The Diary Of Jane

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Six: The Second Entery


March 31st, 2002-

A week had passed since the night Kelley and Darren had used the Ouija board and nothing had happened since then, no sign from Jane, Edison or the little girl, the Stockman mansion had been quiet. Perhaps they were empty threats or Darren had been playing some kind of sick joke based on what she thought she saw earlier, if he was, she wasn't quite sure how he would have done it. She and Darren had not spoken since that night, she knew he liked her, and maybe she returned the feelings, she wasn't quite sure, relationships were never her strong point. She was also fairly positive that Jacob wanted more than a friendship as well, and with their dislike of each other there, was no way this was going to end well.

The diary sat on her night side table, untouched, unread. She didn't understand why she still had it and why she hadn't gotten rid of the thing, it was weird, something always came up to make her forget about it. She wasn't even sure if she wanted to get rid of it either, it was like an old jacket you always meant to give away, yet never do. She walked out of her room and down the stairs to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee and looked at the wall clock 11:46 AM. This was a day where she had no plans and nothing to do, just let the day come as it may. She walked over to the back door with her cup of coffee and stepped outside, the back yard was big, but that is all it was is a yard, exactly the same as it was when Joseph, Karen and herself had arrived. She finished her cup of coffee and then walked back inside, placed the cup on the counter and walked down the long hallway to the heated indoor pool. It was long, about fifty feet and about thirty wide, it looked very much like a public swimming pool. Joseph and Karen were gone in the morning and would not return until one or two in the afternoon, with the money and free time on their hands Joseph finally had time to write and finish his book 'The Truth past the Lie' a drama, he and Karen were seeing about getting it published. Kelley had read the book herself, and even though she didn't like drama stories in general, she admitted that she thought this one was very well written. The only part of the book she didn't like was its title, Tongue Of Lies is the title that she would have gone with. Kelley herself, up until a week ago that was, preferred horror novels, Christine by Stephen King, Whispers In The Night by R. K. Nale, and Red Dragon by Thomas Harris to name a few of her favourites.

Kelley then removed her shirt, her pants, and underwear and jumped in the pool, she took long strokes as she swam. She was very nervous to swim in this pool when she saw it for the first time, due to one wall being made entirely of glass, even though there were blinds. It was just the thought that someone might be watching, she was able overcome this fear by only swimming when she was alone in the house. The window itself overlooked a part of the forest along the side of the house, if anyone was watching, she would have been able to see them. Water splashed against the sides of the pool, she dived several times from one end to the other. Kelley didn't notice it at first, but now she was starting to, the water was getting cold, the slightest bit of frost began to appear at the seams of the window, it was so small that Kelley couldn't see it from where she was. The water behind her started to grow dark, but only in a small section, and as she moved, so did it, but staying out of her sight. Steadily moving closer... and closer... till it was only inches away, when suddenly her cell phone rang, it was in her pant pocket, she swam to the edge of the pool, got out and answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey Kelley, its Jacob.”

“Jacob, how are you? I haven't seen you in a week. ”Kelley was facing the wall opposite the window while she was taking on the phone with Jacob and never noticed that the black spot in the pool was turning red. That, or the figure in the black cloak standing in front of the window.

“Yeah, I know, sorry about that I have busy with work, but I think I may have a face to go with the name Jane Worthright” the frost grew bigger on the window behind her, yet she was still somehow unaware of its existence or of anything else.

“You do? How did you find it?”

“Local newspaper from way back when.”

“Well, do you want to come over?” The dark red spot in the red spot in the pool was no longer a red spot, the entire pool was now filled with red, thick liquid. The figure only continued to stare at Kelley's naked body, he was wearing a mask so it was impossible to guess his emotion, a mask that resembled a raven.

“Actually, I was on my way there now by thought I'd call first.”

“Now? Like now, now?” Kelley needed to drop the phone and run, fully nude or not, she had to run for her life while she still could, all she had to do was turn around. Objects were starting to float to the surface of the pool now, no, not objects, bodies, women's bodies, at least twelve of them.

“Yeah, I'll be there in less than five minutes, why?”

“Can you take a detour or something, I have to get some clothes on.” The figure was no longer standing still, it had started to use the bodies as stepping stones to cross the pool, causing them to sink under his feet. Although he never stayed on one long enough to let his cloak touch the red waters.

“Its fine Kelley, don't trouble yourself, I don't mind.”

