The Demon Inside

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Chapter 11

I woke cradled by something soft. A hard, heated wall was pressed up tight behind me. A heavy arm was slung over my waist, pinning me down. I groaned and rubbed at sore, swollen eyes. I shoved the limb off of me and rolled onto my stomach, wincing at the stiffness in my back and shoulders. A soft sigh come from Mason. His lavender eyes were open and studying me. “Are you okay now?” I quickly hopped off the bed, hurrying to the bathroom mirror. The corpse-like appearance was gone, my foxlike face was sharp, skin pale but not like it had been last night; my cheeks were filled out and not scarily gaunt. Long hair was dull but smooth. It had been an illusion after all. I sighed in relief. I walked back out to a concerned Mason still lying in bed.

“Why are you in my bed?”

“I’m guessing you don’t remember,” he released a put-upon sigh, “I heard you scream and rushed up here. When you didn’t answer my knock I went in, found you on the floor in a ball with your hands clutching your head. Picked you up and put you to bed. Wasn’t going to leave you there like that.” I thought back to last night. I only remembered my appearance, the apparitions and that terrible wailing. Anything after that was fuzzy.

“What happened last night?” I meant to say it in my head.

“What did you say?” I shook my head. He didn’t need to know what I had gone through. “While you were asleep, I went on a bit of a mission. Stole a few supplies to change our appearance. I also got as many clothes as I could. I don’t know if they’ll fit since I had to take a wild guess at your size. Come on, I’ll show you what I got.” He flung off the covers, my lip curled in disgust as I realized he was only in boxers. He slid off the bed and walked towards the stairs. I followed him, glad that he had made himself useful while I was indisposed. I joined Mason in the living room. The couch, and some of the floor, was filled with bags of all sorts. I sorted through them, finding everything from easy minute meals to toiletries and vanity supplies. He redirected my attention to the door where three huge boxes were.

“Those are your clothes, I already put mine away.” I was shocked.

“Where did you get all this? Better yet, how?” He stared at me for a moment. Wariness in his eyes.

“I went to the next town over and withdrew as much money as I could from my savings and bank account.” He held up his hand to stop me from protesting. “Don’t worry, I shredded the card and left the car a few blocks away. I’m sure no one saw me. If they did, they wouldn’t know where to look.”

“I’m impressed, Mason. Truly. Nice work.” He smiled. “Let’s get to work, change our appearance, then I have some errands to run.” He nodded.

Hours later and my sort of fresh look was different. I had cut my hair into a pixie style, shaving the sides and back short. The tips were now a bright silver. The cut had sharpened my features, making me look darker in a sexier way. I smirked, pleased that such a minor change could do wonders for me. I fingered the bright blue contacts I would need when going out. Grumbling, I fitted them, blinking at the slight discomfort. I went in search of Mason, to see what changes he had made. I searched the rooms upstairs and then down. With a tick of irritation, I realized there was only one place left. I walked in to see him staring at the oven. I gave him a brief once over; his hair was now a dirty blonde with black highlighting. When he looked at me, his eyes were a deep blue.

“I’ll be back shortly, behave yourself.” He nodded absently.

It took days to replicate a usable license, thanks to the person who… loaned me theirs. I bought my house under the name of Delia Soren, I almost choked when I chose that last name. An almost long forgotten pain rose inside me. They had happily signed it over to me with very little fuss, happy to have it off their hands. I had also turned on the electricity and set us up with all the modern needs. Mason’s huge bank account would keep us occupied for years to come. He had explained that his father was still funneling funds into his account; thinking the money would be pulled out by Willow Haven. Mason was still distant, not really looking at me since I had left him at the oven.

I was bent over the bathroom sink splashing my face with cold water, when I realized something strange. I was starving for more than just blood. I ached with need, ached for the feeling of soft skin pressed against me, underneath my fingertips. A soft moan as my lips met sensitive flesh. I shook my head, clearing those thoughts. A brief thought of taking Mason to my bed popped up, but was quickly dismissed. I grunted, pushing away from the sink. I would think of something to ease my need. The clubs should open in a few hours. Maybe I could have a little fun. I threw open the closet, staring at my collection of clothes. I grabbed some things and dressed quickly. A black leather choker with an onyx moon fit snugly around my neck, a black leather jacket and pants hugged my form. I straightened knee high, high-heeled boots, with three silver buckles on each. Finally; I pulled on black gloves with sharpened silver claws on the fingertips. With this look, there’d be no way in hell I was coming home alone tonight.

She arched her back into me as I nuzzled her neck, nipping at silky skin. Fingers tightened in my hair and pulling my head up, crushing her lips to mine. Her hands slid down to my pants, tugging once before slipping inside. I tugged her head back, freezing when I glanced in the mirror. The translucent form of Elizabeth was standing behind us, her lips pulled down, eyes filled with disbelief.

