Of Jane

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Last Page At The End Of The Book


Kelley laid next to Jacob on the outside if the bed, she was on the outside at her own request. Sleep did not come easy to them, at first, too many unanswered questions about what had been happening. “Jacob?” she asked in a soft and tired voice.

“Yeah?” he responded in a voice that was as equally as tired.

“I know I've asked you questions like this before, but do you think they were here? Is there really no life after death? Nothing beyond this? Can this really just end?”

“I don't really know about life after death, personally, I think that it just matters on what you believe in. I believe that there is some kind of life past death, I also believe that some people hold on so much in life that they can't move on in death. So they find something to hold onto, something they can't let go of, whether that something is an object, remains, or even an emotion itself, and that is why they can't let go.” Jacob had only just noticed that while he was explaining this Kelley had drifted off into a sleep, he closed his eyes and was slowly able to do the same. This was the first peaceful sleep that she had had in days, ever, maybe, Jacob's arms were wrapped around her and she could feel his warmth, she liked this feeling, she had never felt it before.

Kelley then heard a very quiet sound and it awoke her, she looked around, but saw nothing, the sound was dull, like a piece of cardboard hitting a wood surface. A piece of cardboard, or the cover of a book, that was when she turned her head to face the diary that she left sitting on the night table. The cover had opened and had turned to the first page, then it was almost like a slight wind was blowing on the pages of the small black book. They moved faster and faster, Kelley thought the book would fly right off the table, but they came to a complete stop a few pages from the end of the book. She removed herself from the bed, Jacob did not seem to notice, standing now, she picked up the book where the pages had stopped moving, she was looking at what was probably the final passage, the writing was not that of Jane's though, it was far too messy to be hers, it looked to be more of the writing of a man.

“November 26th, 1932-

Jane, my love, is gone. I am sorry for how things ended between us, I had really hoped for something more, but you had to know that I had no choice. This is what I was born to do, to serve my Lord and no one, not even you, can come in between that. I tried to make it as quick and as painless as I could, rest now, and please forgive me.”

He killed her, she once more thought to herself, that sick bastard. She knew that the Cult had killed Jane, but as she read the page she recognized the writing to be Edison’s, it was the same as the letter she had found several days ago. Not only did he kill her in a brutal way, but he wrote an apology in her diary after he did it, nothing about this sat right with Kelley. It was clear to her now, that the presence in this house was not completely gone, the question was what was left? That was all there was on that page, but on the following page there was one more entry, this one was short and angry, it was written over many times, and there were stains of dirt and mud on the page. But it looked to be more of Jane's writing, it read:

“November 27th, 1932-

I will never rest, and I will never forgive you! Any of you.... you are all going to die...”

Kelley then closed the diary and placed it back on the night table, as she did it sent shivers down her spine, and turned to get back into bed, when behind the door, there was something, eyes looking at her, pale dead eyes and heavy breathing. Slowly, her face appeared from the darkness, exactly like the day Kelley had first seen her, was Jane. Jane began to move towards Kelley, unlike she did in the field, she walked, and each step she took, Kelley could hear her bones snap, and her limbs twitched as Jane got closer she seemed to stretch out her arms towards Kelley. Kelley couldn't move or scream if she wanted too, she was overcome by fear. When she got close enough, she touched Kelley's face, she wore a small, twisted smile on her face, and her eyes, pale and dead, when Kelley looked into them she saw nothing looking back at her. Leaning closer and closer, her touch, colder than ice, the touch of rage. Kelley's vision went blank, she saw nothing.

When her vision returned to her it was like she was in a haze, everything seemed to have a slight orange overtone too it, she was in her room, but it didn't look like her room. The bed was not in the same place, no lights, lamps instead, and there was a young woman, around Kelley's age, sitting on the edge of the bed writing in a small black book. 'Jane' Kelley thought to herself, this was a memory of hers, that or Kelley was hallucinating. As Jane wrote there was a tear streaming down her face, 'this must be the night that she wrote about her father's death'. There was then a knock at her door and Jane answered it, it was a young man, bit older than Jane, he looked very upper class with his short neatly combed hair and his suit, Jane then fell into his arms. “There, there, it's all going to be okay,” he said, that was when Kelley realized it was Edison. That was really the first time that Kelley had been able to get a good look at him, if she didn't already know better, she would swear in front of a federal Judge that there was no way he was a killer. It wasn't hard to see why Jane had fallen for his act, in another time, in another life, she might not have done any different herself. Edison walked with Jane and sat her on the bed, completely unknown to her that this was the monster under the bed that would snuff out her life.