“I bet you don't,” and hung up the phone with a smug look on her face “pervert”. She turned around and was now facing the window, there was no longer any frost, red water, bodies or figure. Kelley simply bent down and picked up her now wet clothes and walked upstairs to her room. She changed into some dry clothes and opened her window and sat on the ledge waiting to see the faded Firebird come down the driveway. She didn't know what it was, but she has this feeling, it was odd, and being unaware of what just happened in the pool it made it odder, it felt like, run. When she did, finally see the car she waved and he honked the horn in return. He got out of his car and she yelled “just come up!” he either heard her or was about to come up anyway, she pulled out the small metal case from behind a pillow and put a cigarette in her mouth and took out the lighter that she kept in the case with them in order to light it. She took a long drag, it had been a week since she had seen anything happen, and it was a year in between the sightings of the little girl, she was starting to think that maybe it was just all in her head. It wasn't like anything had happened since the night she used the Ouija board, maybe she really was getting worked up over nothing, but then again, maybe not. Perhaps it was just lack of sleep causing her to see things, Darren trying to get back at her for not being with him and her finding the Diary, in Jane Worthright's old house was nothing more than a coincidence.

Jacob walked in the room as she took another drag, he was holding a few pieces of old, heavily folded, newspaper from the look of it. “Those things will kill you,” he said. She was trying to make out the front page of one of the newspapers but couldn't see it.

“What?” she replied more focused on the newspaper.

“Cigarettes. They'll kill you if you keep on smoking.”

“There are worse addictions I could have, I not all hopped up on Coke or Meth or whatever the fuck is popular these days” she replied, then she exhaled the smoke from her lungs. “Besides, I don't smoke that much.”

“Ain't that the truth.” He walked over and sat next to her. “Have a nice swim?” he asked, noticing that her hair was still wet and the fact that only minutes ago she informed him that she was naked. It was either a swim or a shower, a fifty, fifty shot, and he didn't think Kelley would be randomly showering in the middle of the day.

“It was good, but I think there is something wrong with the water heater, half way through it was freezing...” Jacob could sense that was not all that she wanted to say.

“What is it?”

“You'll think I've lost it.”

“And I haven't already?” she still said nothing, he then realized that she was more serious than he thought she was. That, along with the last time she wanted to talk to him about something that was troubling her and he didn't take her all that seriously, he was starting to think that her trust in him was being wavered. He looked right at her and said “you can trust me Kelley.”

“While I was swimming, even before everything got cold, I could swear that someone was watching me, the whole time, like just out of eyeshot or something, when I left the room the feeling went away. I didn't know what to think, at first I thought I was seeing ghosts and now... now I think I’m going crazy...”

Jacob debated not telling her what he had found for the sake of her sanity, but then again, maybe that is the exact reason why he should. “Well, I don't know how much help this will be, but I think you were closer to your first guess.” he placed the newspaper in front of her, in the right hand corner of the picture on the front page was a young woman, Jane! It was her, only she didn't look as she did in the forest, her hair had a slight curl in it and she was smiling, and in a pretty dress. The photo was old, and in black and white that had faded to a yellowish colour over time, so it was hard to make out any colour details. Yet there was no doubt in Kelley's mind, it was her. She checked the date on the paper: December 2nd, 1932. Only a few months after Jane had written the first entry in her diary. After seeing the look on her face, Jacob knew that Kelley recognized the girl in the photograph. “Is that her?” Kelley just nodded her head yes, in complete amazement that Jacob was able to find anything about her at all. “Keep reading.” The page read:

Jane Worthright, age 20, is feared to be dead by police and local authorities, it is their fear that Jane had become the third victim of the Satanist group that call themselves “The Cult Of Eternity.” The Cult has been taking one victim on the full moon of every month since September this year. Jane had been reported missing on November 27th and has not been heard from since, the Cult of Eternity are wanted on suspicion of murder of six other known women to be found outside of the town of Woodshire. There are still no official suspects as to who the members of the Cult are, the case is still ongoing.”

“This was all you could find?”

“No, it was all I could find relating to Jane directly, but I found four more relating to the Cult, you might want to take a close look at this”. He handed her the next newspaper, it was dated the day after the article she just read.

“December 3rd, 1932-

Local man, Nathan Smith was found dead in the forest behind the house belonging to Jane Worthright who was reported missing by friends on the twenty seventh of November. Smith was found with his face completely removed and had been here for some time, there were cuts along his arms, legs and torso which indicated that he put up a fight in self-defence. Upon finding the body, police have stated that he is indeed a member of 'The Cult Of Eternity' by evidence of his black cloak with a gold lining, a trademark of the Cult, and a pig mask, which one of the member was known to have according to eyewitness accounts. The Murderer of Mr. Smith is still at large.”

