Rings in the Clover

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It is not often that the wars of the supernaturals leave the fate of Earth hanging from a thread. But when a mysterious, ancient being seeks to destroy humanity, a group of unlikely heroes will be forced to assemble and fight it. This book contains: Sequences of violence/gore(moderate) Language(mild) Adult content(mild) Disturbing situations(moderate

Horror / Thriller
Cat Johanson
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They were twins. Leia had crystal-clear blue eyes, with hair as white as ivory. Loryn had forest green eyes, and hair the colour of ebony. Leia was as kind and innocent as her sister was mischievous and troublesome. They were exact opposites, yet perfect companions.

The sisters always seemed to know what the other was thinking, but they weren’t just connected mentally. If one was slapped, a mysterious red mark would appear on the other. If one was crying, the other would share her tears, even if they were across the house from each other. You could not harm one without harming the other.

So when Loryn was found dead in her room, it wasn’t long before the twin’s mother went looking for Leia. It was prom that night. Loryn had been grounded for the next few centuries, thus meaning Leia had gone by herself. Of course, she’d had a date and plenty of friends, but Leia was indeed alone when she was killed and her body dragged down to a reservoir behind the school.

Her death, though tragic, was easy enough to explain. But Loryn had been at home. The strangulation marks and bruises all over her body matched exactly those of her sister’s. The only difference were the cuts on Loryn, most likely from breaking one of her windows and dragging herself over the jagged remains of the glass in an attempt to escape the house and find her sister. To this day, no one can explain it.

The twins were buried in the graveyard next to their local church. But that wasn’t the end of Leia, Loryn, and their mysterious connection, indeed, it was just the beginning.


Gabriel Anderson was 37 years old. He was unemployed, unmarried, and had no children. He had just been released from prison after serving 13 years of his assault conviction.

At this particular moment, he was enjoying the news report on the murder of Leia and Loryn Helmsburn. He’d been a little worried when the police had found the prints of the size-11 men’s work boot at the scene of the crime, but they had yet to connect those shoes to him.

Gabriel got up from the couch, chuckling over the failing investigation. He reached up to his liquor cabinet to grab some whiskey but found only a few drops left in the bottle. Groaning, he threw it in the trash, grabbed his wallet, and went out of his apartment in search of the liquor store.

As he reached for the cheapest option on the shelf, he paused. There was a strange girl in the next aisle, who appeared to be looking right at him. The girl seemed far too young to be there, but the cashier didn’t seem to notice, so Gabriel averted his eyes and grabbed his whiskey.

It wasn’t long before Gabriel turned to look at the girl again- she was so strange. Her hair was exactly half white, and half black, split directly down the middle, like two girls stuck to each other. She also had one blue eye, and one green, only enhancing the effect. Gabriel paid for his alcohol, but before he left, he risked one last glance into the back of the store. The girl was nowhere to be seen.

Even when he returned home, Gabriel couldn’t get the girl at the liquor store out of his head. He remembered the way her eyes seemed to darken when she looked at his, like a shadow passing over the paleness of the moon. He was afraid of the girl, the sort of fear one can’t brush off, or ignore.

That night, the girl terrorized his dreams. Wakefulness brought no relief, though Gabriel spent most of the night in it. He was so exhausted, and his eyelids felt so heavy it hurt to blink, but somehow he knew he must not fall asleep.

After three nights of this, Gabriel knew who she was. He wasn’t sure how he knew, but he did. That knowledge only made him more afraid. On the fourth night, she came. Her eyes blazed with the fury of justice. Her hair swirled around her in rage. She oozed power, an untouchable, unthinkable power that made Gabriel feel cold, so terribly cold.

He begged for forgiveness, for mercy. But the girl had none. In the end, he tried to run. He knew he’d rather spend an eternity in prison than face whatever the girl had in store for him.

But even as he fled he knew it was hopeless.

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