Kelley's vision blurred and seemed to be moving before her eyes, like someone hit a fast forward button, when it cleared back up it was nightfall and there was snow on the ground. She was just outside of the forest, Jane was walking up the path that she and Jacob had taken, Kelley followed Jane, in the distance, she could see a small light, the light of fire. Also, voices, they were chanting something, Jane went in for a closer look and Kelley stayed right beside her, whatever was happening, Kelley as it seemed, could not interfere, be seen, felt or heard. Through the trees Kelley saw the Cult surrounding a long stone table, it must have been the one mentioned in the diary. In the centre of the table was that same symbol that Kelley had seen on the lockers over a year ago, the triangle with the sideways eight in the centre. Each of the Cult members were standing at a point of the triangle as they continued to chant. Realizing who they were and seeing what she had seen before, Jane slowly started to back away, to not be seen, then she made a single wrong move, she stepped on a fallen branch and it cracked.

The members of the Cult turned around, she had now seen for the first time, Raven Face without his mask, it was Edison, there was no more second guessing, she knew for sure now. Jane ran, ran for her life, ran through the forest, but she did not know it well, she tripped and fell, the red ribbon on her dress ripped off, and her dress was now torn, her legs and arms were bleeding, she forced herself back up and kept running. Her white dress was being stained from the blood from her cuts and the dirt from the ground. At this point, it was too late Edison had caught up to her and grabbed her and threw her to the ground, it was soft where she fell, soft and muddy. Edison threw her on her back and wrapped his hands around her throat and squeezed while keeping her face in the puddle of mud. Jane struggled and pushed hard, she kicked and tried to punch Edison, but couldn't see him through the muddy water, it was so cold. All Kelley could do was watch in horror as this was happening, then finally, Jane's arm dropped and she was no longer breathing. Edison, Pig Mask, and the King of Horns just looked at her lifeless corpse for a moment, then left. As they walked away The King of Horns spoke, “you know what this means Edison.”

“I know what this means, but it doesn't change anything, on the next full moon, we will start again.” They only continued to walk away, Edison was completely un-phased that he had just killed her, he murdered her and left her in the mud... Kelley's vision blurred and jumped again.

It was a later point in time on the same day, Edison had just finished writing his passage in Jane's diary and had left the room. Before he did, Kelley tried to figure out what Edison was feeling. When she first read the passage in the diary that he wrote, she felt that the writer had a disturbed sense of regret, but now that she was looking at him, his face read that he felt nothing, emptiness. Kelley wasn't even sure why he had bothered to write anything at. It was only after he left the room that Jane appeared the dark corner of the room, she looked very much as she did when she was alive, only she was not wearing her ribbon like she had when she died, she walked over to her diary and read what he had written. Things went quiet, like someone had put the entire memory on mute. Jane then picked up her pen and began to write, her hand was moving so fast it was like a blur as she carved each letter, one by one, into the final page. Mud then began to drip from her hair and her dress to rip at the seams towards the bottom, the cuts returned on her arms and legs. When she finished writing, she turned around, her eyes lost they're colour, her skin turned a pale blue. She then loudly wailed and every candle and lamp in the house blew out, it was not crying, it was the wail of a banshee, it was her keeping her promise, the one she made in writing, 'you are all going to die.'

This time when Kelley's vision flashed, she was in the forest during the day and a man in a black cloak was running, Pig Mask. He tripped, when he looked up Jane was standing there, she slashed her arms at him, knocking is mask off, her nails had gone through the mask and cut his face his three places. He reached up to touch his face, as he did, his skin seemed to stick to his fingers, as he tried to pull away, screaming in pain, bits of skin and flesh went with it, the bleeding was massive, even in modern medicine, he could not have been saved. Pig Mask then fell over dead, the whole time Jane watched, she watched until he took his final breath. .