“Okay, this was a horrible man who got what he dissevered, but I don't see how this has to do with anything now”. Well other than the fact he was probably one of the sick bastards who killed Jane in the first place.

“Take a closer look at the picture, in the background.” The photograph showed policemen standing around a body with its face in the ground, lying next to it was, what was supposed to be a pig mask Kelley guessed, it looked more like someone had cut the face off one of those creepy ass glass dolls and wore it. Then she noticed something in the background, it was small, so Kelley had to look hard. It was very difficult to tell, but it almost looked like someone was standing beside one of the trees wearing a white dress, not enough to be clearly visible in the photo, but just enough to be there. It was like whoever it was wanted people, or someone to know, that they did this, they did this and showed no mercy, no remorse. And they wanted people to know who it was.

“You think that's Jane?” Kelley asked.

“I don't know, but from what I can tell it looks a hell of a lot like her”. He put the other two newspapers in her lap, “all of the Cult were found dead within six days of that first newspaper I showed you.” Kelley just looked at them, “she appears in the other two photos as well. I think she was the third victim, and I think she gave them what they had coming, look at the photos, read the articles, a face torn off, one was hung upside down from a tree in the middle of town after being strangled and the third one was decapitated from the centre of his eyes up. These weren't Good Samaritan acts of justice, they were hate crimes, vengeance crimes, the Cult was there for months, if not then years, and the town did nothing. Jane goes missing and then within twelve days all three of them are found dead.”

“So you think Jane survived.”

“No, fallowing up on research I came across the old police reports, the guy who had his face ripped off, it said in the report that it looked as though it was done with someone's finger nails. I also came across the reports of the Cult's first two known victims, the first had her throat cut so deep that a section of her spinal cord was showing and the second, had both of her eyes removed before being stabbed seven times. These bastards showed no mercy to those women, but that seemed to be their targets, both women, both twenty. Jane fits the profile and no one else turned up dead or missing in November, but if she survived, those are the kinds of things they would have done to her. Knowing what happened to them, it would take a strong, healthy woman to do something like that, but the thought of a girl weighing a buck ten, buck twenty at most, beaten to hell and back and left for dead, and within days attacks them like that? Talk about stretching what is physically possible.”

“Three possibilities, one, Jane killed them from beyond the grave or two, someone close to Jane killed them, maybe a sister? Or three, they left her for dead. What I don't understand is why Jane? What made her so special, if she came back, why didn't any of the others?”

“I don't know, the only thing I can think of is maybe something went wrong the night they attacked Jane. It didn't say anything about a sister in any of the reports or newspapers, as far as I can tell, eighty years ago, that was Jane Worthright who killed those men, after she was killed herself..... I can't believe I just said that... ”

“Welcome to my world.” Kelley noticed something about the newspaper at the top of the pile that Jacob handed her, the dated was September 24th, 1932. Only a few days after the first entry of the diary. “Jacob... this one is only a few days after the first passage in Jane's diary.”

“That one was the day after the first killing, when the town first realized what they were dealing with, what does it say in the diary?”

“I'm not sure, I never read past the first entry she made” Kelley looked over at the diary sitting on the small table next to her bed, she put the newspapers on the ledge and walked over and picked it up and sat back down next to Jacob, she went through a few pages after September 17th.


“Not really, something about her meeting a boy and she finds cute, other than that, no... Wait a second, there is something here.”

“How can you tell? You just glanced at it?”

“You see here, how the writing on the page is slightly wavy, Jane has very neat writing, and this almost looks like she was shaking while writing it.” She moved the book over so that Jacob could see it as well.

“Kelley” Jacob said to her.

“Yeah?” she asked, looking back up at him.

“I'm sorry I didn't believe you sooner.” He was very serious when he said that, it seemed to her that his words felt like they were too little, too late. Which wasn't the case, he was here now, and that was enough for her.

“It's okay, I'm not sure I would have believed me either.” She then looked back at the book before them staring at each other started a fire.

“September 24th, 1932-

I can't believe what I saw last night, it's all over the paper and it's all anyone is talking about today, about that poor girl being killed, murdered. I don't even think I should be writing this in here, but I have too, I feel it may help someone someday, I have not gone to the police, I fear that if I did that I would become their second victim. Last night a young girl was killed, taken from her home and dragged into the forest where her body was found, everyone in the town knows this, but I saw them do it, I was returning from my friend's home across town when I saw them dragging her though the outskirts of town, she wasn't moving, but I believe she was still alive, I only saw them for a moment and then hid, in fear they might have seen me too.