“Hey, that hurts.” The woman whimpered. She retrieved her hand out of my pants and pushed against me. “Stop that, it hurts.” I couldn’t stop staring at Elizabeth. I released her head, bowing mine to rest it against her shoulder. “Hey are you alright? Did I do something wrong?” I untangled myself from her, taking a step back. “That’s it?” She huffed, sliding off the sink and stomping towards the door.

“Wait.” She turned towards me, expression furious. I lunged, silver claws ripping through her throat with ease. She fell to the ground convulsing, hands trying to stop the flow of crimson. I watched as her struggles weakened, blood flowing slower and slower, spreading outwards. She thrashed a few more times, creating a macabre angel. Her eyes remained wide open, mouth open in a silent scream. “I’m sorry, Elizabeth.” I whispered.

My hands tensed on the wheel, annoyance flowing through me as she talked and talked. Never stopping for even a breath. It was the night after killing that other female and I ached more than ever. I had to stop thinking of Elizabeth; she was gone. Seeing her had just been my guilt over taking a physical form. I refocused as her hand slipped softly down my thigh, her lips brushing against my neck. “Are we almost there?” Her voice soft as a gentle breeze. I pulled into my driveway. Thankfully, she was too focused on me and the promise of the pleasure I could give her to care about where she was. We exited the car and headed inside.

“What the hell is this?” Mason’s voice made me stop at the bottom of the stairs. He was standing in the living room, expression tense and arms crossed.

“Is that your boyfriend?” She whispered.

“No, just a nosy roommate. Come on.” I lead her upstairs, glancing back at Mason’s disbelieving, rage filled countenance. He was just going to have to deal with it. I pulled her into my room, closed the door and pushed her against it. “Now, where were we?” I purred. She giggled and pulled me close.

Awhile later we were lying together, sharing soft kisses and touches, legs tangled under the blanket. “I have to go.” She murmured, getting to her feet. “Hey do you think we can do this again?” I slid off the bed, joining her.

“You’re not going anywhere.” I grabbed her by throat, yanking her back against my front. She was gasping for breath, squirming to free herself. I started putting pressure on her head. “Foolish woman.” With every bit of strength in my body, I snapped her neck. She crumpled to the floor in a heavy heap. I dressed and dragged the nude corpse out to the top of the stairs, throwing her down them. Mason appeared seconds after her body had settled. “Take care of that for me.” I turned and retreated to my bedroom. Numbness was spreading through my limbs, ice travelling down my spine. I glanced in the floor-length mirror by the window. The wavering form of Elizabeth was staring at me, her eyes filled with betrayal and sadness. I punched the glass, shattering it. I didn’t need reminders.

A month passed after that last incident. I had kept to myself since that night, not wanting to even look at Mason. When I came out, I felt his eyes on me. Speculation floating in his gaze. “It’s almost Halloween.” He murmured, I glanced over, not realizing that he had sat beside me at some point. “We’re leaving, right?” He still clung to that foolish hope when I had clearly shot him down the first time.

“Absolutely not.” I snarled, turning fully to him. “Only cowards run and hide. Tonight we will shut everything down and lie in wait.” His brows had furrowed, anger brightening his irises. “Go outside and put the signs back up.” He stared at me for a moment, jaw clenched. “Go.” He stormed off with a faint hiss. Meanwhile, I started covering everything with the white tarp I had saved from when we came back. That done, I shut off all the lights and waited.

I was leaning on the kitchen sink, mindlessly staring at the spot where Kevin’s body had been dug up. A large dip was all that resided there now. Muffled laughter caught my attention. A group of teens were emerging from the woods, their laughter ringing through the still night air. I smirked and went to find Mason. He was relaxing in the furthest downstairs bedroom. “Mason.” He sat up quickly.

“What’s wrong Christy?”

“We have guests. It would be rude to keep them waiting.” I turned on my heel, stalking back into the hallway and ducking under the stairs. I pulled Mason down before he could give us away. Footsteps were trampling over the kitchen floor, giggles and jokes faded away as they stopped.

“That’s where Collier took her last victim, Stacey. They say the 5-0 caught her just as she ripped her face off.” There were some gasps and nervous giggles. I slid out of my spot and stood in the kitchen doorway.

“I heard she had torn out her eyeballs and ate them.” More giggles and someone wretched. The things that people would make up.

“I heard she tore her throat open just as the police burst in.” I purred. The group spun around, males pushing the females behind them.

“Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same boy? Why are breaking into my home at night, telling false tales?”

“This isn’t your house! This house belongs to Christy Collier!” He snapped. His brows furrowed as everything I said sunk in. “What do you- no, Collier is locked up! You’re lying!”