Kelley jumped to another vision, this one of the King of Horns, he was in the town, running scared, this time not in his robes, his small circular glasses fell off his face as he ran. He didn't even think to stop to get them, because every corner he turned, Jane was there, only feet away. Moving so fast that there was no way it could even be humanly possible. She chased him until he reached the forest, he looked around and she was not to be found. “We killed you!...I am not afraid of you!” slowly trying to back away and in fear he screamed again “We killed you!”. Then she appeared next to him wielding an axe, the same axe that he himself had used to kill others in a nearby town, Jane then lunged the axe into his face at eye level, decapitating him. His body too fell to the ground, leaving the top half of his face resting on the blade of the axe, still stuck in the tree. His body now on the ground, in the dirt and in the mud, just as he left her. Jane looked ahead as if she were looking right at Kelley, it was like she was saying 'one to go'. She vanished, leaving the axe in the tree and Kelley jumped to the memory of Edison, the final member of the Cult.

Unlike the other two, Edison was calm, he removed his mask and his cloak and placed them on the ground in the forest, “Jane...” he spoke quietly. “I know it's you, there is nothing quite the kill of vengeance is there Jane? Even though strictly speaking, these aren't vengeance kills, I’m sure you think they are, but what we did was only out of the need of survival. You can't win this, I am immortal.” Jane then appeared to him “you understand what I had to do don't you? If you had not followed me, this would not have happened.” Kelley knew better than that, every word he spoke was a lie, and apparently so did Jane. A rope that had been left in the forest, then wrapped itself around Edison's leg and strung him up into a nearby tree and the other end of the rope, then wrapped around his neck and tightened, he grabbed it to keep from choking, “Jane!” he choked. “I'm sorry Jane! I'm sorry!” there was now fear and terror in his face and eyes and he looked into Jane's face, the face that he himself created. “Please don't kill me,” he cried.

Jane's voice was coarse, “You are not, forgiven”. The rope then tightened, his fingers were crushed beneath it, he screamed as loud as he could, but like with Jane, no one came. The rope continued to tighten until she heard his neck snap. The rope then loosened its grip and the body fell to the ground. Jane simply turned and walked away. It was over, that was the moment that it was finished, her vengeance was satisfied.

The last time Kelley's vision jumped it was in the attic of the house, Jane had placed the diary under the floorboards and stood there, she looked like she was ready to leave this world behind and go on to whatever was next. Jane's spirit had done what it had come back to do and it was finally over for her, she was at rest. It was in that moment were a figure made entirely of a dark mist appeared wearing a mask that looked like a raven. “I told you” Edison spoke. “I am immortal”. From behind Jane a little girl appeared, she was holding a glass doll, she did not look like Jane did, but Edison could tell she was a part of Jane.

“This is our home” the little girl spoke, the whole house shook and chains then rose from the floor and pinned Edison down, “you are not welcome here” the little girl was walking closer to him. Edison tried to move, but the chains only tightened and the little girl's eyes turned pale and dead and from a distance looked sucked in. “Get out, ” she finally spoke and the chains pushed Edison into the floor and disappeared. Jane and the little girl then both vanished into a thin mist that seeped into the walls of the attic. That was when Jane's soul was split, a part of her was finished and ready to leave, and the other half could never forgive him. Burning that ribbon didn't cause Jane to move on, it only fused the forgiveness with the rage part of Jane. That was when Kelley realized, that as long as Edison remained here, so would she.

Kelley jolted awake, she was still in her bed, next to Jacob, it had all been a dream, a very realistic one, but just a dream. The diary remained closed on the night table and Jane was not to be seen. It was over, she thought to herself, then she noticed something, her digital clock began acting weird, all the numbers were scrambled. Then all the numbers started to count, one cycle that repeated itself, over and over. 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. Then they all stopped revealing the time. 11:26. Kelley then noticed it was not a time, it was a date, November 26th, the radio on the clock turned on, she recognized the song, she had heard it before, cheerful yet dark and she said out loud “bad moon rising.... it's not over.” She then shook Jacob as hard as she could to awake him.


Jacob sprang awake and looked at Kelley “We had it wrong!” Kelley screamed. “It's Jane, who is attached to the Cult, not the other way around, we set free all that was left of her humanity, the only thing keeping the others at bay!” Kelley then noticed that Jacob's eyes were fixed on something behind her, he wasn't blinking, he was wide eyed, she turned around to see what it was, Pig Mask was standing there, a few feet from the bed just looking at them, nothing else.

