The Diary Of Jane

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Three: The Diary Of Jane


March 24th, 2002-

In the year that passed much had changed for Joseph and his family, each member now owned their own vehicle. Kelley bought herself a four door Jeep Liberty whereas Joseph got himself a new Toyota Tundra and Karen got a BMW Beamer. Kelley, now nineteen, finished her last year in high school at the local school just outside of town and decided to take some time off before heading to college. It was partly because she needed it, but mostly because she had no real idea what she wanted to do with her life, she had a lot of talent, but talent was cheap and common, she needed to find something she was truly good at. Something that would make her stand out from the rest of the crowd. It was probably just an over worrying thought, but it was clear to anyone that the economy had taken a downward slide and wasn't about to bounce back. It was either stand out from the crowd or simply blend in and be left behind.

Michael had paid every bill the house could have years in advance, it would be nearly twenty years before it costs Joseph and Karen so much as a single dime to live there. Yet even with their new found wealth Kelley's depression did not stay far behind, it followed her, even though she wasn't sure why it still existed, this new life was nothing like her old one. It was like an idea, a corrosive one, that instead of fading away, the way most ideas do, it grew into something more than what it had started at. For Kelley it was nothing more than a single tear that had dropped from her eyes, that was the day she let it sink in, that her parents, her guardians, her protectors and the ones who granted her life, were gone forever, and the constantly returning thought of how nice it would be to see them again. And the question of why? Why did they die? Why did they die while she got to live? It was at question that at sixteen years old, she never thought she would be asking herself at nineteen.

Joseph and Karen were getting ready to go to the city for the day, Kelley had chosen to stay behind and have the house to herself. A trip to the city may not sound like such a big deal, and when you had nothing but time it really wasn't. The truth being told there was the house, and about three or so miles out there was town, and another thirty after that was the city. That was not to mention that Kelley was never fond of the city to begin with, she much preferred going into town when she needed something rather than drive all the way out there. She intended to call Jacob, the only real friend that she had made since she had moved there, which was still one more than she had before she came there. She wanted to walk through the forest, but did not know the area all that well, she had only been in there a hand full of times since moving there. The last thing she wanted to do was get lost in the forest where no one would even think to look for her, or at least not till she was eaten by wolves or something. Kelley liked the woods, but not so much the dangers that lurked within them, Jacob grew up around here and knew them far better than she ever would. “Are you sure that you don't want to come with us?” Karen asked her as she slipped on a thin,, blue jean jacket.

“Yeah, I'm sure” Kelley replied, trying to think of something else to add that wouldn't suggest that she had intended for anyone to come over, especially if that anyone happened to be Jacob. He and Joseph had never gotten along very well from the start, then there whole idea that he thought that Jacob and Kelley had slept together, which didn't help matters. It never happened, Kelley just chalked it up to Joseph’s over protectiveness he had for her, the closest she had ever been to that was thinking about it. That she was guilty of, but nothing else. “I think some peace and quiet will do me some good.” Her voice was cheery, almost to the point where it would have been easy to tell that it was faked, and they would know that something was up. Either by fate, or sheer dumb luck, neither Joseph nor Karen caught on, in fact from the looks on their faces, Kelley was positive that they didn't have the slightest idea. Maybe Kelley just simply got better at hiding what she was feeling from those she didn't want to know about it, something that everyone eventually learns how to do, to a point at least.

“Okay, we will probably go to see that new movie” then she leaned in towards Kelley, “the one about the wizards and elves.” Karen whispered that last part to Kelley which made a slight laugh escape her mouth, Kelley had almost forgotten how much Joseph liked those kinds of movies. Karen on the other hand, more or less tolerated them for his sake. “It’s probably going to be long so we won't be back till well after dark.”

“That's fine,” Kelley said, honestly starting to get annoyed by the pestering, “go, have fun, and I'll see you later.”

“Okay, love you” Karen said as Joseph walked her out the door.

“Love you too” Kelley replied as she closed the door behind them, and then went up into her room to make sure that they had left. Kelley watched Joseph and Karen walk out to the BMW from the large window in her room, the window had a large sill on it which Kelley would often sit at watch the stars pass over through the night. She used to do the same thing in the apartment, only it was more of sitting on the edge of the bed and looking out the window than actually sitting on a sill. She slipped on a red and black plaid jacket over top of her shirt and she waited till the car was half way down the driveway before she opened her window, slipped her hand under one of her navy blue pillows and pulled out a small metal case. When she opened it inside was a half dozen cigarettes, she pulled one out and put it in her mouth and then lit it with a lighter that she kept in the case. She took long drags of it while staring out over the small town. Even after a year she still couldn't get used to the view that she got from her very own window. She picked up her cell phone and began looking through her contacts until she found Jacob's number then she clicked call. It rang a few times before he answered.