“Am I kid? I haven’t changed that much, have I?” I felt a wall of heat approach me from the side. The teens backed away, intimidated by his sheer size. “Maybe I’ve been away too long and people have forgotten me. Let me introduce myself. My name is Christina Jasmine Collier, also known as Christy. It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.”

“You’re lying!” The blonde girl spoke up, the brunette covered her mouth and pulled her back.

Enough talking! Let’s show them who we are!’ Daeori snarled, voice dripping with need. ’Drain their blood and tear them apart!’ What a fantastic idea. I lunged and darted around one of the boys, grabbing a female and slamming her back into the counter. She cried out in pain as her back connected with the edge. Large hands grabbed ahold of my arms only to be torn away. I heard Mason snarl something at him. Footsteps fled in different directions. Good luck fledglings, everything was locked.

“Please let me go.” She whimpered. Her whining sparked the need for her blood to coat my hands. I was almost salivating with eagerness.

“You invade my home and expect me to show you any mercy?” I shook her a little; she kicked at me as I grabbed her arms, pinning them behind her back. I leaned against her, moving her hair so I could whisper directly into her ear. “Do you think I’m stupid? You know I’m here, you know where to tell authorities to come. There is no way in hell that I’m letting any of you brats walk free.” She shook her head frantically, small, desperate sounds coming from her. “I’ve been stagnant for far too long, locked away and considered safely contained. People have forgotten what I’m capable of, they’ve forgotten what I’ve done. That’s going to change, and you idiots are going to help me. I’ll make sure they won’t forget this time.” I dragged her resistant form over to the kitchen window, shoving her against the sink and forcing her to stare into the window. A loud clatter made me look over, Mason had rounded up the group and herded them towards me. He stood behind them, arms crossed, face blank.

“What are you going to do to us?”

“What did you mean by we’re going to help you?”

“Shut it.” Mason snarled.

“What do you see in this window?” I jerked my head toward the large panes. I could see a range of expressions on their faces, the main being confusion. No one spoke up. I shoved her harder against the edge, making her cry out in pain. Mason snapped at someone to be still. “What do you see?” She swallowed and looked at her friends, I grabbed her chin and forced her to look forward.

“Me. I see me.”

“Wrong darling, so very wrong. I see a still breathing corpse.” Mason grabbed the biggest male as he lunged toward us, throwing him back into his friends. At least he was pulling his weight. I snatched a long, thin knife from the block beside the sink. Pressing harder against her, ensuring her struggles were fruitless. I pinned her hands to the cold glass. “Relax, this will all be over soon enough.”

Stop playing! Give us what we need!’ His anger rippled my vision and made my head throb. I pressed the tip against the sensitive skin of her wrist.

“Stop…” I smacked her in the mouth, cutting off whatever she was going to say. I drove the blade into her flesh, she cried out and threw her head back trying to hit me. In punishment, I sent the blade straight through the top of her hand, angling it at the last second. Her screams rang in my ears, echoing around the room. Blood dripped down pale flesh, drizzling onto the cold silver sink. I jerked my head around as more screams of terror and agony sounded somewhere else in the house. Pride swelled inside me as I realized Mason was actually helping me; he wasn’t backing down like a coward. “Carlo.” She whined. Her voice saturated with pain and longing. She wriggled one arm free and drove her elbow into my side. Shocked by the pain, I released her. She had gotten only a few steps when I threw her to the ground, bashing her head against it to stun her.

“Stupid bitch.” I yanked the knife free. With a sickening squelch, a small cascade of blood chased after the tip. “You’ve been a terrible little girl, a punishment is in order, don’t you think?” I immobilized her injured arm, pressing my knee at the elbow. As I had began slicing through her flesh, someone interrupted me.

“Leave her alone! Do whatever you want to me, but leave her!” I looked up. The big male was frantic, eyes wide and face bloody, arm was bent at an odd angle.

“Carlo… no.” Her voice was barely a whisper, her eyes fluttering, trying to stay open. I stood, trusting that she wasn’t in any shape to flee.

“How sweet. Lover boy comes to save his sweetheart from the demon.” I smirked and moved closer to him. “How foolish.” I lowered my voice. “Do you honestly think she would do the same? Do you think she would step in front to save you? Romance is fleeting, fickle, a weakness commonly exploited. Look at you, willing to throw your life away for a woman who would easily replace you. Pitiful.”

“Don’t speak about her like that! She wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, she loves me!”

“I’m sure she doesn’t.” I dove forward, slicing deep through his carotid, blood sprayed out of the wound, he clutched his throat, falling to his knees.

He bleeds so sweetly.’ Daeori purred. I watched the ever-growing pool of blood for a moment before turning back to the girl. At least where she should have been. Only a streak of blood remained. A muffled scream, coming from the direction of the stairs, caught my attention. I stalked forward, stopping at the hallway outside of the mortuary. The other female was near the farthest wall, eyes wide open, jaw slack and head twisted in the wrong direction. The boy was hanging from the wall by an axe buried deep in his chest, blood soaking his front and puddling on the floor below.