“What do you want?” Jacob asked him in an unsteady voice, Pig Mask then reached up and removed his mask, revealing his face. There was only rotting flesh remaining, bits of darkened skull were showing, no eyes, and maggots and worms eating away what was left of his face. He began to move closer to them and both Kelley and Jacob bolted for the door, once on the other side they heard the door slam behind them, the King of Horns was standing in front of it. The King wasn't wearing his usual Cult robes, instead he looked human, those circular glasses and his well-dressed casual clothes that he was wearing when he died. He started to walk towards them, the windows exploded as he past them, at first Kelley and Jacob were too terrified to move, the stairs were right there, but they couldn't find it in them to move. The moonlight from the night showed how void of all expression he was, and a thin line at his eye level was the only mark he had from when Jane took his life.

With each step the King took, the hairs on the back of their necks stood up and that feeling of sudden cold rushed over them. Finally, they had motion return to their limbs and ran down the stairs Darren yelled “what the fuck is going on?!” Rushing over to the staircase in order to meet them.

“We have to get out of here” Jacob replied and they all ran for the front door, Jacob, being the strongest grabbed the handle and pulled. He pulled as hard as he could, but it wouldn't budge, “help me!” he said and Darren too grabbed the handle and pulled, the door was not moving. Kelley turned toward the living room and saw Edison, the King of Horns, and Pig Mask all standing in front of the fireplace, each taking slow steps towards them. A roaring fire burst out from behind them, Darren and Jacob stopped pulling on the door.

Darren and Jacob then both flew from the door, Jacob landing on the floor while Darren smashed into the staircase. The Cult slowly moved towards them and Edison spoke in a dark voice “the girl.. is mine, ” and he reached out his hand towards Kelley, she was simply stricken, she didn't know what to do, she couldn't leave, couldn't run, couldn't move. Edison was almost touching her when he stopped and he looked around. There was cracking, it seemed to be coming from everywhere, Jacob recognized the sound, it was the breaking of wood, the studs in the house. The temperature of the house dropped dramatically as the windows grew frost over them.

“Kelley! Move!” Jacob yelled and at this she threw herself several feet and she landed next to Jacob, the ceiling above the doorway gave, and fell crashing to the ground. The walls around them began to crack from the floor up and a grey gel like substance began to spill out from them. The whole house began to shake violently as the walls started bursting apart with black goo seeping from the cracks. The same thing that Darren had seen the night he and Kelley had used the Ouija board. Then the whole house was filled with a blood chilling cry.

“Jane...” Edison whispered angrily and then vanished along with the others. Although gone for the moment, it wouldn't be long before they returned, Edison was far too close now to let Kelley get away from him.

“Darren, the diary is in my room, get it!” Kelley yelled to him and he ran up the stairs to get it. Jacob followed Kelley into the living room and over to the fire. AT Kelley's command, Darren bolted up the stairs to get the diary that Kelley had left on the night table.

“Kelley what are you doing? We need to get the fuck out of here.”

“They aren't going to let us leave, and Jane is finished messing around, Edison needs me alive, that's why he won't kill me. The innocents of Jane was the only thing stopping her from killing me herself, and we just sent that up in flames. I didn't realize how much of her humanity was in that little girl until she showed me.”

“I don't understand, why does Edison need you? And do you mean by she showed you?”

“Because I am a survivor, he needs someone like that in order to live through them, someone who has been through something and overcome it. You heard what Donald said, you have to be tainted to be possessed, that's why he took Darren and not you, you never saw your sister die but Darren was there,”

“The car accident.”

“Exactly, the Cult are bound to the diary because the memories of them and live through it, if they're destroyed the Cult no longer has anything to hold onto. If Edison gets me, he doesn't need the diary to exist anymore, he'll be free.”

“And with them gone, Jane's gone.”

Darren then came rushing back down the stairs hold the diary in his hand, he was running as fast as he could to get it to Kelley and Jacob when Edison appeared in front of him and lightly touched his face. Darren went a few more feet before he stopped and looked down and began to walk away, there was fear in his eyes and he dropped the diary on the floor. He began to slap himself in different places. “What are you doing?!” Jacob yelled. To his and Kelley's eyes all they saw was Darren hitting himself and screaming.

