Hidden Blood

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Erin, a 22 year old girl, finally, moving into her own home, many states away from her hometown. With her dad still in her heart, and her friends left behind, she starts her new life in a new town. But after a meet up with her best friend from her home town at a restaurant, she starts having hallucinations, and randomly being drawn back to this restaurant. After months, the hallucinations get worse, and she feels like she is being hunted, so she decides to get to the bottom of it.

Horror / Adventure
David Deal
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"We're having trouble understanding why you made the design choices you've made."

"It's perfect, the building is laid out perfectly, the machine's are perfectly designed, the workers, the advertisements, everything... Perfect."

"What about the workers, what happened to them?"

"They quit..."



"9 days after the closing of your building, we found 7 human remains tying directly to your 7 workers."

"Natural causes, nothing to do with me and my business!"

"Your business is over, your building is abandoned, your workers are dead."

"And who's fault is that?"

"It's already been proven, admit it

“Admit what!”

“How you’ve traumatized many, many families, and built killing machines, “and You’ve killed dozens of innocent people!”

"That's the fun of it"
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