‘He sure knows how to put on a show. His display of power and rage was wonderfully done.’ I stepped through the blood, intending to check the room Mason was staying in when she ran out. She slid to a stop, looking back only to find Mason boxing her in. He was bloody and his expression blank and faraway. “Would you like to finish this one or will you give the honor to me?” I asked.

“Allow me.” His voice was low and dangerous. He strode forward, grabbing her neck and snapping it with near ease. As he shoved her body away, his emotionless eyes following her descent. He looked at me, eyes filled with some unidentifiable emotion. Something lurked underneath his skin, something deadly waiting to be released. I was only seeing a small glimpse of what it was, what it was capable of was anyone’s guess.

The man isn’t stable Christy, I can sense something evil in him.’

Way ahead of you. “Mason.” He stared at me for a moment before blinking rapidly, a frown pulling down his lips. “I’ll need your help to clean up this mess. Gather the bodies and put them by the oven.” His eyebrows furrowed, but he nodded and brushed past me.

It’s terrifying not knowing just what he’ll do, what he’s truly capable of. That darkness inside of him could be one of the most potent things we’ve ever encountered.’ I sighed and walked into the mortuary, opened the oven, changed the smokestack filter and replaced the wood. Frowning when it crumbled slightly in my hands. It was going to have to work. I fired it up, warming it at a low heat.

Mason lugged the first two corpses in as I was setting out my needed tools. I directed him to toss one on the table and set the other on the floor. He set one on the cold steel and tossed the other to the cremator’s side. He grunted and lumbered out to gather the others. A few minutes passed and he still hadn’t returned. I began slicing the first male up, Carlo. I became involved in my work, not noticing Mason pad in with the rest of the cadavers.

“Christy.” His voice was gentle, I jerked accidentally stabbing too deep into cadaver’s muscles. I waited for him to speak again, but he didn’t. A turmoil of emotions was flitting through his expression, the shadow lurking behind them. He shoved away from the table, loping out of the entrance, stride quick and uneven. I heard the front door slam seconds later.

‘Perhaps unstable is too kind of a word to use.’

Again, well aware. I think I was wrong for letting him so close to me. I should’ve dropped him off somewhere and told him to hoof it.

‘Are you admitting that you were wrong?’

I’m admitting that I’m terrified of what might happen because of him. He could overpower me easily. He would be an incredibly difficult opponent. Something else dawned on me, another possibility. He could also use me in ways I would allow no other. He caught on quickly and hissed at the implication. I sighed and got back to work, cutting and sawing chunks off the body and tossing them in the oven. I had to use Daeori’s strength to heave another body onto the table. Over two hours passed before I had chucked the last of the parts into the oven, my entire body ached. I groaned and wiped my forehead with the back of my hand, smearing blood over my sweaty flesh. Mason reappeared.

“You’re back.”

“I’m sorry for running out earlier. I won’t do it again.” Ah, the obedient servant act was back.

“Drop the act! Stop-” I choked off as a large hand wrapped around my throat like a compressed tourniquet. I clawed at his hand as he yanked me into his hard body. Air burned in my lungs. I could feel every one of his muscles tensed in anticipation. My vision was flickering at the edges. His head lowered to my ear.

“I’ve had enough of you, your ego and your attitude. I’m done being the faithful servant, I won’t be your puppet anymore.” He loosened his hold just enough for me to get air back in my lungs. I gasped, grateful for the precious gift of oxygen. Mason pushed against me until I was pressed uncomfortably against the counter, the metal edge digging into my hips, handles pressing into my thighs. I struggled against his enormous strength. I jerked as his hand re-tightened and then loosened, coughing as he repeated the gesture several times. “Look how weak you are against me. You won’t stand a chance.” He let out a sound similar to a growl, his other hand dropping to my waist. “You’re lucky I have self-control.” He moved his hand to the back of my neck and shoved my upper body down; my face was pressed against the cool countertop. “Do you know how badly I wanted to take you after you fucked those women? Do you know how badly I wanted to pin you down and take what was rightfully mine? I wanted you to scream underneath me, to beg for more.” He loosened his grip and stepped away. I sagged against the counter, barely able to hold myself up. My lungs were burning like an inferno. Daeori was furious.

“You made her hate you.” I rasped. I swallowed, wincing in pain.

“Her daughter didn’t stand a chance against me, she was the sweetest little thing.” Disgust roiled through me, I felt nauseated. “She caught me during one of our meetings, damn bitch wouldn’t stay quiet.” I closed my eyes, working to regulate my breathing. “I can only imagine how you would be, how you would feel.” He exited the room. I coughed and slid to the floor, my fear stronger than ever.

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