Through Darren's eyes, however, spider, thousands of them, all crawling up his legs, chest and arms. He could feel them, every leg touching his skin, every bite. Every time he hit them his hand would go right through them as though they weren't there, but they were. He felt them crawling up and biting into his face and neck, on his face they began to dig in and crawl inside small holes they had made. When they weren't digging their way into him, they were tunnelling they're way out of him. Screaming in agony, he used his fingernails as small shovels to try and dig them back out. Kelley and Jacob watched in horror as they literally watched Darren ripping his own face apart, there was nothing they could do. Darren then passed out on the floor from massive blood loss, and if he was not gotten to a hospital soon there was no doubt in either of their minds that he would die.

Edison turned to face them now, and he began his decent towards them, Jacob's eyes fixed on the diary, he jumped for it. All it took was Edison slightly raising his hand and Jacob slammed to the ground, Edison started to close his open hand and long and deep cuts appeared on Jacob's shoulder. Sounds of anger escaped him as the cuts continued to grow, but he would not scream, he would not give this bastard the satisfaction. Edison's face remained blank, if there ever was once a part of humanity in him, it was long since gone. He only stopped when he heard something coming over from the corner of the room, Kelley had backed into it and was sitting on the ground. Edison left Jacob to bleed on the floor as his attention turned to Kelley, “I'll give you what you want, ” she pleaded with her head down between her knees. “Take me, take me, but please let them live.”

A sinister yet quiet laugh escaped Edison's mouth as he listened to Kelley's pathetic attempt to barter with him. “What makes you think you have any choice?”

“Please, please you can have me.”

“You are nothing more than a sad, pathetic, excuse for a girl, always poor Kelley, always helpless Kelley.”

Kelley then stood up straight, but kept her head down, like something Edison said had offended her, she took a step towards him. Jacob's pain almost seemed to disappear as he looked at her, that was when he realized, Kelley wasn't talking to Edison, she was talking to Jane. Kelley lifted her face to reveal that her eyes were colorless and dead and she spoke “Not anymore.” Edison flew across the room and smashed into the wall, as he impacted it the wall split and cracked from the ceiling to the floor. Then she turned to Pig Mask. Iron bars rose through the floor and surrounded him as his ropes burst into a roaring flame, and he was trapped in that small cage, like a monster should be. The King was different from both Pig Mask and Edison, he would not be taken as easily as them, he looked over at Jane with that expressionless face.

“We killed you once before.” Jane said nothing, she only stared at him, stared at him though Kelley's eyes. “You were nothing in life, and you remain to be nothing in death. You had a chance to be something bigger than you could ever be on your own, but you couldn't even die right.” Jane continued to say nothing, Jacob saw that there was something wrong with the King's face, blood was running from both of his eyes and down his face, bits of white were mixed in with the blood. Jane was liquefying his eyes from his skull, “what are you doing! You bitch!” he screamed as he grabbed both of his eyes. Jane paid no attention to his suffering, she simply walked over to where the diary laid on the ground and picked it up.

“Don't!” Edison yelled at her as he stood back up “you know as well as I do that if you destroy that thing, we burn, and if we burn, you burn with us.”

Jane turned to face him to say the only word she had to say, it wasn't in a raspy voice, it was in her voice she had when she was human, she said “gladly.” She lunged her arm with the diary deep into the fire place, then retracted her arm. Kelley's arm was badly burned, but because of her actions, it took only seconds for the diary to fully ignite, Jane turned back to face Edison once more. Kelley felt Jane's presence leave her, but as it did, it triggered the final piece of Kelley's memory of February 10th, 1999.

“February 10th, 1999-

Kelley let go of the rock and was swept away by the river, the branch was in the water, she was hardly able to keep herself at the surface. The water was very dark, she reached her hands out for the branch, but the current pulled her down and she barely felt the tip of it grace her fingertips. That was it, she though, her last chance, she was going to die now. No. She moved as quickly as she could to the side of the river and dug her hand into the side, gripping whatever she could, she was still underwater but she had stopped moving. She then raised her free hand out of the water and grabbed the bed of the river, she pulled herself up, her head was no longer submerged, and grabbing chucks of grass and roots she pulled herself out of the river and onto dry land. She looked just ahead of her, if she had waited only a half a second longer, she would have gone into the mouth of the sharp rocks. She laid her head down on the snow, she could hear them now, sirens, help was coming. She had survived.”