“Hey Kelley, what's up?” his voice was crisp and clear.

“Nothing much, just enjoying the day without Joseph and Karen” she replied. It's wasn't as though she didn't want them around, however, lately they had been around a little more than she would have liked. It was hard to keep a constant straight face around them all the time, and she felt for them that she had too, but with Jacob it wasn't like that. He accepted things how they were, and not how they were supposed to be, a part of Kelley really didn't want to risk Joseph not being able to understand that.

“Yeah, you got that whole place to yourself today don't you? What are your plans for the day?”

“Well, first off, are you still coming over as we planned?”

“Yes, I'll be there around three, you good with that?” The sooner he got there, the better it would be for Kelley, but three in the afternoon was better than not at all.

“Yeah, that's fine, what time is it anyway?”

“It is just after eleven, why do you ask?”

“No reason, was just wondering, and there is no clock in my room, and I also had to figure out how many hours I have to kill.”

Jacob gave a slight chuckle before he replied “Alright, I'll talk to you when I get there.”

“Okay, see you then” and she hung up the phone. She took another drag of her smoke before she put it out on the brick wall outside the window, when out of the corner of her left eye she was positive that she saw something. Something that wasn't possible, a little girl standing in her room looking at her, not just a little girl, but the same one that she had seen almost a year ago to the day. Same hair, same age, same red ribbon, it was even the same dress, but when she turned her head the little girl was gone, it had been almost a year since she had last seen her so it was hard to be positive, but she was sure enough. And even if it wasn't, there still raised the fact that Kelley had seen someone her room while she was alone in the house, and she was positive it was a little girl. “Hello?” Kelley called out to the old house, and received no reply, “anyone there?” Kelley wasn't sure why she thought that would work the second time if no one answered her the first time she called out.

She decided to listen, maybe the mystery person was standing just out of eyeshot. Then heard the creaking of the floor boards that started no more than three feet away, causing Kelley to leap back and almost fall out her window. The cracking was as though someone was walking, walking away, the noises slowly drifted out of the room. 'Ignore it' was the original thought that swept across her mind, 'you don't know what it is, if it's even anything, just leave it alone.' It sounded more like primal instincts trying to warn her that this was dangerous then thoughts that she was having, either way, curiosity got the best of her. Kelly got off the window ledge and started to follow the steps, they seemed to be made by no one. She wasn't sure why she trusted this so much, or even if she had trusted this at all, at any other time she would have bolted out of the house screaming her lungs out. It was something about the little girl appearing and this disappearing just as fast, not to mention this, she wanted to know why, and also, why contact her of all people? It had to mean something, Kelley just didn't know what.

They lead her down the hallway to one of the doors, she had never been in before, it was not a surprise that she had never been in there before, she never had a reason to before. Although she had never stepped inside, she knew that door, it was the only door in the house that was unfinished. She reached out her hand and turned the door knob and swung open the door, only missing her head by an inch or two, which she didn't mean to do. On the other side was a set of stairs leading up, it must lead to the attic of the house, or if she remembered correctly it was. The footsteps started to sound from the stairs, Kelly followed them, completely unaware of what she would find. The attic itself was built like another room in the house, there where floorboards and walls, complete with a rather large window, it looked as though it hadn't been used in many years, other than the cobwebs, and layers of dust and dirt, it was a fairly large space. It was clear that the attic hadn't had anywhere near as much work done to it as the rest of the house, if it had any work done to it at all since it was first built or since the fire that Donald had spoken of, there was a slight musty smell in the air. As she looked around, she realized that this must not be the entire section of the attic, but it was still twice as big as her room and her room was huge, almost half the size of the old apartment huge. That was the first time it occurred to her, was this Jane's room?

The footsteps went over to the far left hand corner of the room, over by the large window and then they stopped, just stopped, as though they were waiting for something to happen. She had followed them this far hadn't she? When Kelly walked over to where they stopped, she began to look around, trying to find out why they stopped where they did,' what the hell are you doing Kelley?' she asked herself. She turned around to leave the attic, but when she did her foot went right through one of the floorboards and she fell to the floor. When she pulled her foot out and checked for any cuts, that was when she noticed that there was something hidden there, something that was meant for no one to ever find. Or maybe just hidden for just the right person to find it, her mind taunted her.