There were three of them, two dragging her by her arms and one following. All of them wore black cloaks with gold linings around the seams, all of them wore masks to hide their faces, their faces hidden, but their crimes known, and never to be forgiven. One of the ones dragging her was wearing a mask that looked like the face of a glass pig (Pig Mask). The other one dragging her, only his mouth, chin and the bottom of his nose was visible from where I was, and I was close. On his head he had what to be a crown made of the bones and antlers of animals, such as a buck, one he most likely killed in the forest (King of Horns). Despite the whole event being terrifying, the one thing I cannot erase from my memory was the third man, wearing a mask that was made from feathers, it looked like it was meant to resemble a raven (Raven Face). The thing about Raven Face that made him stand out so much more than the others was reaction to this, the others seemed slightly excited, but he was calm. It was likely that the King of Horns and Pig Mask never existed until last night. But Raven Face, he had done this before, I don't know when, or where, or to whom, but he had. There was no remorse anywhere that was visible, like the gypsy traveller passing through a town, this was just another deed that needed to be done, nothing special.

I don't understand how any person could think that way about another human being, that they were nothing more than a chore that need to be done. I wanted to run home, and tell my father what I had just seen, but I couldn't, I wanted to find a policeman and stop them from ever reaching the forest, but none could be found. I did the only thing I could do, I followed them, I kept my distance so I was not to be seen, but I couldn't walk away from there, from her, knowing what they'd do to her I couldn't just walk away. If I had, they would have gone into the forest and never would have been found in time, at least this way, if their guard was let down, I may be able to help her. I was nothing more than a desperate fool.

I saw them tie her to the rectangular stone table as she awoke, we were deep in the forest and I was able to hide behind a fairly large tree. The full moon was just able to be seen through the tops of the trees who still had a few remaining leaves from the summer that had now passed. I heard them chanting something, it was only then I realized what they were exactly, I had heard of them through stories, but never have I seen them before, a Satanist cult. Raven Face then picked up a large dagger and proceed to make the stroke that ended her life, I know it seems impossible, but I swear to the good Lord in heaven that she was looking right at me in her final seconds. She tried to scream, but it was not possible for her to do so.

Even though my faith in the lord is strong, last night it was shaken, how could he allow something as wicked as those monsters to exist? Where is his wrath? Where is his vengeance? Where is his mercy to this poor woman? Where was he when those monsters I will not dare call human carved that innocent woman into pieces...”

“She saw it...” Kelley said as a tear crept down her face. “Jane witnessed them murder someone, she watched them drain the life from her...” She didn't expect Jacob to react the way he did to this, he stared straight ahead, not blinking, wide eyed. Then she heard it, music, a like chimes, a music box, the melody which may have once brought joy to a small child was now haunting to Kelley's ears. She turned to see what Jacob was looking at, in the hallway, just outside the room, was the dark figure of a little girl with long hair standing there staring back at them. The hall light was out, it was impossible to see anything but her outline in the darkness.

The little girl then reached her hand into the room, being visible in the light Kelly could see she was in a dirty white dress, her hands were blue and finger nails covered in dirt. It then got extremely cold in the room, like stepping outside in the dead of winter after a hot shower. Frost shot up the windows in a matter of seconds and Kelley could see her own breath, and every hair on the back of her neck stood up. The little girl's only visible hand was then made into a fist and with her index finger she pointed at Kelley. The seam where the ceiling met the wall then started to leak a black, gel like substance, like it was bleeding, the same kind that came from Darren's phone. In a dark, unsettling voice the little girl spoke, “I warned you... ”. Then her entire figure flickered, like bad reception on a television, it happened a second time, only this time she didn't come back, she was gone. The warmth came back to the room and the frost vanished from the windows. Jacob was breathing fast and heavy while his entire body was shaking.

“What the fuck was that?” Kelley asked as she bolted off the bed and ran over to the door, there was no one there, no sign that there ever was. There was no doubt in Kelley's mind that she was the same little girl that she had seen twice before, only she looked different this time. Like a darkness had been woken up inside of her, one that could not be put back to rest. “Jacob you saw her, right?” Kelley looked back at Jacob to see that his face had gone completely pale and his expression had not changed.

“She's real...” was all he managed to say, over and over again. Kelley's only thought was 'God forgive me, what have I done?' This was what that little girl had warned her about a year ago in the school hallway, the Ouija board was the door that was never meant to be opened. Whatever was going on, it was just starting.

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