The flames from the fireplace rose up and spread upwards on the walls in a way that almost looked forced. The fire was so hot and intense that Kelley had to move away from it. Edison and the others stopped moving, something was defiantly happening this time, the King of Horns and Pig Mask suddenly turned to ash and fell to the floor. Not Edison, he kept moving towards her, Kelley, unafraid this time stood strong, and as Edison reached out his hand it burst into flames. He seemed to feel no pain, but the fire spread, consuming him, “I CAN NOT DIE!” he screamed, “I AM ETERNAL!”

“No” Kelley responded, “your nothing.” The last thing that Kelley saw of him was his eyes turn to black and his face began to change. It looked less human and started to take on the shape of a Jackal. Then the flames consumed what was left of him completely and with a final dark growl, he was gone. The fire on the walls and in the fireplace went out and the house was silent.

Kelley heard coughing, it was Darren, she and Jacob both rushed over to tend to him. Darren looked at them, blood on his face and managed to ask out of breath, “is it over?”

The light of a new day managed to shine through the broken windows, it was a sign in Kelley's eyes, a sign that a burden had been lifted, she looked at Darren and said “yes. It's over”. An ambulance arrived soon after and Joseph and Karen were not far behind it. Kelley stood in the doorway as she watched Darren being carefully loaded into the back of the ambulance. Jacob walked up beside her.

“He's going to be okay,” he told Kelley.

“What do you think is going to happen now?” she asked him.

“Hard to say, everything is different now.”

“Do you think you'll ever forgive him?”

“Honestly, I forgave him a long time ago. I just wasn't able to face it till now.” Kelley then reached over and took Jacob's hand and he held it. Though the future may be unwritten, what was clear was that no member of the Stockman family would ever spend another night in that house.

“So I was able to speak to Karen and Joseph, we're leaving this place as soon as they get back, apparently something stopped them from being here sooner and they said they would talk to me about it when they got here.”

“Where will you go?”

“I don't know for sure yet, probably just a motel until I know for sure that Darren is going to be out of the woods and okay. But there is something else I need to do before I leave, today, if possible, I would like your help.”

He turned his head to look at her directly and asked “What is it?”

“I need to say goodbye.”

Without needing any kind of explanation, he responded with “I think I can help with that.”


It was later on in the afternoon of that day, after Joseph and Karen had returned to the house they took only what was needed and went to the nearest motel. Kelley on the other had something else she had to do before she would be joining them. She and Jacob had driven to a small field on the other side of town, it was green and empty, not yet touched by the ever growing cities and buildings of humanity. Jacob parked the Firebird on the side of the road and exited the car, then proceeded out to the field. “You're sure this is the place?” Kelley asked him, not in a way that sound like she was questioning him, more of confirming with him.

“I'm sure,” he replied as they walked into the middle of the field and stopped. “I spoke with Donald just to make sure. After Jane's body was discovered, the family wanted to keep it quiet because of how she was found and what had happened, and kept quiet it was. Her body was cremated and her ashes were spread here, in this field, there is a headstone that was made out to her in the local cemetery, but this is where her body was laid to rest.”

“I read about this in her diary, she liked it here, she came here often before the Cult showed up, it was probably why this was the place that she wanted to be at the end. I just wanted to see it, pay my respects before... whatever happens next, happens.”

“When it does happen, you won't have to go through it alone this time.”

Kelley slipped her fingers next to his and they interlocked hands, “I know.”

“Did you talk to Karen and Joseph?”

“About why it took them so long to get back?”


“I did, and I have to admit it's weird.”

“After what we've been through, there is almost nothing you can say that would seem weird.”

“Joseph took the Beamer to pick her up, he walked in and got her, he couldn't have been more than five minutes he said, but when he came out the whole thing was smashed to pieces. Parked across the street was a newer model white GMC van, they tried to flag down a cab, but when they moved it followed them. They ended up going into a motel, but it just sat outside.”

“You're right that is weird.”

“It's not finished, the white van left at around the same time the diary burned and all of this was over, the van cleared out and wasn't seen again. It was almost like they were waiting for it.”

“Why would someone do that?”

“I don't know, its part of many things involving this that will be unsolved, the only thing I know for sure is that my part in this is over. It is over, isn't it?”