It was wrapped in a red silk cloth or maybe a large ribbon and the object itself was small and rectangular. Kelley reached into the hole and pulled it out. The red cloth was covered in a layer of dust, but so carefully wrapped and placed away from the world, when she removed it it revealed a black, leather bound, unmarked book. She then noticed something carved on part of the floorboard that she fell through, it read: ALWAYS SOMETHING. Kelley walked over to the window to get a better look at the book in the light. She placed the red cloth on the window sill and just held the book in her hand, the spine seemed to be barely used, but the pages where yellowish colour from age and looked as though they had been written in or even just read many times. Kelley opened the book to its first page, it simply said, handwritten in ink, “this journal is the property of Jane Worthright.” So this was Jane's room, once upon a time ago, she flipped the diary open to the next page and found the first entry in the diary.

“September 17th, 1932-

To the person reading this journal, my name is Jane Worthright, I am twenty years of age, I had always intended for this to be more of a diary of events that happen throughout my life that I find memorable. Do not feel that you are intruding, the way I see it, journals were made to have memories of value written in them and what is the point of writing anything down in them if they were never intended for anyone to ever read? To me, there simply is no point.

Today is chillier than most, it must mean autumn is well on its way, seems to becoming a bit early this year it seems, if it is not here already that is. To most this is a just a change of scenery, to me it means that November is growing closer, and the closer it gets, the more time seems to stand still, it has not changed in three years. You see, it was on November sixth in the year nineteen twenty nine that my mother was killed, I was seventeen at the time. I don't seem to remember not spending a day without her, but I cannot recall a single second that passed that day, it was almost as if one day she was there, my loving overprotective mother, and the next she was laid to rest and placed beneath the ground. Those days i remember as though they had happened only moments ago, but not the day in between, it has been three years since i have seen her face and not a single question of mine has ever been answered, father had always said to bury the pain and move on with life. The pain I can bury, it's the truth of what happened that must rise to the surface. It was a truth that my father feels he must hide from me, i am not sure how she died, but I know he is lying when he says it was in her sleep.

This house has been in my family for as long as I can remember, it has been passed down to my father William Worthright. I have lived here all my life as well as my father, grandfather, he complains that I have not found myself a husband, I am not trying to defy him in any way, despite what he might think. The men I have met think me to be not much more than a common lay or a household bar wench. I hope it will reflect in my writings, that I am something much more than that, and I deserve to be treated as something more than that. I cannot understand why my father would want to be with any man of that sort, his wishes. remain his own.”

That was the end of the first passage of the diary and Kelley closed the small book and heard a noise, it was coming from outside, tires rolling up in the driveway, Jacob. Kelley put the book on the window sill and slightly rushed down the stairs to meet him. She opened the front door to see his faded black '71 Firebird with the odd spot of rust running along the bottom sitting in the driveway, and he was still wearing that dirty brown jacket that he officially introduced himself in, Kelley walked up to him and asked “have I ever told you, you look like a lumberjack in that thing?” she had a small smirk on her face when she said it. Unlike when Karen and Joseph had left earlier on, she had meant it this time when she showed a glimmer of happiness.

“Still look better than you do,” he said, returning the smirk. Even though she was fairly certain that he was only teasing her, there were moment where she thought that he might actually think that was true.

“Whatever your smoking, please share with the class,” there was no response from him, his smirk remained, maybe he just wasn't sure what to say to that, Kelley didn't know. “So that was fast, wasn't expecting you still three”.

Jacob's smirk faded and replied “I'm late, I know,” thinking she was giving him shit for it.

“No, seriously, I only called you twenty minutes ago.”

“Kelley, it's almost four,” she looked around, she hadn't noticed that the sun had moved from where she last saw it and that a slight mist had rolled it, just enough to hide the grass so that only the tips were showing. She then pulled her cell phone out of her pocket to check the time, 3:54 PM.

“Five hours,” she whispered to herself, completely forgetting that Jacob was standing in front of her. She spent five hours alone in that attic reading that entry in the diary that couldn't have been more than a page and a half.

“What was that?” he asked and she almost jumped. “Kelley, what is it?” His face was very serious now, like he had just witnessed Kelley being given horrible news about something. She had to tell him, had to show him what she found.

“I want to show you something, come with me”. 'This is crazy' she thought to herself, realizing what she thought happened wasn't possible, she then added, 'but then again, crazy and not possible seems to be the currency of the realm.'

“Kelley? What's this about?” his expression had now changed from concerned to confused.

“It's probably nothing,” she answered, “but just in case it's not, it never hurts to get a second opinion from someone that you trust, right?” Or that was the thinking behind this anyway, but in all honesty, she wasn't sure what she wanted Jacob to say, that she was crazy, her house was haunted, or none of the above. Only one way to find out.

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