“I think so, yes.”

“Good,” she replied, then she moved herself in front Jacob and he wrapped his arms around her. “For both me and Jane I hope this is finally over, I hope that she can finally rest in peace.”

“So do I,” he responded, but there was something in her face that told him that she had something to say. “What is it?”

Kelley let out a long sigh before she answered “It's difficult to explain, I'm not sure where I would even start.”

“Try to.”

“When Jane took control, I felt her, all of her, who she was, is, I felt what they did to her, and I know why she stayed behind. Hell was too good for them, so she stayed behind and created her own Hell, just for them, and until me and Darren let them out, that's where they remained.”

“I don't know what it was like to go through that, but it's over now Kelley, they're gone.”

“I wouldn't be so sure,” said an elderly voice from behind them, they both looked around to find Donald standing there. “I knew you would be here, when Jacob had told me what happened, I had to come, had to warn you.”

“Warn me about what?” Kelley asked him startled.

“This.” Donald replied to her with a troubled look on his face as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the small piece of paper with the names of the Cult on it. “This was left at my doorstep a few weeks before this all started to happen.” Donald then handed the paper to Kelley. “I wasn't sure what it meant, but once I found out that the diary survived, I originally thought it was a page from there, left here for safekeeping. But when I asked you, you said the diary wasn't missing any pages, and Jacob explained what happened in that house which confirmed this was not part of that diary. If it was, then the Cult and Jane would still be around.”

Kelley took a long, hard look at Donald before she said anything. “If this has nothing to do with the diary, then why warn me about it?”

“Remember when I said I thought the diary had been destroyed years ago?

“Yes, I remember,”

“I was there when it was destroyed, it was thrown into a river, and the one you had seemed different somehow, I don't know if it's memory, or if it's something else. When Jane was killed, her spirit gained a power that it was never supposed to have, she was able to do things that spirits aren't able to do. So I started to think to myself, what if that diary wasn't the original one Jane when she was murdered? What if she figured it out and was able to bind herself to another object all together before her diary was destroyed.”

“Is that even possible?” Jacob asked him.

“I'm not sure, like I said before, it might be nothing more than my old age playing tricks on me, but just in case it wasn't, I thought it would be best if you had that.” Donald turned to walk away but Kelley stopped him before he could.

“When I was possessed by Jane, I could feel everything that she felt, and I knew then I couldn't possibly know unless I was there myself. But I couldn't find out what Jane wanted, what she really wanted, do you know what that was?”

“It's sad to say that I don't, but I will tell you this young Kelley. Nothing in this world is ever just black and white, I think that when Jane had her life taken away from her, that when she came back, all that was left was the rage. And I think that sometimes, in situations like that, the rage that she felt, that consumed her, isn't something that can ever go away, no matter how hard the person tries, there is always something left behind. At least in one way or another. For the sake of both of you and for Jane, I hope that I am wrong.” Donald once again turned around and left both Kelley and Jacob on their own.

“Do you think it could be true? What Donald said about Jane being able to bind herself from object to object in order to continue to remain here? If it is, it could be anything in that house, we'd have to start all over again.” Jacob spoke with concern in his voice.

“It doesn't matter” Kelley replied in a tone that was the exact opposite of Jacobs' as she reached in her pocket for something, she spoke like she couldn't care less.

“What do you mean it doesn't matter?” Jacob was confused.

“I mean that I hope Jane is finally at rest, but it doesn't concern me anymore, my part of the story is over,” Kelley then pulled out a lighter from her pocket and lit the small piece of paper on fire. “Like you said Jacob, for me, it's over.” Jacob took some comfort in Kelley's words and when she placed her hand in his. Together, they watched the sun set, such a simple thing, but to Kelley, it meant the end of this nightmare, and the beginning of something new, and what felt like for the first time in a long time, something better.


2 weeks later...

The house was now barren and empty, the walls, cracks and windows had been fixed, a 'for sale' sign was on the front lawn and the sunset was all that lit the house, the fireplace remained cold and full of nothing but the ashes, all that remained of the small black book was a single section of a page, but still, faintly, it was heard, a whisper. Four words repeated over and over again, but impossible to make out, a slight breeze moved some settled dust along the floor. The words began to become more clear and louder, but it was like a chant, and no one to be seen. “Always something left behind... always something left behind” it still sounded like a whisper, but was heard through the whole house, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the hallways, the attic and the living room. “Always something left behind... always something left behind” it repeated, growing louder every time it was spoken.

Another gust of wind blew through the living room and stirred the ashes in the fireplace, “always something left behind.” The ashes in the fireplace began to set again, but other began to form something on the floor, they were transformed from ashes to the material they once were. The leather backing was becoming visible and the seams were showing themselves shut as the pages were pages once more recreating the little black book that Kelley had found in the attic under the floorboards, and then cast into the fire.

A woman in a bright white dress began walking towards the fireplace from the other side of the room, she had beautiful light brown hair and pale skin, she was thin and in her early twenties. When she reached the fireplace, her dress began to rip at the bottom as if it was falling away and dirt started to appear. Her slightly curly hair was being weighed down by bits of mud and Jane reached down and picked up the diary and turned around. Her arms and all visible skin were now a light blue and around her eyes went dark and in a harsh voice she spoke the words “... always... something...”

EPOLOUGE: No Chances (alternate Ending)

One week after the events in the Worthright mansion-

Jacob drove his car down the driveway and put it in park once he reached the house, all had been quiet here in the past week. It was those words, what Donald had told him that he couldn't get out of his mind, he couldn't stop thinking 'what if this wasn't over and Jane came after Kelley?' It didn't make much sense that she would, with the Cult gone and nothing left to bind them, even if Jane's essence was still around, it had no reason to come after Kelley anymore. Jacob sat in his car as he thought about what he had to do, and he was prepared to do it, everything he needed was in the trunk of the Firebird. He removed his seatbelt and stepped out of the car and walked around to the trunk, when he opened it, he pulled out a gas can and a pack of matches before he closed it again. He couldn't take that chance that this wasn't over, that one day, maybe even many years from now, Jane would come back for Kelley.

He walked down the driveway which was covered in mud from the rain they had the night before, he got to the house and went inside. Looking at the size of the house, he was no longer sure that one can of gas would be enough to cover all of it, but that didn't matter. No one lived here anymore, no one even really came up here after talk about what happened to Darren, all he had to do was get it going and make sure by the time anyone noticed, that it was too far gone for anyone to do anything. He removed the gas cap and started to splash the gasoline on the walls, letting it slightly trail as he walked from room to room. He figured by doing that, it would ensure most of the bottom half the house was inflamed when it lit it. If that object was in this house, there was no way that it was going to survive, and Jane would have nothing left to keep her here.

He slashed everything he could see, the walls, curtains, doors, the couch, the floor and the staircase before he ran out of gas. He placed the lid back on the gas can and walked to the door and lit a match, he used the match to light the entire pack before throwing it into the house. Exactly as he had planned it, the entire first floor of the house went up in flames and smoke in under a minute, he closed the front door of the house and walked back down the steps. He kept looking behind him to make sure that the flames hadn't smothered themselves out, they hadn't. Flames burst out of a second floor window as they crept up the side of the house. Now it was over, now it was finished.

He once again walked through the muddy driveway and to the trunk of his car, he opened it and put the gas can back inside and closed the trunk. He started to make his way back to the driver side when he noticed something on the ground, just under the back of the car, he must have driven over it and not even noticed. He knelt down to see what it was, when he got a clearer look, he saw it was a small, black book. “No,” he said, alarmed as he instantly dropped to the ground and grabbed the small book. It wasn't the diary of Jane, it couldn't have been, and this book looked brand new. He opened it to the first page, written in handwriting it read: “this journal is the property of Jane Worthright.”

He could only stare at the book in horror, it was true, it was starting again, what he didn't notice was a young woman standing only a foot or so behind him, with long brown hair, and wearing a white dress. Jacob only flipped the book open to the first passage, it was different from the one that Kelley had found. It read: 'Today is the start of a new beginning for me, it was not even a full week ago that my only reason for existing at all had been taken away from me. And it was only just today that a man burned my home to the ground, leaving nothing but ashes behind. Today I killed that man....” Jacob then felt a cold chill as the woman standing behind him started to change. Her hair had become soaked with mud and her dress started to show stains of dirt and blood as it ripped, and finally her skin colour changed to an unnatural pale blue. She whispered to Jacob only two words, “Always. Something.”

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